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Report on what's new in your country and discuss news on other people's countries! And make sure to post sauce aswell!
And let's begin with news from Latvia:
In the past year there have been registered 400'000 attempts to access cheese pizza related content in Latvia.
Gambling sites are now banned in the capital, excluding casinos in 4 and 5 star hotels. (Pretty much just like uncle Adolf did in the 30s)
Wagecuck teachers are threatening to go on a strike because of low wages (these fuckers do this like twice a year).

>inb4 what kind of nigger language are these news in?

For all foreign news: Post sauce, and be sure to write a tl;dr in english.


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This is the latest news in my country (netherlands btw):

The Dutch government was wrong to strip Cheesefag nationality from two convicted jihadifags because the law making it possible was only introduced in fucking 2017, the Cheesefag Council of State said on Wednesday. The two men joined jihadifag groups in nigger Iraq and Syria in 2013 and 2014 and it is unclear if they were still active when the Cheesefag law was brought in because stuff, the highest Cheesefag administrative law body said. In addition, the organisations they joined were not on the official Cheesefag banned list prior to the implementation of the legislation. The former junior justice minister Kaas Dickoof withdrew their fucking Cheesefag nationality in 2017, after they were convicted of terrorist offences for some reason. ‘The withdrawal of Cheesefag nationality is a very fucking severe move. That is why the Cheesefag law makes it clear it cannot be applied retroactively,’ the Cheesefag council said. The two men’s current whereabouts is unknown.



Jihadis btfo
based cheesefags
Latvia really loves cheese pizza


>>230 OP what do you think strikes and banning of various things?


I'm quite pissed about the strikes, they've been doing this for years, even when i was still in high school and that was ages ago. The only teachers who actually cared about the students didn't protest but went to work on the strike days.
Yeah, im most angry about this one though.
I don't care too much about gambling, it's just artificial monopoly created by the guys with deep pockets in the parliament.
They are also grabbing guns from people, everyone who has gats will have to turn them in until 2023 and there's a very miniscule chance they will get them back.
They are just dancing at the EU's flute. EU says it's to "prevent terrorism" [spoiler]even though not a single terroract has been carried out by a legal semi-auto, but unregistered full-auto AKs who have never even seen a police departament[/spoiler]


small correction:
not a single terror act in Europe carried out by legal semi-auto, since Tarrant had a semi-auto AR in New Zealand


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More wonderful news from Latvia:

The police have uncovered the first incedent in history of Latvia, of 3rd world country immigrant trafficking. 16 tajikistanis have been forced to do construction work. They have been working here for 4 months.
The feds have confiscated 10'571'700 cigarettes yesterday at the border.
And then there's this "žiguļi" car which hasn't been registered for 15 years and was transporting oversized furniture. (Video)
That's all for today folks, tune in next time.


Here is some updated news on the Czech Republic

Former Social Democratic Party deputy Petr Wolf who is on the run is believed to be in Paraguay
There is a current a battle between the church and government for compensations for having the churches property seized under the former communist goverment.
And Tight rope stunts for mental heath


>>274 After examining this further this is outdated news and i would like a mod or janitor to take this reply and what is being replied to here.




"daily" news hasn't really been so daily, but hey, what you get is what you get.

Alright, welcome to the "daily" Latvian shitshow, news are as follows:
Two women have been drugged and fugged while visiting a nightclub, that's what those bitches get for wandering around late at night.
The police have solved a decade old murder, now that's some fast as fuck investigation.
Meanwhile some other cop has hit a kid with his car next to the school at high speed.
That's about it, thanks for tuning in.


More news from Latvia:
Some kid fell from the roof of a bomb shelter,cracked his skull and died.
(They fucking deleted the article, no clue why though)
Thats about it for today.
Not very positive news,but hey, its Latvia we're talking about.


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Well alright, welcome to the usual shitshow from Latvia:
Due to the prevalence of drugs in schools, regular raids using canine units will become almost everyday practice.
The first raids have already been done.
A "black archaeologist" has been arrested by the police, whilst trying to send foreign buyers dug-up ww1 and ww2 explosives. Confiscated all-together were 150 explosive mechanisms, 50 mines and 60 grenades. There's several gun parts aswell from ppsh41,mg42 and mp40. (some photos aswell)
And that's about it for today, see you again sometime soon.


Looks delicious


True, he had really good taste in grenades,
Several ww1 kraut nades, triggers for ww2 sprengmine, russian rgd-33's etc.


It's been 30 years since a train blew up in Russia, Ufa that killed around 700 people.


15th anniversary of Killdozer's historic rampage of justice.


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Here are some news articles from America.
A cop in Minneapolis has been sentenced to 12.5 years for shooting a 911 caller.
A nigger has been charged for killing the gays and trannys
In the 2020 election Trump predicts he will receive 20% of the Black vote
Lastly here is the current polling for the Leftist (Democrats) primary pic related


Here is some more news from the Czech Republic
The protest over Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has become the largest protest since the Velvet Revolution.
A new movement called "Yes, we will troll the European Parliament" has gained prominence in the Czech Republic
Russia continues to refuse to apologize for the 1968 invasion


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (15.61 KB, 300x215, 60:43, 1560191257030.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some more American news
Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iran's Diplomat) is threating the US over sanctions imposed on Iran.
A attempted ISIS fighter has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.
Keeping on the topic of terrorism ISIS is setting their attentions to Afghanistan
There has also been a slight change in the current polling for the Leftist party according to RealClearPolitics


Im kinda out of the loop of american politics, where the fuck did yang disappear? I thought he was gonna run as a candidate aswell?


He is still in the race and doing what he was doing before, but I believe he never got above 2% of the Democrats. The meme died down so he did not get more support because it never reached normie places like Facebook, Instagram, or news sources such as Fox or CNN. He still has an autistic fanbase as shown in this video.


News from Latvia:
A terror attack has been averted.
A man who glorifies Breivik has made lots of hateful comments on social media and threats to kill all gypsies and russians in Latvia.
His targets were going to be several schools and other public places.
He actually made plans and saved up cash for it. The police confiscated several airguns (lole), knives and computers.


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (15.23 KB, 297x215, 297:215, 1560613866161.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The U.S. government has accused Iran of attacking a tanker causing a growth in tensions between Iran and the United States
Bill Weld former Libertarian vice president nominee is challenging Donald Trump in the Republican primary.
We wuz slaves n shit
The US Naval War College is getting there first women President
The Christchurch shooter is pleading not guilty
Here is the current polling for the Leftist Party


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (15.61 KB, 298x213, 298:213, 1560818490866.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here from the United States
The U.S. has sent 1,000 troops to the Middle East for additional surveillance and intelligence in the wake of tensions with Iran.
Parkland survivor (the pro gun one) college admission to Harvard has been rejected due to anti semetic (look up his surname) and anti black slurs.
Topeka police department apologizes for making a tweet encouraging families to turn in their criminal dad.
8chan is being blamed for the synagogue shooting in California
Here is the current polling for the Leftist party


>More troops to the middle east
Nice one Trump.
Can Iran just fucking nuke the living shit out of the burger ships?
If yankees got their asses handed to em once maybe theyd stop meddling in everything.
Also, yang meme still seems to be alive on 4cunt.


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (15.37 KB, 300x213, 100:71, 1561222783750.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There is still potential for war between Iran and the United States, but Trump is wary to do so.
Iranian hackers are attacking the U.S. government agencies
Scientist are requesting to borrow private beaches so that the whales can rot in peace.
Person who ran over another person at the Charlottesville protest is asking for mercy in order to not receive a life sentence.
Here is the current polling for the Leftist Party

>Bonus Kraut news

A bunch of hippie krauts broke through a police cordon into a lignite coal mines. The police told them to leave, but there isn't any more detail reported. Also on Saturday these same protesters temporary blocked the transportation trains for coal.


File: ddjjw.PNG (15.5 KB, 302x213, 302:213, 1561420309036.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some current news from the United States
Chicago police has released surveillance footage and other files in the Jessie Smollett case.
Donald Trump has signed an executive order that imposes sanctions on Iran further.
Ann Sarnoff has been hired to be Warner Bros new CEO
Here is the current polling for the Leftist party
>Bonus news
Here is a follow up to the Kraut protest. Who would have known 92% of the protesters live with their parents and 33% of these protesters do not have a job.
Ebola fighter in the Congo has been severely injure after a angry mob threw rocks and had his vehicle set on fire.


File: ddjjw.PNG (16.65 KB, 301x216, 301:216, 1562078509362.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here what has been happening lately in America
Following the debate Andrew Yang alleges that his mic was purposely cut off during certain sections of the debate.
Marianne Williamson also says here mic was cut off during the debate.
Here some more petty news. Tulsi Gabbard was given pimple during the debate allegedly. This is evident that it was given to her because of the copious amount of makeup each candidate wears to debates.
There will be tanks in a Fourth of July parade.
Iran has broke the limit of Uranium set in Iranian nuclear deal violating deals with the European Union, China, Russia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.
Former Louisiana police who was sent to jail for killing a autistic 6-year-old has been released after serving less than two years
The Charlottesville protester who ran over a person has been sentenced to life in prison.
Here is the current polling from realclearpolitics for the Leftist party.
Is 22chan interested in the current news? I as well as the Latvian poster have wondered if we should keep posting and have readers at all. If you are still interested can we get a explanation why no one has interacted with the news we post?


File: ddjjw.PNG (17.08 KB, 299x215, 299:215, 1562594216669.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some American news
Nevada and Iowa for the Leftist primary now allow you to vote over the phone.
There was an explosion at a pizza restaurant in South Florida. 21 people were injured (non-life-threatening)
Elizabeth Warren plans on giving an executive order to stop the "pay gap"
Here is the current polling of the Leftist party


Here is some news from Burgerland
Elizabeth Warren has overtaken Sanders in money raised.
New studies from Montana State University suggest that teen use of (((weed))) goes down almost 10% after laws are passed legalizing the substance.
Donald Trump is threatening to cut off communications with the UK's Ambassador after the said Ambassador called him "dysfunctional" and "inept"


Here is some more news from burgerland
The Ambassador who insulted Trump is now resigning.
Now that the Woman's Soccer team won the world cup they now more than ever are screeching for equal pay in sports.
There is a new holding center for illegal immigrants in Texas


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (15.12 KB, 294x194, 147:97, 1562945688984.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some American News
Trump says a raid on illegal immigrants will begin this Sunday
Trump right now at least is giving up on the citizen question on the census.
Russia has given Turkey S-400 missiles making their relationship with the US more tense.
Here is the current polling for the Leftist party.
>Bonus news
In Finland there will be a metal themed knitting competition.


File: 1513012030106.jpg (6.36 KB, 172x200, 43:50, 1563198919579.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Russia has given Turkey S-400 missiles
>All while Assad is doing bombing as preparation for retaking Idlib https://syria.liveuamap.com/
Nani? What's Putin up to?


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (17.24 KB, 301x215, 7:5, 1563509971224.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

American warship has destroyed a Iranian drone after threatening the said warship.
(((Epstein))) has been denied bail.
Drug Lord El Chapo has escaped in helicopter right before being sentenced to life in prison.
Here is the lineup for the next Leftist debate.
Here is the current polling for the Leftist primary
Russian government being itself as usual. Putin is taking the steps to trying to control every step of peoples life.


>El Chapo has escaped
No, he hasn't. It literally says that he was taken straight to a fucken supermax
>Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was forced to make a sudden departure to the highest-security prison in the U.S. to serve the term


Correct, thank you for catching that idiotic mistake.



Hey don't sweat it bud, we're all human


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (17.16 KB, 297x213, 99:71, 1564499813749.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from the United States of America
Today is the Second Leftist debate in Detroit.
There has been an accusation against the nominated second in command Pentagon Air Force General. The accusations are just generic false accusations most likely and are made to block Gen. John Hyten from advancing.
Home contract signing has gone up since the previous year.
Beto O'Rourke is bringing three black football players who kneeled during the national anthem (during their High School Football games) to the Democratic debate as his guest.
Katy Perry has lost a lawsuit for ripping off a Christian Rap artist in her song "Dark Horse." The penalty is soon to come.
>Bonus News
There was a prison riot between two gangs in Brazil leaving 57 dead, 16 of them decapitated.
There have been over 1,000 arrests in Moscow following a protest over the exclusion of candidates on ballots.
Also, here is the current polling for the Leftist party.


What's going on with the right wing though?
Is Trump the only candidate?


Donald Trump is only being challenged by Bill Weld which the average Right Winger probably does not know. It would be really bad if Trump had major Republican opposition (see 1992 election). To see some more details with reading a wall of text here is a timeline from Wikipedia.


Here is some more news from the United States of America.
John T. Earnest, the shooter in the California Synagogue shooting, claims that the Christchurch livestream inspired his attack.
Wesley Gullett and Christopher Sanderson, members of the "New Aryan Empire" have escaped prison.
(((Epstein))) will not face trial until 2020 for his sex trafficking.


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (15.58 KB, 297x197, 297:197, 1565101363565.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from the United States
Mike DeWine (governor of Ohio) will outline his proposals on guns on Tuesday.
Louisiana is allowing medical weed now.
Hotwheels the creator of 8chan wanted 8chan to go down since he is bitter towards losing the site.
California's biggest recycling business has laid off 750 people and closed all 284 of their centers.
Here is the latest polling in the Leftist primary.


File: jdjdhhshfhhg.PNG (17.53 KB, 301x211, 301:211, 1565188278155.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some more U.S.A news
Donald Trump will be in Dayton and El Paso following the shooting. Also mentioned in the article Democratic front runner Joe Biden will speak on White Nationalism on Wednesday and I think you can predict what he will say based on that.
Speaking of Trump, Trump blamed the shootings on video games.
Cyntoia Brown, a prostitute who killed a client has been released after being lobbied for by Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg and Lebron James.
The ACLU has sued the Trump administration for deporting illegals faster.
Since there is a lot more international articles at the time of writing this here is some international news.
Production in Germany has dropped by 1.5% in June
A suicide bomber who was part of the Taliban has killed 14 people and wounded 145.
A Lithuanian synagogue has closed following threats in the midst a debate over the countries WW2 history.
The Ukrainian (((president))) has asked Putin to help stop the conflict in Eastern Ukraine
A Russian couple is facing losing their kid after participating in a (((unauthorized))) protest.


Damn, so much has happened recently it’s messing with my head. Also I appreciate your dedication to newsposting despite the little attention they get


Here is some the U.S.A.
Hispanic man stabs four people to death and wounds two in Garden Grove California.
Following up the Joe Biden articles from before, Biden accused Trump of "fanning the flames of white supremacy" and criticizes Trump for not taking away Americans guns and for being something he doesn't like since Democrats call everything they don't like "racism".
Seven chicken processing plants have been raided and 680 suspected illegal immigrants have arrested.
Curtis Ray Watson, who is in prison for kidnapping, has escaped the prison on a tractor and is suspected of killing Debra Johnson an employee at the prison.
Thank you for the encouragement. I hope to see this grow with the site.


I second this


Here is some more news
(((Epstein's death))) was ruled as a hanging by New York medical (((examiner))).
Here is some more virtue signaling from Beta O'Rourke
It has been found that over 1,000 teachers protested in Kentucky last year and broke state rules for teachers.
Maine is taking African (((Asylum Seekers)))
Here are the current Leftist primary polling


File: 1165302995082.gif (2.44 MB, 300x290, 30:29, 1566247767295.gif) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: poll.PNG (18.59 KB, 303x211, 303:211, 1566306544469.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some more American news
It turns out that (((Epstein))) signed a will two days before his death.
Illegal Immigrants held in ICE facilities are suing the government over the conditions.
A 20-year-old man who insulted and threatened the Jews has pleaded not guilty to his charges.
>Bonus News
Twitter has claimed to have banned over 200,000 accounts connected to the Chinese government in the midst of the Hong Kong protest.


File: example.1.PNG (16.17 KB, 305x213, 305:213, 1566568357096.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some new from the USA
Welfare workers in Chicago are being trained to help child abuse victims.
Gary Ray Bowles, a serial killer who preyed on the gays, has been executed.
Jews are having difficultly collecting another Jews Money


Here is some more news from the United States
Ex Illinois Representative Joe Walsh is challenging Donald Trump in the Republican primary.
Harrison Arkansas, a place where White Nationalist are around every corner is considering passing hate crime laws.
Four Black death role inmates are to argue that they were sentenced to death because the courts are racist.


Here some news for the USA
The Supreme Court is now allowing broad enforcement of asylum limits.
T. Boone Pickens oil tycoon has died.
Trump has agreed to a two week delay in the China tariffs.
There was a mass stabbing in Florida. None of the victims have died.
Trump has started his own social media app for his 2020 run.


File: example.1.PNG (31.62 KB, 298x349, 298:349, 1568665805902.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from the United States
One of (((Epstein's))) accusers has been denied compensation.
(((Jarrold Nadler))) says Trump needs to be impeached to vindicate the constitution.
(((Nadler))) also wants the Democrats to focus on Trump not Cuck Kavanaugh.
Footage from 2017 shows Joe Biden is insane.
Here is the current Leftist Polling


File: example.1.PNG (31.91 KB, 298x354, 149:177, 1569082100342.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from the United States of America
There was a shooting at a bar in South Carolina. Two people were killed and four were injured. The suspect has not been caught yet.
There have been more referring to the (((UN))) about "climate change." They are trying to use student protesters as leverage to give themselves money.
The raid at Area 51 turned only to be a rave at Area 51.
There will be a court case on Monday over abortion in Tennessee.
Here is the Leftist polling


File: example.1.PNG (26.7 KB, 300x322, 150:161, 1569431805859.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian (((President))) has been released. The Biden part of this was a minor part of the call and it was mostly just typical conversation between the USA and countries the USA is in talk with.
There is a 1st stage trade agreement with Japan.
Home sales have gone up by 7.1% in August
Mcdonald's is now using (((Alexa))) and (((Google))) to hire.
Here is the Democratic polls


>Mcdonald's is now using Alexa and Google to hire
I do not like where this going.


Thank you for reporting real news >>442


i've heard of Biden, but who the fuck is "Warren" and why is he so popular now?


Politician elizabith warren.
Clamed she was 15 percent indian.
Trump jokingly called fake indian.
Dna test results :1/1200s percent indian.
What makes matters worse is that she used the fact that she is indian to get out of trouble.


Why is that the case? Spying?
Warren is basically H. Clinton lite, but without the extensive scandals except claiming to be American Indian. Her mannerisms are like an annoying literature teacher who yells at you for not perfectly siting your sources.
Messages like this motivate me to do more.


Partially. Mostly just the continued growth of the botnet. Megacorps cooperating like this is never a good sign. And this is one step closer to some nightmare scenario where you have to be "hooked in" or else you can't get a job/be part of society.


Sort of like serial experiments lain or minority report.


File: example.1.PNG (30.24 KB, 301x350, 43:50, 1569596580944.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The ADL has added the 'OK' hand gesture and the 'Bowlcut' to their list of (((White Supremacy))) symbols. There are thirty four other entries in recent addition.
(((Feinstein))) want a 'word for word' transcript of the Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian (((president))).
The Kremlin doesn't want Trump to release his (((call))) with Trump.
The 2020 Democratic Shills will not condemn for the Ukrainian scandal.
Warren is now leading in Quinnipiac University poll.
Here is the poll for the Leftist primary.


File: example.1.PNG (26.65 KB, 302x319, 302:319, 1570320276356.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

A homeless man has killed four other homeless people and injured another hobo. In a later article about it the attacker Randy Rodriguez Santos has been revealed to have a long criminal record.
(((Bernie Sanders))) had a heart attack but will still participate in the next debate.
Cuckservative Mitt Romney, continues to be anti drumpf.
851,000 (((Undocumented))) migrants have been arrested this year. 40,000 of these migrants were taken into custody in September.
Even the Democrats are questioning if they can beat Trump in the 2020 election.


File: example.1.PNG (30.34 KB, 296x348, 74:87, 1570400326527.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There is a second (((whistle blower))) about the Trump-Ukraine situation. This is very suspicious.
Greta (((Thunberg))) will visit the Dakotas Indian reservations.
The 'Joker' movie has cracked 234 Million globally despite the media reeeeing about it.
Biden is taunting Trump.


So, what's the whole joker movie situation?


media won't stop talking about how TERRIBLE it would be if an INCEL SHOT UP the JOKER MOVIE. They're click hungry, trying to provoke an event. Fortunately, the strong chad gamers are too smart and literally nothing has happened.


So its like that fox news story that made the whole hackers on seroids meme.


The White house refuses to participate in the impeachment inquiry without evidence.
Greta (((Thunberg))) visited the Indian reservation and did more (((activism)))
Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camp (((survivor))) is suing an insurance (from the Nazi era) that they never received benefits for.
Bernie (((Sanders))) is slowing down his campaign after suffering a heart attack.
Elizabeth Warren is beating Biden in 4 out of the 5 recent polls.


Aparently 8chan is gonna come back, and renaming itself to "8kun"



The question is, will it really be the same? The shutdown got a lot of press, and the return seems to be kicking up a lot of dust too. I bet you anything it's going to be filled with boomers, newfags, and who knows what else.


I think you'r right.
I also think the original "8channers" moved on and spred out elsewere and found better, comfyer places to stay.
Does anyone knows what happend to qanon?


From 8chan "chan = child"
To 8kun "kun = teenager"


I heard the boards are gonna be ruled by mods just like on 4chan and that Qanon is gonna have a focus to him. That's just gossip though


chan=casual for a female child
kun=casual for all males


As far as i know, and the boards will be moderated still by whoever owns that specific board.
But I wouldn't be surprised if there's higher-up mods who keep their eyes on the lower ranking mods.


8kun is transgender???




Holy heck, encyclopedia dramatica's back! The site crashed, and no one backed it up. That's why it was gone for a month!


huh, ED is still down for me, boss. Or did they change the domain or somethin?


Almost all of the newer articles are gone. And the one about 22chan hasn't been updated in months.



I want to mention the fact that im a faggot who phonefags because: no fuckin computer. Lookup encyclopedia dramatica and see if the not moble version is avalible.


yeah, it works.
they changed the .rs to .se


Heck yeah man, the boys are back in town! Regulators mount up bitches!
Breaking news lol.


>Almost all of the newer articles are gone
And so nothing of value was lost
>the one about 22chan hasn't been updated in months.
http://web.archive.org/web/20190818191657/encyclopediadramatica.rs/22chan thank god for the wayback machine


File: example.1.PNG (26.84 KB, 296x318, 148:159, 1570678311452.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Matt Lauer has been accused of rape.
Commiefornia has shut off power in specific spots to prevent future fires.
Beta O’Rourke is holding a counter-rally to a Trump event in Texas.
Speaking of Beta, he is not qualifying for the November debate yet.
Bernie (((Sanders))) is taking back what he said about slowing his campaign.
Mike Pence will release transcripts of his call with Ukrainian president (((Zelenskiy))).
The Adult Diaper League and the media are fear-mongering over (((antisemitism)))


Here is some news from the United States
The Kurds have joined the Soviets' side after the United States has withdrawn its troops.
More nonsense with the Ukraine Trump situation.
Lithuanian judge involved in a pedophilia case will be extradited.
(((Hispanics))) who have voting eligibility has gone up by 20%.


File: example.1.PNG (26.4 KB, 301x323, 301:323, 1571366295923.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Chicago teachers are striking over not having enough (((resources)))
Speaking of Chicago, one of their top cops was found lying down.
Georgia death row inmate may be resentenced.
As soon as news about the temporary ceasefire with the Turks and the Kurds people like Mitt Romney and other cucks come out of the woodwork to whine.
San Diego woman gives up all 300 of her rats.
In a hypothetical poll Trump has lead in Iowa over Warren and Biden.
Here is the current leftist polls.



>mobile wikipedia


File: week1.PNG (27.21 KB, 303x317, 303:317, 1572143830753.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Over Two Million people in Northern California have evacuated their home because there was a wildfire nearby.
NBC has had a scandal involving (((Weinstein))) and (((Lauer))). Evidently NBC has paid a massive severance to the whamens (((Weinstein))) and (((Lauer))) harassed so these whamens would be silent.
North Korea as usual is running out of patience for the West
The three GOP challengers to Trump appeared at Politicon a convention in Nashville.
A homeless man who set fire to a synagogue has been sentenced to three months and 192 hours of community service
Brother of Sandy Hook victim has called out Biden for claiming he met every family of the victims.
Beta O'Rourke wants the gunmakers to fund the gun buyback.
Porn star who has tried to become a MMA fighter has been TKO'd in the first round of her first fight.
The middle east is unstable as always.


File: jfjfjjdjjggj.PNG (27.17 KB, 301x320, 301:320, 1572317053849.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There is still a few missions in Syria after killing al-Baghdadi
250 Facebook signed a letter urging Mark (((Zuckerberg))) to not allow politicians to lie in their advertisement.
Alleged shooter in Greenville Texas was taken into custody.
2020 (((Democratic))) candidates are looking for anything but Trump to praise for al Baghdadi's death.
F for Argentina
According to YouGov millennias are most likely to support soycalism.


>YouGov millennias are most likely to support soycalism.
And there is nothing we could do about it.


Biden was denied communion from a South Carolina Catholic Church.
A school district in Texas will teaching their kids about anal.
The internet is evidently illegal in West Banks, West Virginia.


"Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex"
What the hell is next?
This news story really makes me angry.
Not even religous.
But i really hate where the world is going.
The bible got a good chunk of things right. Why do people have to be obsessed with porn? How can we fix a world that is already broken?


There is two things you could do.
1. Petition the school to school to not follow through with teaching this.
2. Grow a community of like-minded people that will become a no go zone for stuff like this.


File: week1.PNG (29.85 KB, 306x326, 153:163, 1572738079825.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Airbnb is banning parties at rented properties after a shooting in Commiefornia.
The Iranian student leader who was involved in the US embassy takeover has express regret for what he did.
A North Carolina teacher has been accused of segregating students based on their political beliefs.
Jewgle has purchased the Fitbit brand.
A federal judge has blocked Trump's health insurance rule for illegal aliens.
South Dakota will execute Charles Rhines twenty-two years after stabbing his coworker to death.
Mouth cancer has reached record highs and people are blaming oral sex.
Jeff Bezo will pay 7 Billion dollars under Elizabeth Warren's medicare for all plans.
Hillary Clinton laughs at (((conspiracy theories))) about Epstein.


Warren Buffet's first wife had mouth cancer...


Being a having degenerate leads to cancer?
t h e m o r e y o u k n o w



Why the media wont talk about this?


Or, for the matter, have acurate science about this


File: bj receiving champ.jpg (31.4 KB, 416x416, 1:1, 1572747636500.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

You KNOW this fucko has seen some crazy blowies in his time.


Mcdonald's CEO has been removed after having an affair with one of his employees.


File: jfjfjjdjjggj.PNG (26.52 KB, 301x320, 301:320, 1575853624645.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from the U.S.A
The Pensacola Navel Base shooter made a tweet shortly before the shooting slamming the U.S. for being pro (((Israel))) and anti Muslim.
The Last Roman (((Jew))) has died
The Hong Kong Protest has been going on for six months.
A Leftist who offered 500 USD for killing an Ice Agent has been acquitted.
Almog Peretz, a survivor of the Southern California synagogue shooting is suing the synagogue for not having proper security despite a $150,000 grant from the government.
Joe Biden criticizes Bernie (((Sanders'))) proposal to leverage aid to Israel.
There has also been a shooting in Pearl Harbor.
France is having transportation issues because of protests.




Now, >>704 -kun,
I'm not going back to 4chan
Infact i'm staying at 22chan forever. I love this place. But,
Good for them!
Truly a blessed day in 4chan history
(I wonder how long it will last?)


File: tumblr_inline_pnwvmbpwNs1q….png (420.64 KB, 540x728, 135:182, 1575964232731.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



Please let us know if you find out anything more


File: jfjfjjdjjggj.PNG (26.51 KB, 301x322, 43:46, 1575997777683.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from the United States
Burleigh County, a county in North Dakota will now accept no more than 25 refugees.
A man from Florida has been accused of child neglect after leaving the child at the police station. The man did this because he suspected the child was gay.
Iran wants to swap prisoners from the United States for Iranian prisoners that the United States has.
Productivity in the United States has dropped by 0.2%
Exxon Mobil was found not guilty of violating climate regulations.
Arizona man Charles Gary Sullivan has been proven not guilty of killing two women after forty years.
Bill Cosby has lost his appeal to overturn his accusations.
In a recent poll, Hillary Clinton was named as the Democrat's top pick. An online Harris Poll Clinton beats Biden by 1%.
According to a recent study, narcissism declines as you age.
There may be a genetics-based dating app in the future.
Sanna Marin has become prime minister of Finland. F for Finland


File: 1576007173602.jpg (334.53 KB, 719x825, 719:825, 1576007478166.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Hard to tell, but i think it was a rouge mod


There was a shooting in the "gun free" state of New Jersey, a cop down and some more injured, as well as causalities. Suspects haven't been revealed yet but are confirmed dead. May the victims rest in peace and the Suspects have damnation in hell.


Trump has signed a executive order spearheaded by Jared (((Kushner))). This will broaden the definition anti antisemitism and strengthen the Jews status as a protected class.
The United States has charged Mexico's ex security chief (Genaro Garcia Luna) for taking bribes from cartels.
11 Chinese people were found in appliances attempting to illegally immigrate to the United States.


South Dakota's Supreme court will be upholding the death sentence of Briley Piper.
Beto 'O Rourke will not be running for the Senate.
Louisiana is suing Commiefornia over for banning the sales of alligators.


>Bill Cosby has lost his appeal to overturn his accusations.
lol nice
>In a recent poll, Hillary Clinton was named as the Democrat's top pick.
I kinda doubt that (((they))) are gonna get Shillary to run as a candidate tho, splitting the dems could fuck them over.
>There may be a genetics-based dating app in the future.
>an app only a eugenicist would love
sign me the fuck up
>banning the sales of alligators
would these news make /sewers/ happy or angry?


File: 123423.PNG (27.88 KB, 302x323, 302:323, 1576600454154.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There has been a shooting at a Montana Casino. Four people have perished (including the shooter) and one person has been injured.
Trump has proposed rules that will make organ donations easier. Currently, organ donors' recipient's insurance would pay for the medical bill, but the problem there is that the donor would be out of work for weeks. With this proposal, the donor will be reimbursed for lost wages and expenses during the recovery.
13-year-old girl from Kansas who made a finger gun at another student has been placed in a Juvenile Diversion program (Alternative to the Child Jail System but still Jail) a (((rehabilitating))) program.
Alaska students butchers moose to learn about anatomy.
Obama claimed yesterday that women are better leaders.
A man has been caught masturbating at the toys section of Walmart.
If Sewers were opportunistic they would be happy because it makes California sitting ducks to a gator invasion.


I wanted to get a gator to protect my stuff
His name would have been mr teeth
Back to the drawing board


File: 123423.PNG (28.54 KB, 304x318, 152:159, 1577147473156.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Chief Justice Roberts who will be presiding over the impeachment trials thinks the House of Representatives need to hurry up and send the impeachment articles to the senate.
The opioid crisis is now being tracked
Paul Whelan a US diplomat has been jailed by the Soviets for a year.
Trump has signed a bill that will attempt to preserve indigenous languages.
The US will give the Baltic countries 175 Million dollars for military defense.
Alabama woman (Ann Rylee) was shot (expected to survive) because the police were stupidly looking for someone who had been already.
The teacher at US school threatens the Muslim girl for removing her hijab.
Joe Biden said in 1977 that ""Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle,"


The failed Texas Church shooter evidently wanted money from the Church he tried to shoot up.
2019 was a good year for the stock market.
Illinois' governor is pardoning over 11,000 for weed charges.
Connecticut police officer crashed his car following live streaming while driving.
34 West Virginian correctional officers were fired over doing a Nazi salute.


File: 191230-hail-byrd-nazi-salu….jpg (125.26 KB, 1236x820, 309:205, 1577854445359.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Happy new year newsanon!
>34 West Virginian correctional officers were fired over doing a Nazi salute.
Not an artfag or really that skilled at photoshop but you can turn this into a cool 22chan banner
Like changing heil byrd into heil twoot and painting the officer's face green or whatever lol
Anyway story wise its kinda stupid
I see no natzi simbolism whatsoever
>“That’s why they do that, because I’m a hardass like Hitler.”
Not just hitler though
The germans were hardasses when it came down to military training, but they took that from the serbians
So i guess the news story is just idiots being triggered for nothing
They lost 34 officers for nothing lol and if you look in the corner one of the officers is black, and he probably didnt even care


File: top lol.png (39.36 KB, 106x196, 53:98, 1577934447032.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>the most racially diverse group of white supremacists on the internet
the banner speaks the truth


I love this


There was heavy security for a stadium event for the reading of the (((Talmud))). There was over 90,000 Jews at this event
Two Black Women attacked a Jewish man in New York City
St Lewis had 4 homicides in the first three hours of the year.


I swear this is some type of meme magic
I came up with a story about a banned subreddit called "r/fatnigger" which is about black people reclaiming natzism for themselves with them learning that true dirvirsity is not of skin color, but of thought, and they looked up to hitler as a better than martin luther king figure, also BURN THA JEWS NIGGA
So in my story is the fact that the subreddit got banned and they got angry and spread on the internet like wildfire
and conducted raids to spread their truth and because of this, it became a irl movement
>"The two African American women approached the 22-year-old Hasidic victim in Broadway Triangle where they began taunting him with anti-Semitic slurs, the law enforcement source said."
"the most racially diverse group of white supremacists on the internet"
Its too true lol
I tried to spread the meme on 4chan and whatever else because i thought it was funny but to no avail it was ignored so it dispersed into some type of memetic power and influenced people
Robomaniac i did it i used my autism to make meme magic
Im a wisard


File: 123423.PNG (27.51 KB, 302x324, 151:162, 1578283943876.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Tensions with Iran have increased.
In reaction to this 70 communists protested outside of the white house.
Al-Shabab an Islamic terrorist group has killed three US personal in Kenya.
A woman from New Jersey is suing TripAdvisor because she fell off a camel while pregnant on her Morocco trip.
A home invader brought a baseball bat to a gunfight and died.
Sanna Marin, Finland's prime ministers want workers to have a four day work week and a six-hour day.
The Swedish government has been accused of reclassifying explosions to save face.



(((George Lopez)))


File: 123423.PNG (27.62 KB, 302x320, 151:160, 1578799565708.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Iran said that the Ukraine jetliner that was shut down was done by mistake.
China and America will resume economic talks soon.
The FBI is trying to catch a Black guy in a wig who has robbed banks.
There was a shooting in an unauthorized area near the New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome. No one was injured.
A black person in Georgia broke into a taco bell (on Christmas day) and fell asleep as he was preparing the food.
Atlanta Georgia will no longer chase suspects.
Two soldiers died and Two soldiers were wounded in Afghanistan.
A leftist in Florida was sentenced to 90 days in prison for spitting on a person with a MAGA hat.
3,000 Christian sites in Europe was vandalized in 2019
The European Asylum Support Office will be doubling in size.


File: 123423.PNG (25.88 KB, 302x321, 302:321, 1578980446211.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Nancy Pelosi is finally sending the articles of impeachment.
Cory Booker has dropped out of the Democratic primary.
Greg Abbott the man who stopped a shooting in a Texas church is getting a Medal of Courage.
Never Trumper Mitt Romney wants to hear from the (((witnesses)))


Well lads, if you are a degenerate like me that uses windows, update right now.
Military base that i work at is kicking people off, or downright firing people who didn't update windows rn.


didnt microsoft issue a new update on the same day?




File: 13252.PNG (10.02 KB, 302x118, 151:59, 1579275293973.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Andrew Yang's wife and 31 other women are suing obstetrician Robert Hadden for alleged sexual misconduct.
A former member of the Canadian reserve (who also illegally crossed the border) and two other men were arrested by the FBI. These men were alleged White Supremacists and allegedly had intentions of committing terrorist actions based on some chat logs.
A guns right group in Virginia is appealing the governor's ban on guns.
A Californian man (Charles “Chase” Merritt allegedly) will be sentenced for killing a family of four with a sledgehammer and burying them in the Californian desert.
US industrial production fell by 0.3% in December.
North Dakota woman (Amber Barett) has been charged with neglect for leaving six kids with a dead man.
The man who attacked a Hanukkah celebration in New York is pleading not guilty.
There has been another mass shooting in Chicago a gun-free zone. Five people were injured but all are expected to survive.
Ukrainian prime minister Honcharuk is resigning after tapes of him calling (((Zelenskiy))) inexperienced.


File: 123423.PNG (26.9 KB, 302x324, 151:162, 1579321595291.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Three more alleged White Supremacists who are linked with the same group (The Base) has been arrested.
Virginia's supreme court has upheld the gun ban at gun rally's
The Sentencing of Charles Merritt has been delayed.
A recently released sex offender has been arrested again for sexual assault.
Trump has canceled Michelle Obama's lunch program on her birthday.
South Dakota Governor has made an executive order that will prohibit state offices from doing business with anti companies (((Israel)))
Ukrainian president (((Zelenskiy))) has rejected Ukrainian prime resignation.
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has criticized illegal immigration.


Virginia Councilman Nathan Clark supports the second amendment by showing up to a council meeting with an AR-15 rifle.
There was a shooting in a Utah home that killed four people and injured another person.
A man from Michigan found $43,000 inside a couch he bought at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore a charitable store and returns the money.


File: 123423.PNG (26.45 KB, 306x320, 153:160, 1579581391431.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

A man at the Virginia gun rally calls out the mainstream media live on television.
Joe Biden calls game developers creepy.
There was a shooting at a bar in Kansas City. Two people were killed and the perpetrator was black.


File: 123423.PNG (28.1 KB, 306x318, 51:53, 1579924834334.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

(((Official))) coronaviruses' death toll in China has surpassed 40 people.
A group of furries' stopped a man from assaulting his girlfriend.
New York City is banning cashless stores
Georgia's middle school teacher is being deported after molesting a student.
Tinder is adding a panic button for when a date goes (((wrong)))


File: 123423.PNG (28.01 KB, 297x320, 297:320, 1580179740000.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz (((liberation)))
The Hanukkah attacker is too incompetent for trials
Nicki Minaj's brother has been found guilty of raping an 11-year-old girl.
A 16-year-old French girl has been told to go into hiding.
Mongolia has closed its border amid the spread of the coronavirus.
Obama called Trump a "fascist" before Trump getting elected.
A recent Supreme Court decision has cleared the way for Trump to make it hard for illegal immigrants from getting benefits.


Oh wow cant wait to go to california
Looks like commiefornia closed the pools for freelancers such as jannies, writers, truck drivers and so forth. Now in order to work you need to work for the company, and have insurance.


File: iowa.PNG (38.95 KB, 569x267, 569:267, 1580786565119.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is some news from or relating to the USA.
The coronavirus' number of reported cases has topped 20,000.
Walgreens is paying Commifornia authorities 7.5 million after Kim Thien Le an employee was charged with impersonating a pharmacist.
Jeff Bezos is being sued by his girlfriend's brother for defamation. According to Micheal Sanchez, Jeff Bezos lied about the National Enquirer article that was about the affair with Micheal's sister.
The Iowa caucus is happening today.
Louisiana has not executed any of their death row inmate in ten years.
Authorities in Arizona have allegedly caught an Iraqi man suspected of being an Al-Qaida leader.
Greta Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Here are the current stats for the Iowa caucuses


>Obama called Trump a fascist
lole, I feel like most dems were calling Trump like that during the 2016 elections, interesting that they've been quiet after he got elected.
>make it hard for illegal immigrants from getting benefits
Finally, nice.
>Louisiana has not executed any of their death row inmate in ten years.
>officials say they can’t obtain lethal injection drugs
Oh c'mon, are they all out of bullets too?
>Greta Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Fucking fuck I knew this bullshit would happen.
Greta Thun(((berg)))
>current stats
I didn't expect that a literal faggot would be leading the polls. Reminds me of the first Obama election when the dems voted for him just because he was black, now Buttigieg is being supported because he's gay, I haven't really ever heard about any of his proposed policies.


The dems are ripping at eachother throats lole
particularly bloomberg
completly ignored trump


File: iowa.PNG (28.2 KB, 304x320, 19:20, 1582596092423.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Five Italians hikers have been rescued from the Alaskan wilderness. None of the injuries the hikers suffered is life-threatening.
Towns in Italy has been quarantined due to the recent outbreak out the coronavirus
Trump is requesting 2.5 Billion to fund coronavirus vaccine development.
Chris Matthews (MSNBC) has apologized for comparing Bernie (((Sanders))) recent surge to the Nazi takeover.
Indian protesters have held both pro and anti-Trump demonstrations. These demonstrations have turned violent and have killed one police officer. Hindu nationalist was pro-Trump because Trump wants to stop Islamic terrorist and the communist was anti-Trump for obvious reasons.
Immigrants are now disqualified from obtaining green cards if they are on benefits.
An 11-year-old girl brought an AR-15 to a recent Idaho hearing on gun legislation.
Alabama death row inmate has died from dementia. Vernon Madison was sentenced to death for killing a police officer.
Tennessee will be executing two more people on October 8 (Bryon Black) and December 3 (Pervis Payne). Byron Black was sentenced for death for killing his girlfriend or her two daughters in 1988. Pervis Payne was sentenced for killing Charisse Christopher and her daughter.
A German man has driven his car into a carnival crowd injuring 30 people.


File: ddref.PNG (10.04 KB, 303x125, 303:125, 1582772037064.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There was a shooting at a Milwaukee brewery. Six people were killed (the perpetrator included).
Colorado is abolishing the death penalty.
This year's Super Bowl halftime performance has received over 1300 FCC (Federal Communications Commission) complaints.


> 1300 FCC complaints.
thats great man
good people actually exist


Now I could be terribly wrong, but I'm pretty sure the music videos of the artists in questions were always "softporn", so what did the parents expect?
To me it looks like these people just gave a phone with youtube to their child so he wouldn't bother them and they didn't care about what he watched, so now it ended up this way
Personally I hate how modern pop music culture is, but if it's here there's a reason, that is that lots of people actually want that stuff


>A German man has driven his car into a carnival crowd injuring 30 people
Ah yes, I love multiculturalism. Can I get an Allahu Akbar my dudes.
I pretty much agree what >>845 says, it's always been their style and the organizers well knew about it when they asked them to perform.
Also, I don't really understand whether the complaints are mostly from christian moms or femishits with their "muh sexualization of women", there's always been this type of content around.
Then again, I'm not american and I couldn't care less about the superbowl.
Also, Shakira's hips don't lie.


While these people are good these people are also negligent. Members of family value groups want an easy solution to a complex problem this is often because they are uncomfortable discussing the issue. These parents point the fingers at the Super Bowl but do nothing to stop these problems from developing to this level. These parents should honestly spend more time with their kids and teach them that stuff like this is wrong.


File: polls.PNG (25.7 KB, 304x291, 304:291, 1589433025236.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Wisconsin is reopening after a 4-3 state supreme court ruling. This ruling strikes down the governer's stay at home orders.
Missouri will execute Walter Barton for murdering trailer park operator Gladys Kuehler in 1991. Gladys Kuehler was beaten, raped, and stabbed fifty times.
(((Israel))) is considering shutting down a Christian TV channel.


File: 1509637961682.jpg (20.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1589448386337.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Death sentences take decades to complete in the USA, is that a good thing or a bad thing? In my opinion it allows time to appeal and anyone who is truly innocent (and has the right evidence) gets freed eventually. Then again, there's hundreds of convicts who keep leeching on taxpayer money. It'd be interesting to see how many death row inmates actually get the chair.
Israel doing it's thing as always. I didn't notice if it was mentioned on this thread but the land of oyveys have gotten approval of US recognition of the annexation of west bank if necessary. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/04/recognise-israel-annexation-west-bank-jordan-valley-200428080228123.html
Along with that, is there any particular reason why Biden is currently leading the polls?


>Why is Biden leading?
It is highly unlikely that he is truly winning because of the poll shown is an average of the MSM that is likely biased against Trump. Biden is disliked by Berniebros a sizeable amount of the Democrats while Trump is almost universally liked by Republicans so the enthusiasm is different.
>Death sentences good or bad?
I am personally not a fan of the death penalty because of the sheer cost of it and its inefficiency. According to the government in Maryland for example, it cost 3 million dollars for an average death penalty case. The drugs for lethal injection aren't cheap either. The inefficiency is quite infuriating this took almost forty years to finish. Barton had likely been appealing his sentence for all these years and this is very costly because he was likely not earning any while in jail. It is also very difficult in the long term to be fair to the accused because an innocent person may have been sentenced to death and it takes a while to prove the person's innocence. So trying to be fair it cost the government a lot in the courts to hopefully find one innocent man.


A Pro-Abortion group has purchased an abortion clinic to keep it opened.
Five Mexicans who tried to enter the US border through the Canadian border have been deported.
Georgia man who has been jailed for forty years has been freed after new DNA evidence was found proving his innocence.
The United States has sent oil to Belarus to diversify its supplies.


Oh wow, i didn't know gas chambers are still an actual thing in the US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GP6iHU1_LTQ


Glad to hear pseudo snow mexicans getting deported.
Along with that, there seems to be yet another round of territorial and military tensions between India and China, any guess on how it will progress? So far only fistfights between the troops of the two nations.


Apparently, the George Floyd protests, aside from catching the attention of the US national guard, reaching D.C. itself, has also reached London, Berlin, and Canada. What you probably didn't hear is that they're even spilling over into Japan, in tandem with another suspicious event happening Tokyo:
The Tokyo police apparently beat up a Kurdish man (who isn't named, but is supposedly still alive, probably like George Floyd in that there's no way to know whether Floyd died or not (assuming he's a real person, since he was apparently a known degenerate before this)). This unnamed Kurdish man is apparently now leading the protests against the Japanese police. Notice a few things:
>Leading the protest in Shibuya was the 33-year-old male victim, who was not named.
>At around 3:30 p.m., he drove passed a patrol car on the side of the road and made a left turn onto Meiji-dori.
That's a big serving of 33s, isn't it? The information given about these Japanese protests is too small to even analyse, so I might as well just post it here.


Trump's plan on enlarging Israel's borders is going through next month:
>Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to begin cabinet discussions on July 1 on extending Israeli sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, occupied territory that Palestinians seek for a state.
>Gantz's directive appeared to indicate that the centrist politician had either signed on to the move, or at least believed it would be inevitable, given right-wing support in the Netanyahu-led coalition cabinet.
Half of Israelis support this move:
>Half of Israelis support annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, although they are divided over whether to take the step without U.S. support, an opinion poll showed on Wednesday.
>Some 25 percent of Israelis surveyed by the Israel Democracy Institute think-tank said they want their government to apply sovereignty to Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank even without backing from Israel's closest ally.
>U.S. President Donald Trump's plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace includes Israel keeping most of its settlements in the West Bank, territory that Palestinians seek for a state.


Faggots and negros have started to raise their heads in eastern europe aswell, fuckers are getting inspired to protest, thankfully there's almost none of either of those groups here, so the situation getting escalated to riots is quite unlikely.


"Eastern Europe" is vague, what country specifically?




Ah. I know ZOG propaganda from both sides (USA and Russia) has been plaguing the Baltic states, though there aren't many negroids there, more-so Russified Central Asians, Chechens, gypsies and other assorted Soviet immigrants. I'd expect more leftist traitors (and perhaps crypto-jews, even those unaware of their background?) to be on in these "protests" in the Baltics.
Apparently there was a protest in Copenhagen as well, with a bunch of people (Muslims and blacks apparently) even holding signs and shouting buzzwords in front of the US embassy. Obviously government-assisted shills, though some real people do buy into the whole "real police brutality" crap. Of course, Paris (extremely negrified) is seeing full-on riots now:
>Chanting I cant breathe, thousands marched peacefully through Australias largest city, while thousands more demonstrated in the Dutch capital of The Hague and hundreds rallied in Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv, fitting. You can't keep too high of a profile in the place where this whole psy-op was launched from.


Yeah, south-slavs are pretty much the direct equivalent to niggers. Same tribal mindset, same niggermoments.
I hope that Trump will roll in the tanks soon enough, otherwise people will start thinking that it's good to loot stores due to no punishment. Along with that:
>Days without jewish tricks:0


>south slavs
If you're making an honest mistake here, North Caucasians and Central-Asians aren't south-Slavs, neither are gypsies. They're migrants from the ex-USSR that have essentially been Russified and claim that they're "southern Russian" or whatever, despite the fact that in-reality they're not ethnic Russians at all. South Slavs are Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians and Slovenes (as well as Montenegrins, Bosnians, and Macedonians, though these are arguably just ethnic Serbs or Bulgarians with different identities/religion), and real South Slavs aren't negroid at all in-behaviour; the gypsies (alongside the already 100-year-long worldwide judeo-negrification project) are to blame for negroid elements in their societies.
Trump sending the military in is itself a fixed game of chess, since he's in on it all (just the fact that he does legitimise his acting with Derek Chauvin, the same person he supposedly worked with in an ex-"oddfellow" property should be enough to show that Trump is in on it and is just playing along). I don't know if he's going to fake his death (and thus become a fake martyr despite the fact that he's mostly hated, like Lincoln and JFK before him), perform some Boston Massacre-esque false flag, or blame China on it, but all directions point to none of it being legitimate, and all of it being another pretext for some political drama. Since lawlessness is so widespread within the cities, it's a perfect time for spooks to instigate some false flag of sorts, especially a "lone-wolf" hoax that would paint whites as aggressors, case in-point:
>Accelerationists promote violence to speed up the collapse of society. An eco-fascist Telegram channel wrote to its nearly 2,500 subscribers on Thursday that a riot would be the perfect place to commit a murder. Accelerationists often seek to exploit moments of political or civil unrest, and the widespread protests that have unfolded across the country fit the bill. Similarly, 4chan is full of racists cheering the violence and saying that they hope its the beginning of a race war.
Spooks and jews, all of them. Telegram is a spyware app that requires your mobile phone, and these "eco-fascist servers" are openly spied on (and probably even handled) by the ADL, whereas 4chan's /pol/ board (as well as its /his/ board) is essentially 99% bots and shills. There's a whole thread dedicated to this: >>1037


File: stephan-cannon.jpg (35.75 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 1591595615690.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

The Minneapolis council has agreed to allow spear chuckers to ape out more by disbanding the police.
A man has been charged for killing formal police officer David Dorn. The suspect's name is Stephan Cannon pic related.
Cuck Romney joins BLM to protest (((police brutality))) in Washington DC.
A family of a Mexican "immigrant" is having trouble transporting the remains of a family member back to the country they migrated out of.
Bill De Blasio mayor of New York City is intending to defund the police in favor of "reaching" the cities citizens.
Protestors are now laying down like retards.
George W Bush and Cuck Romney will not be supporting Trump.
Elmer Fudd will not be using the guns in the new cartoons.


File: sarah-grossman.jpg (49.81 KB, 634x403, 634:403, 1591714123792.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

While Donald Trump has called out the movement to defund the police his opponent Joe Biden and the usual suspects support this and call out Trump for his supposed racism.
The US may be removing 25% of its troops from Germany.
In Germany, complaints about racism have double since 2015 and went up 10% since last year.
Even some activists do not agree with defunding the police. Activists such as Michelle Gross and Sam Martinez doubt disbanding the police will solve any problems.
NHK a Japanese TV has been forced to apologize after posting an animation depicting the (((protest))) in Minneapolis accurately.
Boats are unlikely to stay around in the Netherlands since boats are not social distancing.
Sarah Grossman a student has died after being pepper-sprayed and teargassed in BLM protest. Play stupid game you lose your comfy life pic related.
Manufacturers will be leaving Minneapolis.
The polls about Biden vs Trump are biased who would have guessed?


AMC movie theaters plan on opening mid-July.
Homicides in LA have gone up 250% in a week. The number of people shot has gone up by 56%.
Merriam Webster has updated its definition of racism to include (((systematic oppression))) in the definition. The justification of this was to add more (((detail))).
Tucker Carlson has stated that BLM has become a political party because Liberals will cuck out to them.
NYC will be renaming a street in every borough after a Black civil rights activist and the message "Black Lives Matter" will be painted on those said streets.
Professor Gordon (((Klein))) has been suspended for telling Black students they get no special treatment or extensions in their work. The students wanted an exam that would help their grade no matter what and extensions on their assignment because George Floyd was a personal friend of theirs.


Why are you capitalizing black like a cuck? Not even negro should be capitalized, Amerikike media and academia only did that in the early-mid 20th century after Marcus Garvey made a stink about it while leaving white uncapitalized (so much for the 'racist thirties/forties/fifties' stereotype jewlywood keeps pushing).


>spearchuckers remove cops
Minneapolis is a lost cause, it should just be wiped off the face of the earth.
>A man has been charged for killing formal police officer David Dorn.
This happens like every day except the (((news))) never reports about it.
>Jew York to defund police
And I'd expect the jews to be somewhat sensible.
>Elmer Fudd will not be using the guns in the new cartoons.
Obviously hacking someone to pieces with a scythe promotes humane hunting. good job disney.
And I expected Biden to be at least somewhat sensible and at least condemn the violent rioters. guess im wrong again.
>Homicides in LA have gone up 250% in a week.
Lmao. welcome to the future of a leftist world.
>Professor Gordon (((Klein))) has been suspended for telling Black students they get no special treatment
based heeb
What are you even on about, I don't think there's an anti-white or pro-nigger conspiracy embedded in those posts just because "black" is capitalized. Critically analyzing news is important, but getting angery about one letter is kinda cooky. I do understand your reasons, however the whole point is kinda off in this context since we are speaking about a guy who has been doing 22/pol/news for a while and expressed redpills on like every single post.


would love it if elmer fudd became a chainsaw murderer


So apparently, spook-backed protestors have supposedly (since a lot of people are reporting this as a media fake) seceded from the US and formed their own commune in Seattle:
There was a lot of blueballing of a false flag attack on Seattle on 3/11/2019 (or 11/3 in US format, likely suspected due to it multiplying into 33), started by a random German cooking channel. This turned out to be fake, though now there's an actual attack on Seattle, also taking place on an 11th day, so there's that going on. Is this supposed to be used as a setup for another Paris commune or a Wacko Waco situation, or will faux-nationalist spooks try to overrun it and thus de-facto end its occupation?
Wikipedia specifically compares it to both the Paris commune (obvious comparison, ended in a Waco-situation) and Christiana, an extremely degenerate hippie community in Copenhagen which still exists to this day.


File: EaNZA8XVAAE-wcL.jpg (38.31 KB, 680x460, 34:23, 1591936147417.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Spooks in Birmingham Alabama have toppled a Jefferson Davis statue.
There is a bias in economics and probably everything else against blacks.
San Francisco police will no longer be responding to disputes, homeless people, and student misbehaving.
Crime has gone up by 300% now that Raz Simone has control over the police station. After Trump tweeted about the situation in Seattle Simone sperged about it pic related.
Nascar driver Ray Ciccarelli defends the usage of the Confederate flag saying that using the flag doesn't make you a racist.
A recent study from Italian researchers has found that Facebook and Twitter are echo chambers and places like Gab and Reddit are not. Reddit not being an echo chamber is quite dubious.
Country band Lady Antebellum disgracefully changes their name to Lady A because Antebellum is a reference to slavery.


File: raz].PNG (15.06 KB, 553x171, 553:171, 1591936371276.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Here is the tweet of Raz Simone sperging out.


File: giantiwhiteracism.jpg (35.45 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1592154711436.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

France is getting ready for some more civic-nationalist controlled opposition in response to the BLM kikery:
Just to make things clear, "Generation identity" are faux-nationalist Zionist scum. Unlike the many dispersed faux-nationalist groups and figures (which has ties to many of these, with certain exceptions in "renegade trrbune") it doesn't seek to poison the narrative or create a "controlled opposition" to jewry, but like mainstream populist parties, it seeks to put abstractions in place of any real issues and ideas. It's a typical "Islam is the greatest threat to western democracy and the immigrants are anti-semitic!" party, but with a confidence trick specifically manifested in preforming these types of public acts. Of course, they're all being bankrolled by TPTB to do so; they even let the now retired jewish degenerate Lauren Southern film them using helicopters to block refugees from entering France. Now ask yourself; do organic "populist" non-koshervative groups that don't happen to be extremely servile to Israel obtain helicopters for these types of tasks? No they don't. I'm not even talking about them being against fascism or national socialism, as their legitimacy is incredibly questionable as well, but simply their extreme servility to kosher conservatism.
Another fact about this group is that they coined the term "the great replacement", specifically a term used to contain the use of "white genocide". They'll talk about "anti-white racism" but be equally against anything they consider "anti-black", as long as those blacks also serve kosher conservative ideas and tailor their negroid "culture" towards it. "The great replacement" is notably the title of Brenton Tarrant's manifesto, i.e. the fake philosemitic Christchurch shooter. He just so happens to call out Front National in that paper (though omits any pro-jewry among them), yet considered Trump a "a symbol of renewed white identity" despite the fact that he's a jewish quadroon.


Bicycle sales in the last two months have been it's highest since the '70s.
Edgar Samaniego shot a police officer in head paralyzing the police from the neck down.
(((Israel))) will be named the occupied territory Golan Heights after Trump.
Seven police officers in Minneapolis have quit and seven are in the process of resigning.
Ruben Gutierrez will be executed in Texas next week for an 85-year-old woman twenty years ago.
GOP congressman who officiated a gay wedding has lost his primary despite having Trump's endorsement.


>(((Israel))) will be named the occupied territory Golan Heights after Trump.
For some reason, everybody forgot about Israel after the Iran crisis earlier this year. Trump's approving an Israeli annexation of the Jordan valley which will go through next month, he's approved settlements in the Golan Heights, actions that typically generate a ton of controversy, yet most people I talk to don't even know about this, I haven't even seen anyone else dismiss these BLM protests, CHAZ, etc. (all obvious spook ops) as a distraction from what Israel's doing with Trump's approval.


File: 29678004-8427591-image-m-2….jpg (31.19 KB, 634x436, 317:218, 1592367219115.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Trump has signed an executive order on police reform. With this executive order, there will be a database to track police officers' history. Nonviolent calls will now include social workers and chokeholds will be highly discouraged unless the situation is life-threatening.
Mississippi official Harry Sanders says that black people are dependent on the government and have not assimilated because of that. Responses to this were the typical responses that you would expect.
Gutierrez who was sentenced to death and was supposed to be executed yesterday was not executed because the Supreme Court has halted the execution. The reasoning for this was that Gutierrez's rights were violated because Gutierrez was a Catholic and Texas did not allow assistance from the clergy.
Ferguson Missouri has elected their first black mayor.
Police in a Virginia suburb has captured a 65-pound alligator snapping turtle.
A Wisconsin man walked his dog, drank beer, and waved at cars while wearing a KKK robe.
Americans are the unhappiest they have been in fifty years. This is due to the standard of living stagnating, loneliness, the China virus, etc.


Former Irish ambassador and sibling of John F Kennedy, Jean Kennedy Smith has died.
The officer who shot child-abusing Rayshard Brooks has been charged with a felony and prosecutors are trying to sentence Garrett Rolfe to the death or life in prison.
The prosecutor claims that Brooks “never presented himself as a threat" despite stealing an officer's taser. They also claim that Rolfe kicked Brooks after shooting him.
Trump has weighed in on the Brooks shooting saying that “you can’t resist a police officer” and goes on to say that police are treated unfairly. It also turns out that the police officer had his knee on George Floyd for 7:46, not 8:46. Seattle will not be prosecuting it's (((peaceful protesting))). A college in West Virginia is removing the name of former senator Robert C. Byrd from its health center because Byrd was part of the KKK. Little Rock is removing the police's ability to use neck restraints. Huntington West Virginia city council unanimously voted to make Juneteenth a holiday despite blacks only being 9% of the population. Juneteenth was the day the last slaves in Texas were freed. In Baton Rouge, the effort to remove eliminate police officers’ wide immunity from civil lawsuits for damages for injury or death has failed 9-7. Portland has cut the police budget by 16 million. In Richmond Virginia, a statue of a black tennis star has been vandalized. Juneteenth is a statewide holiday in New York. Detroit's police chief has to go through a 30-day diversity training seminar.
Democrats like Bernie Sanders are bashing Trump for wanting to hold a rally despite cheering on the rioting.
Louie Giglio pastor of a megachurch has had to apologize to Twitter morons for attempting to repackage (((white privilege))) as "white blessing."
The police in Atlanta are walking off the job after being bashed by the people are the media.
240 of Oklahoma's national guard will be providing security for Trump's rally to prevent the coronavirus.
Commie UN chief wants Whites to pay reparation.
Cathy Selby the mayor of Olympia (Washington states capital) has had her house vandalized by fifty protestors after virtue-signaling twelve days prior.


>In Richmond Virginia, a statue of a black tennis star has been vandalized.
Well, there's the first faux-nationalist act in the US. Vandalising statues and monuments is pretty much a trademark of unidentified jews, both on the kosher left and kosher right.
>The police in Atlanta are walking off the job after being bashed by the people are the media.
Are TPTB pushing for a similar black supremacist spook uprising to that of Minneapolis/Seattle to occur in Georgia? It really seems like it, now that the police are leaving like in Minneapolis and Seattle, and Tucker Carlstein among others are emphasising both the CHAZ in Seattle and kosher-right voices in Georgia. It seems like it's the breeding ground for some mini-race war to occur, especially since it's an open carry state, and that both the "Ahmaud Arbery" hoax occurred somewhere in Georgia, and now a similar thing to George Floyd occurred with "Rayshard Brooks". This probably explains why guns are being sold far more than ever, despite a common "alt"-media narrative being that hoax shootings are done to tighten gun control.


The Supreme Court has upheld DACA recipient's legal protection in a 5-4 decision. Despite this Trump still can take their status as legal gimmiegrants.
Romania is banning gender studies courses.
Jenelius Crew has been arrested for shooting eight people in a San Antonio bar no one died. Jenelius sperged out because he was denied entry for being too intoxicated.
Trump is calling for new justices because of Roberts being a cuck and (((Ginsburg))) being sickly.
Adrianna San Marco a student journalist at The Daily Orange has been fired from saying institutional racism is false.


One of the alleged people who was responsible for setting up the fire at the Wendys has been caught. It was a fat girl named Natalie White.
There was a shooting in the CHAZ zone one person died. The actual police had a hard time responding to the situation for obvious reasons.
One of the police officers involved in the George Floyd situation has posted bail.
There was a mannequin of a hanged police officer on a Florida overpass.
The United Nations supports Antifa.
Chicago teen Orlando Perez kills tranny Selena Reyes-Hernandez after finding out Hernandez is transgender.


There was a shooting in Minneapolis 1 person was killed and 10 people were wounded.
NYC museum will be removing (((their))) Theodore Roosevelt statue because he was involved in (((colonialism)))
Statewide newspaper The Tennessean has had an ad about the end of the times. The advertisement claims that Trump will be the final president and a nuclear device will be detonated in Nashville. It also mentions Islam which is unacceptable based on (((their))) hate speech rule.


File: trust bustin'.jpg (219.22 KB, 602x656, 301:328, 1592830505709.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Aww, not Teddy.


teddy knew what to do with the blacks and indians vote for him


California's senate has voted to remove their affirmative action ban 30-10. The people will vote on this in November.
US prisoners somehow got stimulus checks but now the government wants the money back.
The state of Tennessee will keep mail-in voting.
The man who was shot in the CHAZ zone wants to sue the police for not responding fast enough.


Nice try fed.


File: Mississippiflag.png (3.22 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1593317267156.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Biden's campaigned staffed stated that 36% of his senior staffs are nonwhite but did not give the exact number.
West Virginia's governor Jim Justice has revealed a relief package for his state. 625 million will go to people on unemployment, 200 million will go to the local governments across the state, small businesses will receive 150 million, and $100 million would go to “COVID-19 related highway projects.”
L 'Oreal is going to remove the word "whitening" from their skincare products because that word is now racist.
Woodrow Wilson will not be mentioned in Princeton University's public policy because he was pro-segregation. Universite president (((Christopher Eisgruber))) decided to remove traces of Woodrow Wilson because he wants Princeton to be more (((inclusive))) despite Wilson being president of Princeton for almost ten years.
Mississippi will be changing its flag removing the rebel flag part of it.
Kansas State student Jaden Mcneil has been suspended for joking about George Floyd. Mcneil was suspended for a tweet praising Floyd for being drug-free for a month.
Several of the Minneapolis council members have hired security guards after defunding the police. This has cost $63,000 so far and costs $4,500 a day. (((They))) do this because they are getting threats by white nationalists.
There was a shooting at a BLM protested captured live on a Facebook Livestream.
Man who assaulted a Macy's manager unprovoked has been charged.


>L 'Oreal is going to remove the word "whitening" from their skincare products because that word is now racist.
So what are they replacing it with? "Anti-niggering"?
>Several of the Minneapolis council members have hired security guards after defunding the police.
Of course the jews are getting their own security.


Trump is now being accused of sharing "white power" propaganda:
Some people may take this as a surprise or not, judeo-leftists may see this as Trump being a white supremacist, judeo-rightists see this as Trump actually supporting them, and normal people may just see it as more theatre, I more-or-less sympathise with the last position, but there are still sinister things going on with this. Trump of-course isn't a white nationalist, he's a jewish quadroon who has supported legal immigration and has been extremely servile to Israeli world interests, thus I see this as some sort of callback to previous negrophile, spook-connected "white supremacists". George Lincoln Rockwell coined the term "white power" by copying the grammatically wonky negroid chant "black power" and applying it to whites; he wasn't actually pro-white, he was a fed/intel-connected double agent who in-actuality did everything he could do demonise the pro-white cause and look worse than literal hippies. He had ties to both the Nation of Islam (black-supremacist masons/UFO cultists) and CI (Christian identity, an intel-connected "white supremacist" movement drawing from the philosemitic movement British Israelism, the idea that the people of the British isles are really Israelites), two contradictory positions to hold, and at the same time he also had ties to Savitri Devi and "esoteric Hitlerism" founding the "world union of national socialists".


The Golden State killer has finally admitted to his crimes. After two years of silence, Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. has admitted to 161 crimes involving 48 people. DeAngelo also has referred to his alter ego "Jerry" who made him do his crimes.
Leftist want to remove John Wayne's name from a California airport because Wayne was (((racist)))
Troops that are leaving Germany may be going to Poland.
Los Angeles may defund its police.
The lawyer who threw Molotov cocktail is pleading not guilty.
Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas has required masked in his city. After receiving criticism he plays the victim and highlights the more crude critiques.
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed an anti-abortion law that requires someone who wants an abortion to wait 24 hours before having their abortion. The courts can either stop this law or allow it to go into effect this Wednesday.
Arizona has closed its nightclubs, bars, and waterparks again.
Twitch has banned Donald Trump's account temporally for being (((hateful)))


A statue of Stonewall Jackson in Richmond Virginia has been removed.
The LA police's budget has been slashed by 150 million.
BLM will be holding a virtual convention in August.
James Curtis Clanton, 63, a truck driver from Lake Butler, Florida, has been arrested and sentenced to life in prison after forty years after stabbing Helene Pruszynski to death in 1980.
Trump has regretted ever following (((Kushner))) advice on police reform.
Harvard graduate has threatened people over TikTok that people who say "all lives matter" should be stabbed and things like this are 'caucasity'


>Black people have made up more than a quarter of reported virus deaths
i.. you know i wonder why.
>Virtual convention
Where? ROBLOX?


>Twitch bans Trump
Now that is some top cuckery, twitch already showed how compromised their inner workings are, after the huge scandal that followed after one of their members of the (((safety council))) showed what a pretentious bitch she is and flexed on how she was immune to anything on the platform.
>Stonewall J. statue removed
The man is an icon of the US civil war and his name is known quite far overseas aswell, this whole statue-removal madness has to be stopped, pinkos know how to topple things over, but they haven't got the slightest clue on how to build anything.
>Trump has regretted ever following (((Kushner)))
Is Trump finally breaking away from Kushner's chains? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4CSG5EXQbA
I hope so, I will quickscope every single nigger. Since it's BLM then it just has to be a Deathmatch/GunGame server by default.


>i.. you know i wonder why.
The "second wave" is still a hoax.
>Is Trump finally breaking away from Kushner's chains?
"Trump is controlled by Kushner/the deep state" is a shill narrative done to excuse his blatant anti-white/pro-Israeli policies. He's 1/4th jewish, he doesn't need Kushner to serve his jewish masters.


>Leftist want to remove John Wayne's name from a California airport because Wayne was (((racist)))
That'll be the day.
>BLM will be holding a virtual convention in August
Wonder how tight security's going to be, ha. Legitimately interested in how that would work, too, sounds like a cool idea if it was applied to something else. A convention, without the smell. Imagine. Hopefully it's not something retarded like a big Zoom meeting and actually something where individuals can meet up and have their own little things going on.
The CHAZ is gone btw, they finally got busted up by armed cops on the 1st. Goodbye, you sweet sweet stillborn nation of lolcowism.


Happy Fourth of July Anons!
Dawit Kelete, a 27-year-old black male of Seattle while attempting to reach the interstate ran over two protestors, Summer Taylor and Diaz Love on video. Summer Taylor is in critical condition and Diaz Love is in serious condition. Dawit was stopped by another protestor who pulled his car in front of the white jaguar.
A Columbus statue near Little Italy in Baltimore was toppled because Columbus was responsible for (((genocide))). The statue was thrown into the nearby harbor.
Disney has suspended it's college internship because of the coronavirus.
Death role inmate Scott Erskine has died of the coronavirus. Scott had abducted and murdered Jonathan Sellers and Charlie Keever who were aged 13 and 9.
Joe Biden is apparently gay for himself.
The Little Mermaid statue in Denmark was vandelized and called a "racist fish."
Ted Cruz is writing a law that will hold city officials accountable for what the "peaceful protestors" do.


The media is smearing Trump for his (((racist))) rhetoric.
Richmond Virginia has removed the statue of J.E.B. (James Ewell Brown) Straut who was a cavalry commander in Robert E Lee's army.
Trump is putting pressure on states to reopen the schools and the usual (((suspects))) are coming out of the woodwork to bash Trump.
Trump is threatening to cut federal funding if the states do not open the school arguing that the schools can be opened seeing as Germany, Denmark and Norway have done it with no issues.
Cory Booker has won the Democratic Senate primary in New Jersey.
The Supreme Court has upheld in a 7-2 decision that the businesses have the right to deny free birth control for religious or moral reasons.
BLM (((activist))) Viet Tran has been accused of stealing police documents in Des Moines Iowa.
A half white half black guy has been charged with murder in SAVANNAH Georgia. His defense that he was defending himself from racist attackers and also claims that he is being treated worse for being black. Also, I have a question, why is that the media capitalizes every race except Whites? I am unaware of all this and probably have made that mistake unintentionally.


sad that they have to keep removing statues


A Kentucky man has been sentenced to 10 years for threatening shoot up his high school.
Memphis and Chattanooga Tennessee has declared (((racism))) as a public health crisis.
The Supreme Court has ruled in a 5-4 decision that a significant amount of eastern Oklahoma is Creek Indian reservation. This means that if you are an Indian in this area and you commit a significant crime you will be prosecuted by the federal government and less significant crimes will be prosecuted by the tribal courts.


Two police officers (Edelmiro Garza, 45, and Ismael Chavez, 39) were killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call. Audon Ignacio Camarillo the gunman fatally shot himself after killing the two officers.
There is a possibility that black people will kill themselves more because of (((racism))). It is also worth pointing out that suicide attempts among black people have risen by 73% between 1991 and 2017 according to Pediatrics.
The couple that defended their mansion in St Louis with guns has had their house searched by the police.
The 9-year-old girl who was shot by (((BLM))) is expected to survive.
New transcripts of the George Floyd death has revealed that Floyd was suffering physically prior to being touched Chauvin.
Elaine Duke, former secretary of homeland security has revealed that Trump talked about selling Puerto Rico back in 2017.


>Keyona Carson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her son Javonni Carson was filming TikTok videos in East Atlanta when someone drove by and fired into a crowd, injuring Javonni and two adults. She said Javonni was shot four times in his left leg and his father rushed him to a hospital.
>was filming TikTok videos
Based BLM


Why into the entire crowd, though?
Or mabye...


Could it have been staged?


Larry Hogan the Governor of Maryland is claiming that the GOP needs to be more (((inclusive))) after Trump.
Seventeen sailors and four civilians have suffered non-life-threatening injuries after an explosion and fire at the Naval Base San Diego. The explosion is thought to be caused by a change in air pressure and the fire's cause is unknown but it is known that is was located in the cargo area and it was a standard fire fueled by paper, cloth, rags, etc.
A dead has received a voter registration application in the mail.
Brenton Tarrant will be representing himself in the future court proceedings.


71,000 people overdosed and died on opioids in 2019. Fentanyl is responsible for 36,000 deaths.
A hacker hacked Biden's, Obama's, and other twitter accounts and made a tweet asking for bitcoins.
Nick Cannon apologizes to the jews for (((anti-semitic))) statements but did not apologize to White people for similar statements.
Walmart will require customers to wear a mask starting July 20.
Trump has promised to protect the Missouri couple that defended their home from (((protestors))).


The BLM mural in NYC was defaced for the 3rd time.
A woman in New Mexico was seriously injured by a bear. The bear was killed by the husband shortly after the attack.
Austin Tong a student at Fordham University has been placed on probation for memorizing the Tiananmen Square massacre.


Portland is doubling down on (((protesting))) despite federal police being deployed.
(((Richard Levine))) the transgender health secretary of Pennsylvania has been mocked for being transgender. There was a guy in a dunk tank dressed up as (((Levine))). Paul Abel has resigned because of (((Levine))). A Pittsburgh radio host also had repeatedly called Richard "sir".
There was a shooting at a Chicago funeral home 14 people were injured.
(((Maxwell))) has requested a gag order in her trial.
A Long Island man tried to fake his death in order to avoid jail for stealing a Lexus and a truck. Robert Berger was caught because he spelled "registry" incorrectly.
Arizona and New Mexico have given 65 acres of land to the army to construct the wall.
Trump has signed a memorandum seeking to exclude illegal immigrants from the congressional redistricting.
High school social studies teacher and varsity basketball coach Justin Kucera has been for fired for tweeting "I'm done being silent. DonaldTrump is our president."


Biden has labeled Trump as the first (((racist))) president and has accused Trump of using wedge issues to help raise support.
Oregan is trying to restrain federal agents from restoring order.
Clinton Louisana has voted 5-3 to not remove their confederate statue.
James Neal who was charged with strangling Linda O’Keefe in 1973 has died.
Chicago representative has accused Trump of wanting to instigate a race war.


Judge (((Hallerstein))) has released Micheal (((Cohen))) from prisons because the previous rulings were "retaliatory".
Chicago BLM is suing the feds for trying to stop their riots.
A Georgia man (Dennis Perry) has been granted a bond from prison after a new DNA test of the murder of Harold and Thelma Swain found different DNA from Perry's DNA. The case is currently being investigated.


Women are crying about being called names.
A person was shot and killed at a BLM rally in Austin Texas. No other details are known at this moment.
Trump has signed an executive order that will make prescription drug prices fall.
The Reagan Foundation has asked Trump to stop using Ronald's likeness on a coin.
(((Protestors))) in Louisville has accidentally shot themselves.


Lezmond Mitchell, a Navajo Indian execution has been set for late August. The federal government will be executing Mitchell for carjacking Alyce Slim and her granddaughter and then stabbing Alyce to death and slitting the granddaughter's throat and then mutilating both dead bodies.
A train in Phoenix that was filled with a flammable object was derailed and it caught on fire.
The tropical storm Isaias is forming in the Atlantic ocean and is set to hit Puerto Rico, Vieques, Culebra, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and other islands.
Arkansaw will erect a statue of Daisy Bates a black civil rights leader.
Energy consumption is at its lowest in thirty years.


Stacey Abrams is preemptively accusing the Republican of voter suppression due to the inefficient infrastructure. It is funny how the Left is pushing mail-in ballots.
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg is undergoing procedures to treat cancer.
Neil Young is suing Trump for the usage of his song "Keep on Rocking in the Free World"
An Arizona gun shop owner wore a 'Communist News Network' hat for a CNN interview.
Minneapolis mayor Jacob (((Frey))) is placing the blame on governor Walz for the riot saying he did not call the national guard.


>mail-in ballot
so voters don't even need to leave their couches. The easier the democracy, the stronger the television. Disgusting.


In a preliminary vote, the Seattle city council has voted unanimously to reduce the police force by 100 officers. The final vote will occur next week.
Prosecutors have filed first-degree murder charges against Marcel Levon Long for killing Lorenzo Anderson in CHAZ. Two other murders that occurred in CHAZ are currently being investigated.
It has been 75 years since the US has dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
Trump has raised more money in July than Biden has.
According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, 8 in 10 Democrats and 5 in 10 Republicans do not support election delays.
Senator Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders are proposing legislation that will prevent the collection of biometric data without consent by private companies.
Trump is proposing to hold a debate in early September due to voters receiving mail-in ballots as soon as September 4.


The BBC has hired 800 agents to make sure over-75s pay there TV license.
Britain demands France stop sending immigrants over
Serco secures £4 billion pound deal with government to house asylum seekers in a 4 star hotel


Two years ago an aussie who worked for BP got fired for mocking the company with a Downfall parody. He recently won his legal battle and received $20,000 in reparations from BP.


Jobless claims have declined from 1.2 million to 963 thousand.
Convicted pedophiles in Alabama will be chemically castrated.
Trump will be holding his acceptance speech for the Republican nominee on the White House lawn.
Cannon Hinnant, a five-year-old white kid has been shot execution-style and killed by his black neighbor Darius Sessoms.


Trump has received an endorsement from NYC's police union.
Minneapolis will keep the 100 empty police positions vacant over the next year.
The postal union National Association of Letter Carriers has endorsed Biden.
Pence will be delivering his speech from historic Fort McHenry in Maryland. Meanwhile, the Democrats will have performances from John Legend, Common, Billie Eilish, and the Chicks - formerly the Dixie Chicks.


Yet another "conservative" is backing Joe Biden.
Victims of the Golden State Killer has testified against Deangelo (the killer) recently.
The “Spirit of The Confederacy,” statue that was removed has been relocated to the Houston Museum of African American Culture.
Navajo man has asked the Supreme Court to reschedule his execution to ask for another trial from the lower court. Lezmond Mitchell is attempting to escape the death penalty by claiming there was racial bias in his case.
A terrorist involved in the 9/11 attacks has been released from custody appeals are pursued.
Photo evidence of Bill Clinton being neck massaged by a (((Epstein))) victim has been found. Chauntae Davies when asked about this said there was no foul play involving Clinton and also stated that Clinton was a "perfect gentleman."
Joe Biden has been officially nominated as the Democratic candidate.


File: 1430327755-8490.jpg (139.95 KB, 620x395, 124:79, 1597923384920.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

What do you guys think of the latest situation in Belarus? Is it gonna go down like Gaddafi's Libya or Saddam's Iraq?
What saddens me is that the EU had a great chance to improve it's relations with Belarus but the autistic sanctions and interventionism are pushing the country to pursue closer ties with Russia again.


The Justice Department is seeking to resentence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the Boston Bomber) to death.
There have only been 500 rioters arrested in Portland since May 29.
Lori Lightfoot, the Chicago mayor has added extra security to her home (not to area where riots occurred) after riots.
The George Floyd mural in Minneapolis has been covered with black paint by an unknown vandal.
The Biden campaign spent 59.7 Million USD in July and currently has 98.8 million.
There has been a drop in cases in Uh woo flu cases in the Southern states.
Trump is putting pressure on Pennsylvania's governor to reopen the state. This is important because Pennsylvania was a key state that helped Trump win in 2016.
Michigan will be paying a huge amount of money to the victims of the Flint water crisis.


>The Justice Department is seeking to resentence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the Boston Bomber) to death.
Are they trying to find a way to reintroduce that psyop now?


Trump is being sued by WeChat users over his executive order that would ban the app. It is being claimed that it is violating the first amendment and that this is (((racist))) against Chinese Americans.
Portland has finally stopped rioting for at least one night.
The Left is unsurprisingly protesting the GOP convention.
There was a boat explosion that resulted in 2 deaths and 2 people are missing. The explosion occurred after the boat hit a submerged pipeline.
A statue of Rockstar Chris Cornell was vandalized.
WW2 veterans will meet at Pearl Harbor to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Japan's surrender.
Arizona in November will vote to fund education and legalize weed. People who earn $250,000+ and households who earn $500,000+ will be taxed to fund this.
BLM in Chicago claims they are simply taking back Chicago because whitie bad.
Antifa is being banned from Facebook.
The whole situation, to be honest, seems fishy. I am not familiar with the full history of this but it seems weird.


The option to use convalescent plasma to treat the coronavirus has been authorized.
There was a shooting in a Lexington mall. It has killed one person and the two others were injured.
A Wisconsin woman has accidentally set herself on fire while (((peacefully protesting))). She was rioting because there was a shooting involving a cop and a black man who didn't die.
14 rioters in Portland have been arrested today.
Biden wants the lockdowns to continue into his presidency.


Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old has been arrested for defending himself against people who were attacking him with various weapons.
Lezmond Mitchell has been executed for killing a 9-year-old and her grandmother.
Vermin Supreme is running for the Senate in Massachusetts.
It has been revealed that Jacob Blake had a knife during the time of the shooting.


Walmart has launched an alternative to Amazon Prime called Walmart+.
There is a legal battle regarding a potential law that will ban abortions after the heart starts beating.
Donald Trump has spoken in defense of Kyle Rittenhouse. Trump will also visit Kenosha tomorrow.


Joe Kennedy has lost the primary for the Senate to Ed Markey.
Rioters who have been arrested for violating curfew are suing Kenosha because they believe the arrests are violating the first amendment.
Trump has promised Kenosha 42 million dollars for public safety and law enforcement. An additional $4 million was pledged to small businesses and $1 million was allocated to law enforcement.


Cool. I hope it gets worse over there. I hope the government is overthrown and Russia uses it as an excuse to invade Ukraine style. That might be a little optimistic though.


File: pHUC.jpg (74.79 KB, 634x725, 634:725, 1599195633638.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Biden has claimed that Black people are stopping racism by rioting. Biden has also criticized Trump for condemning (((peaceful protestors))).
BLM and the usual suspects are criticizing the use of spit hoods following the death of Daniel Prude. The spit hood was used because Prude was spitting on the police claiming he had the coronavirus.
Rapper Silento has been charged for attacking two people with a hatchet.
Jobless claims have fallen to 881,000
The Antifa member who killed a Trump supporter has been killed by the police.
The University of Massachusetts-Lowell Dean of Nursing Leslie Neal-Boylan has been fired for saying "EVERYONE'S LIFE MATTERS."
A math professor has been suspended for asking a Vietnamese student named Phuc Bui to anglicize her name. Pic related to the conversation.
Trump challenging the competence of the post office encouraged his supporters to vote twice (once by mail and once in person).


This whole thread is nothing but kosher conservative, pro-Trump blather. Now even months old articles are being dredged up by this jew >>1757 who even capitalizes the word black.


What a quality post we have here. if you actually have something to contribute to this thread instead of rabble-rousing to absolutly no one, please do. other then that no one gives a flying fuck.


>Shilling is absolutely okay goyim and anyone who points out obvious shill posts is a hateful anti-semite who needs to be exterminated!


If you have specific points you disagree with, debate them, that's what this thread and /pol/ here in general is for, instead of calling everyone you don't like a "jew".


But >>1758 already made valid specific points. Stop evading.


Your still not using this thread to discuss news which is the point of this threads existance.


Elaborate, please. At what specific point did I come off as a neoconservative?


Okay, shmuel.
>Biden has claimed that Black people are stopping racism by rioting.
Capitalizing black like that poster noted (I'm not him, I lurk here daily).
>A math professor has been suspended for asking a Vietnamese student named Phuc Bui to anglicize her name. Pic related to the conversation.
Three-month old story, already covered to death and back on 4chan.

And it's not just you, it's the posters above (assuming it's not you) posting Trump-safe links and standard neocohen Biden-bashing (Biden is meant to come off as a senile idiot so all of the links above are just engaging in the crafted boilerplate right paradigm).
Also this is all legitimizing "the news" as being real rather than investigating it for any signs of fakery like the latest NLM "death."


>"Guy's i'm not him"
Well you have the same id.


Wait no, i was mistaken.


>Capitalizing black
I capitalize when I name the White race too. While I am not perfect with doing this I am concerned about the media not capitalizing on the White race. I capitalize black out of habit I don't know why you think this is a conspiracy.
>A math professor has been suspended for asking a Vietnamese student named Phuc Bui to anglicize her name. Pic related to the conversation.
I probably made a mistake there but I don't understand how that makes me a Zionist. I don't go on 4chan.
>Trump-safe links
I am pro-Trump I don't understand what is wrong with that. I do not like his zionist policies however overall I like him. Kushner is a detriment to the administration and has been subverting the administration. If I had the power to kick him out of the administration I would.
>legitimizing "the news"
Why are you rabble-rousing then?


Fuck niggers.
White power.
Am I part of the approved non-jews now? Or am I classified as a cia spook for being too blatant


>I capitalize black out of habit
No one did this (outside of jews, judeoleftists, and niggers) until this June when the (((Associated Press))) mandated it as the correct way. Supposed conservatives were even less likely to do it.

You're a zogbot normalizing nigger worship on "right-wing" platforms.


This openly pro-trump neocon (who says there's nothing wrong with being pro-trump) also doesn't know when to use periods. ESL Israeli?


I love it how this is a news thread while people are arguing over someone using a capital b in "black".


That is retarded. I go against these groups by capitalizing on White. Nice, you are trying to discredit me as a Jew does.
How does supporting Trump automatically make me a zionist? I even said I don't like his pro-Israel policy but you gloss over that conveniently.


Do you also shill on reddit? Because you write like you're from there.


And you capitalize jew. Trump is an open zionist, therefore supporting trump makes you a zionist.

But whatever, it's clear that you're not here for honest dialog, so I won't entertain you anymore. Go ahead and have the last word, you or one of your associates, then you can go back to shilling on reddit or some disqus comment section.


Fucking what? how does reddit even relate to this conversation? are you admiting to actually posting there?


How does capitalization denote that I am a zionist? I was unaware of that idea before it was brought up in this thread but still, I am the same as a cuckservative. Again you are discrediting me as a jew would. I also hate that Trump is a zionist I disavow that. I like Trump for his other policies but you at least say that I like 100% of what Trump does because I overall support him. That is ridiculous.


>Do you also shill on reddit?
> then you can go back to shilling on reddit or some disqus comment section
he says while using plebbit spacing.


Yet you still defend all of Trump's other obvious neocon/menshivik policies. HM....


Where do you get from that?


File: Screenshot_2020-09-05-04-3….jpg (149.26 KB, 720x620, 36:31, 1599240416534.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Just thought I'd make this apparent lol


What does that sentence even mean?
But "black" isn't a proper noun.


How did you get that impression of me? Also, you sure like nitpicking other anons.


Trump has called the anti-racism training sessions “divisive, anti-American propaganda.” This is more accurately anti-White but there is a limit on what can be said these days.
Detriot police have been banned from tear gas, rubber bullets, batons, shields, chokeholds, etc.
Serbia will move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. EWW
Here is some footage of BLM climbing on people's homes.
It turns out the obvious is true. The coronavirus lockdowns are harmful.



>This whole thread is nothing but kosher conservative, pro-Trump blather
Yeah, pretty much. But I guess this is /pol/ so it's fair for it to live here


File: this one.jpg (44.8 KB, 974x468, 487:234, 1599493539041.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Maria Kolesnikova, one of the self-declared opposition leaders in Belarus, has been kidnapped this morning. Hard to say whether it's good old Lukashenko's work or, perhaps, even a false-flag being done by Kolesnikova herself to gain support against the current government.
Al Jazeera- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEO3ZujtyDI
dw news - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUullUlhbXQ


How much power does Kolesnikova have? I know she has a lot of people protesting but does she has some sort of financial backing? If it was Lukashenko do you think there will be some sort of trial?


Well she looks like the type that is rich, no clue about the reality though. One thing is that the main leader Tikhanovskaya openly condemned some of Kolesnikova's political ideas, so there's somewhat of a split on the opposition.
If it really was Luka then I don't really expect a trial, rather her being thrown in prison "until further notice".


It will be very interesting to see what Belarus does with her. Belarus still has the death penalty so there is a chance they are silently killing her as we speak. If they go through with killing her the fallout will be quite big. Is there any information about Kolesnikova's husband since this protest has started?


Luka ain't that dumb, he's been the president for about 25 years, he knows that killing main political figures will fuck his shit over, that's why all of them usually just get thrown in prison/extradited. Also I haven't heard of Tikhanovskaya's husband since that was the one who got imprisoned.


That makes sense. I was not sure what was the viable course of action for Luka. How have the (((protests))) been today?


I think yesterday some 30 students got arrested for protesting but most of them have been released today.


I bet they are making a big stink about that. Also, Maria Kolesnikova has the stupid lesbian or woke short hairstyle that gets on my nerve


Lmao so it turns out the bitch tried to escape but got detained at the Belarus-Ukraine border. I knew it was a false flag lel
Other news sites fabricated (imo) that she's some sort of freedom-fighter and that she "ripped up her passport" to prevent expulsion. If it was Luka's orders you know damn sure that the border guards would have kicked her out but obviously it wasn't.
She tried to pull the same shit as Tikhanovskaya who managed to run away to Lithuania.


The police officers who were involved in the death of Daniel Prude have retired.
(((Zuckerberg))) does not want a candidate to declare victory (in the presidential election) prematurely. This seems very screwy and subversive to say the least.
There was a boat parade for Trump over the weekend.


Bahrain and Israel have normalized ties.
Prosecutors of the police involved in the George Floyd case want all four officers to face trial together.
No cameras are allowed at the trial of the police officers mentioned in the previous article.
A black man in West Memphis has received a 835 year sentence for killing a cop in 2018.
Granville Ritchie has been sentenced to death for raping and murdering a 9-year-old girl in 2014.
The US, Kosovo, and Serbia have been nominated for a (((Nobel Peace Prize))) for their loyalty to Israel.
It is being claimed that Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot by the police while he was eating candy.


File: 1180.jpeg (166.05 KB, 1166x1180, 583:590, 1599971994302.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Spartacus an 18-kilogram African serval cat has been found safe after spending several days in the wild.
The “At Ready” statue in Charlottesville has been taken down. It is also interesting how the media likes to mention the Charlottesville protest any chance they get. It is clear that the media is anti-white.
Renee Walters and Ashley Scott two black women have founded a Black only town called Freedom Georgia. What could go wrong?


File: 9k=.jpg (9.2 KB, 204x247, 204:247, 1599972267540.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Spartacus found safe
Finally some good news!


Thats a fat cat right there, I suspect that's why he couldn't run off too far.


Rochester Police Chief Le’Ron Singletary has been forced to resign following the death of Daniel Prude.
Biden is assembling a legal team for potential legal challenges.
Trump is now able to end protections for gimmiegrants from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Sudan.
Wisconsin representatives Dave Steffen and John Macco want to allow DACA recipients to become police officers.
Trump wants the person who shot two LAPD officers to receive the death penalty.



File: 2020.09.30-02.505f73f2743a….jpg (69.5 KB, 763x600, 763:600, 1601443879208.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Disney has laid off 28,000 people at its theme parks.
NYC will now be issuing fines to Orthodox jews if (((they))) do not wear masks.
A Wisconsin judge has decided to uphold the absentee ballot extension.
If you did not watch the debate here is a good representation of what occurred. Pic related




Milwaukee police released tear gas on 28 people. This surprises me based on the last few months.
A farm display showing support for Biden has gone up in flames.
Trump conditions allow him to not transmit the coronavirus according to his doctor
Trump has lost a lolsuit in Pennsylvania that would prevent the left from cheating in the election.


Both candidates have focused on swing states lately. While Biden is in Florida talking to the old folks, Trump attacking Pennsylvania. https://apnews.com/5e530a5b01ae8ebc732c6f33bee26943
The Supreme Court has ruled that Trump can end the 2020 census field operations. This is very good because fewer illegal gimmiegrants will be counted if any. https://apnews.com/c6cb554611d328b423ac508e5008f9cd
Mitch McConnell wants to attempt to pass the second Corona relief next week. https://apnews.com/2792bb719760dea82f977d22f3b3d332
Joseph Oberhansley was found guilty of killing and eating his girlfriend and was sentenced to life without parole. He tried to claim that two black men did his crime.
The Palestinian leader does not want Trump to win. https://apnews.com/6d520789cb2d06a5beef36d68bff4a57


The false flag Michigan kidnapping conspiracy's case will continue tomorrow and the prosecutors will attempt to find who is the ringleader. (((They))) also claim that these people would have also gone after Northam too. https://apnews.com/4c52a7fbcd4e3eba18a8d0c94f285c76
To remain relevant the #MeToo movement will be focusing on black "victims". https://apnews.com/72e676703031b02a862d070380ab39ee
The NYC jew conflict is still happening. https://apnews.com/aaa94a5e496896c545a630c6ebf423c2
A Memphis man was shot by a 3-year-old girl due to another man's stupidity. https://apnews.com/24894ba817be284525f731604aab1363
Youtube is also censoring QAnon https://apnews.com/ef03a889e68239de6692ce42666d97d8
According to a Cambridge study, 1 in 8 people thinks the Coronavirus is fake. https://www.wnd.com/2020/10/survey-1-8-believe-coronavirus-hoax-usher-forced-vaccinations/


Here are the debate topics if it happens.
There was an explosion in a Virginia strip mall. The cause is unknown. 3 were sent to the hospital and 2 had minor injuries treated on the spot.
7 people were shot in Mesa, Arizona. No one has died yet thankfully. https://apnews.com/article/mesa-shootings-phoenix-92429d5e6edba5a8967f51177797664a
Eels were dumped in the middle of an NYC park. https://apnews.com/article/nyc-eels-park-big-pile-new-york-9454b2d01a7eb4ff41d386dce358e9a5



The recent event involving the election coverage has been extremely frustrating. It has been a complete farce, obviously. But my main issue is continuing to report the news with sources that lately have been complete liars. It feels like I need to change my sources. Would you suggest that? I could also dispute what the media is lying about on the day I am reporting. Would that be worthwhile? I need some suggestions before moving forward anons.


There's a couple newsplaces you could try. NTD news on youtube has a better approach on the current elections, Al Jazeera covers the middle east and jewish shennanigans quite well, but I wouldn't go to them for reports on the USA, their stance on (((China))) also is a bit wonky at times. Funnily enough australian Sky News do some quite based reports on many topics, including affairs in the USA. I've heard good things about Newsmax, but I can't confirm it.


Revolver news is also an option. It is very right-wing, though. Revolver has a lot of articles and tweets of varying quality. What do you think of Revolver anon?


The Red Elephant is also an option. I haven't looked into the site, but it reported on the South Africa Esque Cory Booker proposal which is important to know.


File: Eo0y6geXYAQXlX7.png (187.75 KB, 680x454, 340:227, 1607563874478.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Currently 17 states are suing swing states. Texas and others are arguing that rules in several of them were fraudful and obviously aiding Biden.
In pic related red states are suing the blue states.
Here is a article about this and the document itself.


>Currently 17 states are suing swing states.
I doubt that this will succeed, desu.


It sounds like Texas does not want to be ruined by illegal gimmiegrants.
It will be a testament to the corruption in the United States if you are right.


It is also unconfirmed but Arizona is in on the lawsuit as well making 18 states if true.


How does everyone feel about the recent news of the capitol hill protest, and the social media banning of trump?


I am surprised the that the right did anything remotely violent. I guess the Right is finally realizing that the GOP doesn't represent them and the "Conservatives" they have in office are bought and paid for. It is also great to hear right wingers be more realistic about the cops. I am glad the people on right found their balls for a moment in time. Perhaps we could primary every incumbent in the Republican party. The b& of Trump was predictable because the left and cuckservatives do not want any dissention. I wonder what will happen with Twitter tho, Twitter only seemed really popular because of Trump.


Just to elaborate on the social media ban they want to be able to frame the narrative on how they want. They simply want to lie about Trump and act like Trump endorsed Storming the Capital when he told the protestors to come home. If Trump has no platform to elaborate a lot of normies won't hear and will only have information from the MSM. The MSM wants to write the history books on Trump so there never is any resistance similar to him.


the fuck is this?
why would you brag about doing this? oh, also the my pillow guy did a documentery thingy thats keeps getting scrubbed from the internets, best to save yourself a copy. https://michaeljlindell.com/


Why wouldn't you do it for the lols if you know you can get away. The whole system is rigged. Who will hold the system accountable? The system?
>mike lindell
Is his documentary about the election?


Yeah, proof of china influence on the voting systems and discussions with professionals in the military, and cyber security.


Weird things are going on regarding the police officer who supposedly died on January 6.


The governor of Bavaria Söder wants another lockdown. Söder is posturing to become chancellor of Germany in the upcoming election.


Maria de Valle Gonzalez Lopez who lobbied Argentina to legalized abortions died after getting an abortion.

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