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We are in the third wave now. Daily new infections in the United States are approaching all time highs and daily deaths are not too far behind. What do you think the long term effects of this pandemic are going to be, and how bad will this get? It's clearly not going to be a world-ending disaster like the left keeps insisting, but it's also more than the nothing that the right has been insisting it is. It's clear that the initial lockdown and secondary lesser lockdown did work to curb the spread, but now we are re-approaching peak infections and Trump has no intention of shutting down again, so it will be able to spread freely.


Tis a shame that we lost some greats on our way, but at the end of the day, people are dying and that means less humans which also means less parasites. So I'm just going to watch the niggers, gimmiegrants and self hating whites burn down """their""" country from my little island.


It is too late to lockdown again. The cases are going up all over the world but it is insane to lock down again because there has already been too much damage. I have personally lost my job and have to search for a job because of the first lockdown. My life has only gotten more difficult because of the reaction to the disease. Here is a study from two months ago that states what I have been thinking about the coronavirus situation for months. Remember this is effecting the average person negatively overall.


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New cases continuing to skyrocket.


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Deaths are still on the rise as well.
We've surpassed the second wave, and are approaching the first.


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May Corona-chan destroy us all~


We already have a corona virus counter


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But not a thread for discussion and posting cute Corona-chans.


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Looks like the third wave has peaked.
I hope this isn't the end.


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>only one image per post


Yeah, twoot said no. it's already been talked about.


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Oh well.
I guess it's more classical this way.


i wonder how third world countries are handling it with covid


Considering they don't have cable TV to spook them over fake bullshit, I'd say they're all immune to covid.


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It's hard to say, really.
They're medical infrastructure isn't as good, so they don't have as much of an ability to treat it. But on the other hand,they don't industrial food production, so their populations are healthier and less unacceptable to it.
They also have less of an ability to accurately diagnose it and track it's spread, but people there also don't travel as much or as far, so it will ultimately spread less.


Apparantly there's a new covid strain that's more "sticky", and that causes more dangerous health problems. Also, the current vaccine is only 90% affective after two doses, but still causes allergic reactions and other dangerous side affects.


I've recently interacted with a doctor who took the vaccine. During the whole appointment, he was hunched over and weak. This doesn't look good.


90% just means 90% of the people who get the vaccine won't get severely sick from corona but are still potentially spreading the virus to others. But this is all based on a sample of like 150 people during the trials for the vaccine they don't actually know how it will turn when a large population is innoculated.


This is terrible. My main concerned corona-chan is the governments reaction which has been devastating. It seems like the vaccine will not do anything to stop the authoritarianism. Really sad because people who I have talked to thought the vaccine would allow us to go back to normal. Do you think any rules will change anon?


HOLY SHIT, hydroxychloroquine fuggin works, trump was right! goverment fucked up probably just to piss him off?


Weird how the media reacted at first either way, it's been proven to fight other viruses and lupus for years. It only works if you have mild symptoms, though.


It is obvious that the media only does what they do to gain power. They lied about it until it was a thing in order to get people to view their show because the corona-chan is scary if you know nothing about it. Not knowing anything clueless people go to the "trusted sources" and take the medias words as a religion because the media is a "trusted source" and they apparently report facts. In order to keep the new viewers they must continue to scare people and that is what they are doing now.


Video related?
At least in the 80's the american media at least questioned what they put in their bodies. Either way, still interesting to see people ask questions that would have them be shunned by society nowadays.


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