/pol/ - >nobody is posting about itok>aussie "Brenton Tarrant">announces what shit he's going to do on 8chan>phone on the head livestreaming on facebook>eurobeat playing in the car>"Subscribe to Pewdiepie".mp3>fucking shooting range in the car>dr

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>nobody is posting about it

>aussie "Brenton Tarrant"

>announces what shit he's going to do on 8chan
>phone on the head livestreaming on facebook
>eurobeat playing in the car
>"Subscribe to Pewdiepie".mp3
>fucking shooting range in the car
>drives in front of mosque
>opens fire at muslims
>drives and shoots through the window at people

50 people are dead. I am not muslim, but this act is fucking autistic.
He was shooting innocent civilians. Seriously, enough of this crap.
(You can find that video uploaded on 4chin or plebbit, but it's getting deleted fast.)



Absolutely absurd. What is this meant to change? What a waste of life.


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Anti-gun faggots of New Zealand will now get a good excuse to start taking peoples rights away.
Of course that they wont say the fact that if one of those muslims had a gun the death toll would be much smaller


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i dunno, it was a edgy memelord sociopath

>mfw some muslims on the internet (Twitter etc.) are saying shit like "revenge is coming"


Anyone have the manifesto so we can keep the conversation going? It is being deleted in other places.



Hmm. is that allowed here or is this place cucked?
asking for a friend.


i don't think you are able to post that on here. just google search it man


The world should be only white people. Non-whites should be gradually humanely killed to end their suffering, they're of no use.




How? (Also fuck you)


My question to you would be:
have you done absolutely anything to reach that goal? Instead of shitposting on asian cartoon websites?
today we are much more advanced than niggers in africa or mudslimes in the middle east,but have some thought on the antique period of Mesopotamia. Semites and Non-semites (lybians,etc.) are making civilization centres, laws, codex books, art. While indoeuropean barbarians are living in a forest under a tree.
Now the situation has turned around, which is quite interesting, dont you think?


Civilization is a bad thing, laws are a bad thing, both should not exist. Its not about what they do it's about what they are, white people are logically better company.


>white people are logically better company
That depends from what perspective you're looking at. If you're white-yes, that's only natural. But if you're an arab, you stick with other arabs. I think its also noteworthy that the Islamic states occupied territories was the region with the least crime in the entire world thanks to their weird ass caliphate rules. (though of course that human rights are non-existant there lmao).
But aside from my rambling,
>Its not about what they do it's about what they are
So, a white pedophile who has killed several children is better than a shitskin? Just because of the race? Or am i misunderstanding you here?



I caught that thread and was pretty pissed tbh. That place was slowly going to shit with constant black-pill threads, and here was the last nail in the coffin...

Besides assaulting this kiwi-teen-radicalizing, child-grooming mosque, he dragged down a great board for spreading information. His race-war dreams only dwindle away with the knee-jerk white-washing of the internet: the average westerner won't even believe anything bad is happening in South Africa because of the info black-out there ffs. Knowledge is the greatest power.

Regardless of the blood on Islam's hands, fucking bad optics and collateral damage only play into god-damned, world-domineering Machiavellianism. You don't have to dig far to find decades-old confessions on a will to pit the Muslim world against the West.

While every European child is being told to repent for the sins of their races in school this week, pray they'll be resources left to lift the veil when they grow up.


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This should be readable.

You rolled the number 617144354 (no dubs or higher)


Hail Saint Tarrant, rise up bowlthers


well I think he made it pretty clear that Muslims aren't very welcome in nz


File: Oy Vey Its Da Feeeeescheee….jpg (75.01 KB, 618x933, 206:311, 1561601185218.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Hail Saint Tarrant! Remove kebab! Gas the kikes, race war now! #KKK
>implying these sandnigger fucks whose religion was founded on war against everyone else don't deserve it
>implying semites aren't garbage
>implying semites don't rape and murder wherever they go
>implying they aren't the kikes' bioweapons against our brothers and sisters
Governments haven't done jack shit. All you badgeniggers need to resign, you pathetic ZOG enforcers.


>That entire post
Hi CIA. Don't worry, none of us here have any right wing radical political ideas, we like only safe things here like cheese-its and cap'n'crunches breakfest cereal. We (sometimes) do not advocate for holocaust 2.0


And it's almost the end of 2019 and nothing happend. Obviously he was a loony with a few screws loose in his head and had the balls to throw his life away for a day of "fame". He will rot away while everyone else will forget about the whole event just like Port Arthur.

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