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Report on what's new in your country and discuss news on other people's countries! And make sure to post sauce aswell!
And let's begin with news from Latvia:
In the past year there have been registered 400'000 attempts to access cheese pizza related content in Latvia.
Gambling sites are now banned in the capital, excluding casinos in 4 and 5 star hotels. (Pretty much just like uncle Adolf did in the 30s)
Wagecuck teachers are threatening to go on a strike because of low wages (these fuckers do this like twice a year).

>inb4 what kind of nigger language are these news in?

For all foreign news: Post sauce, and be sure to write a tl;dr in english.
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Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian (((President))) has been released. The Biden part of this was a minor part of the call and it was mostly just typical conversation between the USA and countries the USA is in talk with.
There is a 1st stage trade agreement with Japan.
Home sales have gone up by 7.1% in August
Mcdonald's is now using (((Alexa))) and (((Google))) to hire.
Here is the Democratic polls


>Mcdonald's is now using Alexa and Google to hire
I do not like where this going.


Thank you for reporting real news >>442


i've heard of Biden, but who the fuck is "Warren" and why is he so popular now?


Politician elizabith warren.
Clamed she was 15 percent indian.
Trump jokingly called fake indian.
Dna test results :1/1200s percent indian.
What makes matters worse is that she used the fact that she is indian to get out of trouble.


Why is that the case? Spying?
Warren is basically H. Clinton lite, but without the extensive scandals except claiming to be American Indian. Her mannerisms are like an annoying literature teacher who yells at you for not perfectly siting your sources.
Messages like this motivate me to do more.


Partially. Mostly just the continued growth of the botnet. Megacorps cooperating like this is never a good sign. And this is one step closer to some nightmare scenario where you have to be "hooked in" or else you can't get a job/be part of society.


Sort of like serial experiments lain or minority report.


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The ADL has added the 'OK' hand gesture and the 'Bowlcut' to their list of (((White Supremacy))) symbols. There are thirty four other entries in recent addition.
(((Feinstein))) want a 'word for word' transcript of the Trump's conversation with the Ukrainian (((president))).
The Kremlin doesn't want Trump to release his (((call))) with Trump.
The 2020 Democratic Shills will not condemn for the Ukrainian scandal.
Warren is now leading in Quinnipiac University poll.
Here is the poll for the Leftist primary.


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A homeless man has killed four other homeless people and injured another hobo. In a later article about it the attacker Randy Rodriguez Santos has been revealed to have a long criminal record.
(((Bernie Sanders))) had a heart attack but will still participate in the next debate.
Cuckservative Mitt Romney, continues to be anti drumpf.
851,000 (((Undocumented))) migrants have been arrested this year. 40,000 of these migrants were taken into custody in September.
Even the Democrats are questioning if they can beat Trump in the 2020 election.


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There is a second (((whistle blower))) about the Trump-Ukraine situation. This is very suspicious.
Greta (((Thunberg))) will visit the Dakotas Indian reservations.
The 'Joker' movie has cracked 234 Million globally despite the media reeeeing about it.
Biden is taunting Trump.


So, what's the whole joker movie situation?


media won't stop talking about how TERRIBLE it would be if an INCEL SHOT UP the JOKER MOVIE. They're click hungry, trying to provoke an event. Fortunately, the strong chad gamers are too smart and literally nothing has happened.


So its like that fox news story that made the whole hackers on seroids meme.


The White house refuses to participate in the impeachment inquiry without evidence.
Greta (((Thunberg))) visited the Indian reservation and did more (((activism)))
Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camp (((survivor))) is suing an insurance (from the Nazi era) that they never received benefits for.
Bernie (((Sanders))) is slowing down his campaign after suffering a heart attack.
Elizabeth Warren is beating Biden in 4 out of the 5 recent polls.


Aparently 8chan is gonna come back, and renaming itself to "8kun"



The question is, will it really be the same? The shutdown got a lot of press, and the return seems to be kicking up a lot of dust too. I bet you anything it's going to be filled with boomers, newfags, and who knows what else.


I think you'r right.
I also think the original "8channers" moved on and spred out elsewere and found better, comfyer places to stay.
Does anyone knows what happend to qanon?


From 8chan "chan = child"
To 8kun "kun = teenager"


I heard the boards are gonna be ruled by mods just like on 4chan and that Qanon is gonna have a focus to him. That's just gossip though


chan=casual for a female child
kun=casual for all males


As far as i know, and the boards will be moderated still by whoever owns that specific board.
But I wouldn't be surprised if there's higher-up mods who keep their eyes on the lower ranking mods.


8kun is transgender???




Holy heck, encyclopedia dramatica's back! The site crashed, and no one backed it up. That's why it was gone for a month!


huh, ED is still down for me, boss. Or did they change the domain or somethin?


Almost all of the newer articles are gone. And the one about 22chan hasn't been updated in months.



I want to mention the fact that im a faggot who phonefags because: no fuckin computer. Lookup encyclopedia dramatica and see if the not moble version is avalible.


yeah, it works.
they changed the .rs to .se


Heck yeah man, the boys are back in town! Regulators mount up bitches!
Breaking news lol.


>Almost all of the newer articles are gone
And so nothing of value was lost
>the one about 22chan hasn't been updated in months.
http://web.archive.org/web/20190818191657/encyclopediadramatica.rs/22chan thank god for the wayback machine


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Matt Lauer has been accused of rape.
Commiefornia has shut off power in specific spots to prevent future fires.
Beta O’Rourke is holding a counter-rally to a Trump event in Texas.
Speaking of Beta, he is not qualifying for the November debate yet.
Bernie (((Sanders))) is taking back what he said about slowing his campaign.
Mike Pence will release transcripts of his call with Ukrainian president (((Zelenskiy))).
The Adult Diaper League and the media are fear-mongering over (((antisemitism)))


Here is some news from the United States
The Kurds have joined the Soviets' side after the United States has withdrawn its troops.
More nonsense with the Ukraine Trump situation.
Lithuanian judge involved in a pedophilia case will be extradited.
(((Hispanics))) who have voting eligibility has gone up by 20%.


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Chicago teachers are striking over not having enough (((resources)))
Speaking of Chicago, one of their top cops was found lying down.
Georgia death row inmate may be resentenced.
As soon as news about the temporary ceasefire with the Turks and the Kurds people like Mitt Romney and other cucks come out of the woodwork to whine.
San Diego woman gives up all 300 of her rats.
In a hypothetical poll Trump has lead in Iowa over Warren and Biden.
Here is the current leftist polls.



>mobile wikipedia


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Over Two Million people in Northern California have evacuated their home because there was a wildfire nearby.
NBC has had a scandal involving (((Weinstein))) and (((Lauer))). Evidently NBC has paid a massive severance to the whamens (((Weinstein))) and (((Lauer))) harassed so these whamens would be silent.
North Korea as usual is running out of patience for the West
The three GOP challengers to Trump appeared at Politicon a convention in Nashville.
A homeless man who set fire to a synagogue has been sentenced to three months and 192 hours of community service
Brother of Sandy Hook victim has called out Biden for claiming he met every family of the victims.
Beta O'Rourke wants the gunmakers to fund the gun buyback.
Porn star who has tried to become a MMA fighter has been TKO'd in the first round of her first fight.
The middle east is unstable as always.


File: jfjfjjdjjggj.PNG (27.17 KB, 301x320, 301:320, 1572317053849.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

There is still a few missions in Syria after killing al-Baghdadi
250 Facebook signed a letter urging Mark (((Zuckerberg))) to not allow politicians to lie in their advertisement.
Alleged shooter in Greenville Texas was taken into custody.
2020 (((Democratic))) candidates are looking for anything but Trump to praise for al Baghdadi's death.
F for Argentina
According to YouGov millennias are most likely to support soycalism.


>YouGov millennias are most likely to support soycalism.
And there is nothing we could do about it.


Biden was denied communion from a South Carolina Catholic Church.
A school district in Texas will teaching their kids about anal.
The internet is evidently illegal in West Banks, West Virginia.


"Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex"
What the hell is next?
This news story really makes me angry.
Not even religous.
But i really hate where the world is going.
The bible got a good chunk of things right. Why do people have to be obsessed with porn? How can we fix a world that is already broken?


There is two things you could do.
1. Petition the school to school to not follow through with teaching this.
2. Grow a community of like-minded people that will become a no go zone for stuff like this.


File: week1.PNG (29.85 KB, 306x326, 153:163, 1572738079825.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Airbnb is banning parties at rented properties after a shooting in Commiefornia.
The Iranian student leader who was involved in the US embassy takeover has express regret for what he did.
A North Carolina teacher has been accused of segregating students based on their political beliefs.
Jewgle has purchased the Fitbit brand.
A federal judge has blocked Trump's health insurance rule for illegal aliens.
South Dakota will execute Charles Rhines twenty-two years after stabbing his coworker to death.
Mouth cancer has reached record highs and people are blaming oral sex.
Jeff Bezo will pay 7 Billion dollars under Elizabeth Warren's medicare for all plans.
Hillary Clinton laughs at (((conspiracy theories))) about Epstein.


Warren Buffet's first wife had mouth cancer...


Being a having degenerate leads to cancer?
t h e m o r e y o u k n o w



Why the media wont talk about this?


Or, for the matter, have acurate science about this


File: bj receiving champ.jpg (31.4 KB, 416x416, 1:1, 1572747636500.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

You KNOW this fucko has seen some crazy blowies in his time.


Mcdonald's CEO has been removed after having an affair with one of his employees.

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