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Her website hasn't been updated in over a year at this point because she was in poor health for a long time. I supported her for a long time because she is the proper /pol/-tier religion for our people (folkish, tribal, pro-family, etc.). I tried not to be an annoying, blogposting faggot about it nor shill it too much, but I have mentioned her once in a while or specifically in religion threads for several years now on multiple /pol/ boards, particularly on HateChan in it's heyday (it was the most based site where you could be the most offensive, in case you are a newfag and don't know).


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http://vikingalthing.org/ --site's broken at the moment, but has been a thing
http://seanafenner.org/ --her personal site>>2386


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I guess come to think of it she had a few and was taking them into some different focuses, but like I say, her health had gone downhill, and I am the one who told her that she should try to get better because I hoped she would and could go back to things later.


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I am posting this thread on a few different /pol/s and I hope it is alright. She had made headlines multiple times without trying any stunts for attention because the Nose Tribe was super assmad that anyone except themselves was trying to exercise religious freedom at all (especially those whitoids--oy vey!).


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There are always various (((interested parties))) trying to push our people in every direction except good ones and except the direction of Nature. If you knew anything about her as a person, she deserved better. Odinia will live on and there will be more pro-whites running it than there were before to honor her memory. I remember the lies, the excuses from those who would not help, and the idiotic semitic shilling against her cause, and I am proud to have defended her from all of the mud that was slung.


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Because real people and truth-tellers in general are suppressed (and every faggot e-celeb has multiple threads a day everywhere, hmm...), I want to mention her one last time because she died today, or so I am told. I generally can manage to deal with death pretty well, but this one hit me hard. She was one of the best of our people. She literally used to go around and redpill QTs for our Race in the streets and other things of that nature. I'm just making this thread because /pol/ boards and internet shitlording is basically my home. I identify with shitlord anons and have been perusing, memeing, and/or posting for a very long time. I wouldn't be who I am today without any of you, including spammers and faggots who shit up threads. All of you who ever did any redpilling, shitposting, or any kind of activism redpilled anons like me long ago, and you are heroes.


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I apologize that this is somewhat blogposty, but I personally knew her and I have been teared up for like five hours now, so I can't not blogpost. I know I said I wouldn't post any of her pics either, but no one can hurt you with those anymore. She was quite the QT herself back in the day. I guess her health really started to go downhill a few years ago or so, although it took a turn for the worse about a year ago. I am sad as fuck, you niggerfaggots.


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Her tl;dr is basically that she was a fellow White woman oppressed by the System. She's one of the only people that tried to do something about public christcuck racemixing advocacy or any of the other bullshit, and if there is one duty I have after she is gone, it is to preserve the Truth against all adversaries.
[I have more pics but I'm out of paragraphs, please consider multiple images in the future]


>posting this thread om a few diffrent /pol/s
Very gay
>please consider multiple images in the future
It's already been discussed several times, no.

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