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ITT: Tell us how much PC culture has worsened your country
For me, I am from a muslim country so I don't get to experience western PC culture other than seeing it


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I'm Canadian, I think many of you know about my country's PC culture.

Pic related, our prime-minister.


In America it has cucked both parties to the point that it is extremely hard to dismantle feminist laws without being a super contentious debate.


Eastern Europe here.
Almost nothing.
Last year i saw 4 fat sjws with rainbow-colored bags with "celebrate diversity" bags, and last week i saw one nigger.
We had a 100 muslim refugees come here a while back and now only 4 remain.
While Eastern Europe is an economical shithole, traditional values still hold up


>last week I saw one nigger
Holy shit, you can go that long between sightings? Kinda mind blowing.
t. American


That nigger and the sjws were in the capital city. I havent seen any sjws or niggers or chinks in my home town for at least 15 years.


Mongoloid here.
Everything is about /pol/ related nowadays.


I'm in a place already stuck in another place that we don't even wanna be in. Dixie. Our southern identity and our southern culture are being snuffed out by the damn Yankees in Washington. Free Dixie! Deo Vindice!!!! I also tried to do a poem about white identity, and they wouldn't let me cause some lil bitches feelings might get hurt. well in the words of suicidal tendencies "I'm sorry if I offended you but maybe you need to be offended." I found out about their anti-white narrative and they don't like it. damn Yankees.

not even kidding on god fuck Yankees fuck commies fuck nazis and fuck niggers


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Brit here. Today I watched a BBC Three video ('Queer Britian') on LGBTQIAAPP+ and learned how trannies masturbate. My teacher is a feminist that shows us Buzzfeed/Guardian articles in class - she also gives girls higher grades. My college is yet to implement gender-neutral toilets but 50% of students are Muslim.

It's fucking awful, OP.


Forgot to mention that yes, we were shown the video in lesson.

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