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Since it is a new year and last year's news thread was dominated by the US this deserves its own thread.
While Vice President Kamala Harris is in the White House being crazy Joe Biden is playing Mario Cart.
In a CNN town hall, Biden made a funny gaffe.
Trump is apparently the only former president to not call Joe Biden.
90-Year-Old women walked through the snow to get the COVID vaccine.
Cuckservative Lindsey Graham wants Trump's help to regain the GOP senate majority. This sounds good on paper but he goes on to praise Mcconnell who has nothing of value while the left makes the country worse. Let's not forget Graham used the events of January 6 to not defend Trump.
Trump bashes Mcconnell in a press statement. Please read the statement yourself because it is very satisfying and funny. One great part of it was that Trump has vowed to support America First candidate rather than the establishment.
Kamala Harris is already making presidential calls in place of Biden.
Despite Trump "losing a fair and square" he remains the most popular candidate for 2024.
In order to make this thread more interactive, it may be interesting to point out patterns that the news articles show. For example, if Biden makes a gaffe it would be fun the count how many times he does make a gaffe. The Jewish lobby/influence on politics is also a good example of a pattern that echoes in politics. It is important to be aware of patterns because the media constantly lies and the truth can only be found if you inquire about topics. For example in 2019 Trump was called out by CNN for saying windmills are dangerous, but now more environmental power sources are screwing over Texas. What patterns do you see on the news anon? News like history echos so please point out patterns.
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A 74-year-old man had his skin peeled off after reacting poorly to the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine.
A woman who pushed for mask-wearing struggles to breathe because of the mask she is wearing.
A Philadelphia man was shot dead while filming an anti-gun movie.
A biased witness who is against Derik Chauvin fails to get her point across.


If someone can find a better article, thanks. Some shitty rapper made some edgy music video and a pair of "satan shoes" that he's selling for thousands shekels, but the thing is that he ripped off a pair of nikes and now theres a lawlsuit. Lol what's with the occult shit coming out of nowhere?


yeah theres a study saying that wearing goggles or glasses will decrease the over all percentage of getting infected.


remember to wear 7 masks and 7 pairs of glasses, guys.



Arizona representative Paul Gosar wants OnlyFans to be investigated for potential sex trafficking. This is possible under the 1910 Mann Act.
Georgia Representative Majorie Taylor Greene wants to end vaccine passports and fire Dr. Fauci with the Fire Fauci act and the We Will Not Comply Act.
Georgia is actually fighting back against the big companies and holding its ground after passing an anti-voter fraud law.
The Biden administration explicitly supports Ukraine which will anger Russia.


Fully vaccinated people can travel but also have to wear masks. How is this reason to get the vaccine NBC?
Texas senate has approved the pro-life bills previously mentioned in this thread.





Fauci is claiming the federal government will not enforce the vaccine passports. It will be the businesses to do it.
California is so far gone, the GOP may have a trannie as their candidate for governor.
Americans do not like Biden's border policies according to, NORC.
Arkansas state legislation has overridden governor Hutchison's veto on b& child trannie surgery. More needs to be done. The GOP needs to bring social standards to something more Conservative, however, cucks like Hutchison are standing in the way.
Biden is considering adding to Trump's border wall.


United Airlines want 50% of their pilots to be non white or a woman in the next few years. Don't be surprised when you hear about plane crashes.
Joe Biden will announce his gun plan tommorow.


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>gun instead of taser
lol moron, what makes that situation worse is that she has experience. she isnt some rookie.




BLM rioters egged CNN's vehicles after hitting one of their employees with a water bottle.
A peaceful participant of the "Capital Hill Insurrection" is being abused by the federal government. Felicia Konold is unable to work since she is under house arrest and lacking funds prevents Felicia from paying for proper legal defense.
Another capital protestor is facing a maximum of 55 years in prison. Victoria White stopped protestors from breaking windows. According to the feds White tried to grab an officer's shield. The feds also attacked White repeatedly with a baton.
The Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court.
The police officer who killed Ashli Babbitt will not be punished.
George Floyd's girlfriend was a teacher of Daunte Wright.
Joe Biden is claiming he will pull the troops from Afghanistan this September 11.


Pfizer CEO is speculating that they may want individuals to take a third dose of the vaccine.
The CDC has found that 40% of trannies have HIV/AIDS.
An Army drill sergeant has been arrested for shoving a black man who was loitering in the neighborhood.


A study by Canadian Medical Association Journal found that people who smoke weed are 15% more likely to die in a car crash.
West Virginia's governor is claiming he will not veto a law that would ban trannies from sports.
There was a shooting in Indianapolis that killed eight people. Apparently, the shooter was investigated by the FBI.



So there's gonna be votes on thursday for washington dc to be america's 51 state?


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Here is what I believe to be Minneapolis before the Derek Chauvin trials end. What do you think will happen? I haven't followed the trial closely at all.


Maxine Waters, a sitting Congress member, is encouraging BLM to be more violent.
A woman was arrested after an altercation over her refusing to wear a mask.
Left-wing vandals threw a pig's head at Chauvin's defense witness. They targeted the wrong house.


A Conservative region of Oregan wants to become part of Idaho. Both states have to approve this proposal for this to happen.
Facebook will ban people who make memes making fun of George Floyd.
BLM stopped protesting in Minnesota when they realized they were protesting over a White person.
Illegal Aliens are going on a hunger strike for benefits in New Jersey.
Amy Coney Barrett is using her position as a Supreme Court justice for a book deal.


Joe Biden signed an executive order banning federal agencies from referring to the geographic origin of the Wuhan coronavirus.
Here is a detailed article on how BLM is a farce. The article gives all the relevant facts about BLM. One BLM activist wants to start killing White people.


USPS will monitor its customers on social media.
Without Trump running according to National File, Pence is the most popular Republican candidate.
Mark McCloskey the lawyer who pointed his gun at BLM wants to run for senate.





Maricopa County is being audited. Even though this appears to be a good sign, I still don't know if I can trust this. The lies are just so deep.
Here is the shift in the House of Representatives. Pic related.


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Trump has released a statement regarding the Maricopa County audio



The three men who killed Ahmaud Arbery are being charged with a hate crime.
Biden claims that an unarmed protest that got out of hand was the worst attack on America.
Rudy Giuliani's house was raided by the feds because of lobbying for Ukraine.


A White rioter from last year's riots has been sentenced to four years in jail for arson.
The DOJ was planning to arrest Chauvin if he was acquitted.


Catholic Bishops are debating on if they should allow Biden to receive communion.
The vaccine has been mandated for the military.



A Stanford sophomore, Gabby Crooks who only got far in life due to White people wants to kill all White people. The Republican group is condemning this statement but only talking it is useless when that is all you will do. BLM types have made it clear that they hate you for a year and will continue to escalate. Crooks has the support of the media or in, this case, Stanford Student Daily Editorial Board so, the response needs to be strong.
A High School Teacher in New Jersey was suspended after going on a rant about how George Floyd was a criminal.
It turns out one of the jurors on the George Floyd trial was a BLM activist.
CNN has found that 70% of Republicans are aware that Biden cheated.



Ron Desantis is planning to suspend all local COVID emergency orders by July 1.
The Kansas statehouse has overridden the governor's veto on gun laws and election integrity laws. Eighteen-year-olds now can conceal-carry handguns and, organizations who send out mail-in ballots must identify themselves.
Biden and intelligence agencies are using private companies to spy on Right-Wingers.


Chauvin's attorney has filed for a new trial claiming the jurors were not impartial because they fear retribution from BLM.


Trump now has a website where he posts statements.
A Fairbanks, Alaska teacher was put on administrative leave for saying George Floyd would have lived if he didn't resist arrest.
A Scottish woman has had horrific blisters after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.


The officer who shot Rayshard Brooks is being offered his job back by the city of Atlanta.


Twitter is maintaining their b& of Trump.
No Meat May found in a survey that 73% of men would rather die prematurely than give up meat.
The Coca Cola lawyer who is behind the "be less White" policy was rehired for $666666 per month.


All these big changes are happening to the internet, fucking crazy.
Liveleak is kill, it died yesturday because the people running it wanted to "do something new"


The Washington Headquarters Services, a military agency, wants the jews to apologize for killing Jesus Christ.
Tucker Carlson said that 30 people die from the covid vaccine daily. According to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System), 3362 have died from the vaccine so far.
The Anti-Asian hate narrative has collapsed as statistics have been posted.


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