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Anarchism on /pol/: General. Talk, do shit, ask us about anarchism, talk about anarchism.

No "An"-Caps allowed
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This will produce a state. A system of law requires authority - authority will always expand and perpetuate itself. Before you know it it'll be back to square one, just as with the american revolution.

I don't usually specify anything beyond "anarchist" but if I had to I'd say I'm closer to post-leftist tendencies than anything. A black flag anarchist, as opposed to a red anarchist.


oh boy, you guys are THAT kind of anarchist.


>what happens when two people disagree about something like responsibility for damage to persons or property of another?
It depends on the context of the situation and community involved. Some say this is too vague and therefore a weakness on the part of anarchism but honestly I think it's a strength that it doesn't try to force any one-size-fits-all solutions. Any "how would anarchism deal with X situation" often misses the point, honestly. We're not about prescribing a dogmatic way of life for people to rigidly adhere to. We offer guidelines such as mutual aid, cooperation and restorative justice - but anyone offering an exact blueprint is going to end up an authoritarian in their attempts to bring their specific vision of the world about.


>ah yes, i also support corporations letting people starve on the streets because they don't have money
Yes i the spoopy capitalist scum like stomping on the weak because only the stronk survive
Jesus man, you need to calm down.
Also this thread was labled "Anarchy General" and yet you state
No "An"-Caps allowed,
Why do you even call it anarchy general?


ancaps aren't anarchists and have nothing to do with the rest of the anarchist movement. Anarchy is anti-capitalist. My post-left ass disagrees a lot with these red anarchists in here as should be apparent, but this is one of the few things we can agree on.


Anarchy isn't against anything except authority. It does not fight against suffering or unfairness or anything like that. Anarcho-capitalism is the purest form of anarchy.


There's a reason some people don't have money and have to starve.
It's because those people are lazy niggers who don't want to work and if they don't work, they get my fucking tax money as govt. welfare. I work 10 hours a day and for some reason i have to pay some lazy piece of nigger trash for drinking liquor all day and not doing jack shit.
"If we killed all the poor, there would be no communists."


THIS is the spirit of anarchy. Fuck the government, it doesn't know what's best for anyone.


as long as you're not an ancap you can chill here


Make sure that the people on welfare use it responsibly. I agree with that.
People misuse social services all the time.


We're not fighting against suffering or unfairness, we're fighting against the corporations literally not feeding people on the streets because of money, which is an unjust hierarchy.


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>spirit of anarchy
You missed it by a longshot. I don't agree with the CURRENT govt. and their nigger democracy and civil rights shit.
What i've noticed is that it's mostly niggers, gypsies and other subhuman scum who do fuck nothing all day and receive welfare.
Cutting down a good part of those will also cut down a big part of budget spending on those nigs.
Authoritarianism is the way to go.
I don't give a shit about some shitskins, they can go and be poor in their own countries.


>talking about welfare abusers
if someone doesn't have a home, they can't get a fucking job in most places


>neglecting to help others is the same as harming them
just go home already, you're obviously borderline retarded as-is. I bet you think that money makes food appear out of thin air.
so you're just a cool dude in general who happens to have a different ideology than me, I get it.




What the hell are you on about? I just acknowledged that he thinks differently than me. I didn't condemn it or even mock him for it. Hell, I complemented him for hating the shitty parts of our current government, as any sane person ought to.


In that case i shall say sorry.
The "cool dude" part had a mocking feel to it.


That's alright, compliments are tricky on /pol/.


fucking lol ancaps love the authority of their boss. Capitalism inherently involves authority


Socialism is indeed inherently evil due it disrespect for individual freedom.
Please stay consistent no gommunism. Gommunism loves the state and thus loves authority.
How do communes know any better as opposed to the government?


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Anarcho-Capitalism is the only form of anarchism even possible because, sooner or later, someone with enough money and men at his disposal will just take over. Even if you don't have "Mr. Big shot" in the equation, you still run into the problem of "how do you stop people from engaging in basic capitalistic functions such as property ownership or free trade". "Anarcho"-communism is an oxymoron, and anyone identifying as such should be purged from the gene-pool to prevent their genetic defects from spreading.

>tl:dr your system is a fantasy.


Do you think anarchism is even nessary in america?


For a moment, let's ignore the question of whether or not anarchism/anarchy would work out. Instead, let's focus on how exactly you would go about bringing down the current system to set an anarchic society in place. That's my question.


>Socialism is indeed inherently evil due it disrespect for individual freedom.
Left wingers and socialists are infecting america. Hell, it seems like half of the people don't wasn't political before, and then became forced to believe because its popular.
Don't even get me started with media.
Television shows, comicbooks, childrens cartoons, you name it, it got infected.
If it was right wingers, i'd be just as triggered. It seems like no one can even talk freely anymore.
(Mind you i'm referring to modern day socialism and left wing politics.)


How long would an anarchistic society even last?


slightly longer than my grandfather's erection.


why do you assume people would engage in "basic capitalistic functions" in a free society? Capitalism is only 400 years old at best.
Why do you assume there would be "someone with enough money and men"? If someone has men to command what you have is not anarchy, but another form of tyranny.


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>Capitalism is only 400 years old at best


it somewhat depends on the context of the specific situation someone is in but in broad strokes: prefigurative politics. Build mutual aid networks and forms of horizontal organization to improve the material conditions of your community - basically build the types of things that will exist in an anarchic society. To the best that one can, act like one is already living in a free society.

Do all this to decrease yours and your community's dependence on the state and capital - cooperate with others trying to do the same - until we reach the point when we no longer need it. Eventually, if enough people do this, the state will likely crack down with violence and when that day comes will we need to be ready to defend ourselves.

Different anarchists have different ideas for how exactly revolutionary change will play out. Some, such as syndicalists, believe in the power of utilising unions to bring about an anarchic society - by joining and building unions that have the explicit goal of bringing down the state and capital. Personally, I think that while this was an effective strategy in the 20th century (it worked for catalonia) it's a little outdated in the modern economy. Though I don't think unions are a complete dead end.

Overall though I think a wide range of tactics would be needed to bring about this level of change. There's not going to be any step by step plan or one size fits all solution - and you should be weary of anyone who tries to propose those things as "implementing" a step by step plan will never bring about anarchy as it will be fundamentally authoritarian.


You actually get it, it's about individual autonomy and everyone having their direct say affected. To transition towards anarchy we should split up government support so there are minority governments, and at any level of decision making there should be at least 3 people. The very concept of leadership is submission, which is pathetic, submit to nobody(situationally), but if someone knows more about something than you then it's okay to take instructions.

This website needs to fix its fucking replying on mobile, why does the reply module take up the entire screen and then when I click close I can't scroll.


ancap is just a way to transition to ancom

You need to understand a few concepts, #1 everyone shares the world, #2 currency is only a conceptual barrier between helping others and helping yourself, #3 if people view the world and life as a system to facilitate survival, then you realize that you dont need rewards for doing shit. That's what I think at least but let me know what you think.


Alright, this is pretty interesting. If it worked, it would be incredible. But I don't think it could work, at least not in today's world. From my own experience, I've seen how thoughtless the vast majority of people are. I'm sure I don't need to give examples; we're just a very individualistic species. Someday we might be able to grow above this, but that won't be for a very long time. I guess it's kind of like the ubermensch. Nobody in this time could ever possibly achieve that height, but by striving to do so anyway we lay out a platform for those that come after so they have a better chance.



Found the Twoot


>I've seen how thoughtless the vast majority of people are.

maybe, but there is one thing to consider: people are thoughtless because they live in a world which discourages thinking for oneself. We live in a world full of domination and submission - of authority and obedience. Most people are expected to be obedient - they don't think for themselves not because they inherently lack the capacity but because they've never needed to. And there's a lot to discourage this, from the structure of the education system to the structure of the workplace. Most of us aren't really "ready" for anarchy in this sense - but the thing is, I don't think we'll ever be "ready" until we actually practice it.

Otherwise I mostly agree, I don't think an anarchist world is likely within our lifetimes, but that doesn't stop me from working to build anarchic projects and try to facilitate an anarchic way of life.


I believe in the right to exclusion


no ancaps in an anarchist tread lol
so no real anarchists


>Anarchy General
Zomg lol no ancaps!!11!
(anon, notice all the normalnigger memes dispersed throughout this thread)
I'm glad this thread is over because it was a big mess. It was pretty weird how a group of people tried to force their political opinion here. And to think we wouldn't notice.
Man, what a mess
I mean, its fine to argue about politics but you just can't force things lol and you just cant think that everybody agrees with you. That's one of the main flaws of this thread. You cant just make a lefty pol thread and say "no right wingers" its an imageboard, not twitter.


Hang yourself.


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What do you anarchists think about Arabia (my homeland)?

I have some fondness for anarchism, more or less because of the whole outlaw "if you fuck with me, you're in the ground" idea.

I don't know when the last properly "free" societies were in the Middle East, but we do have the idea of the shura, or council to represent the people. I don't know when this was last used, I do know that during early Islamic times this was used.

I'm personally not exactly completely fitting the mold of anarchism, though I am pro-decentralization.

I want to hear your thoughts, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I love talking to others about my culture and history.

Pic slightly related, it's a Sabaean carving.


I've actually been quite intrested in Anarchy for some time now although I'm not an anarchist myself.

The thing that turns me of from you guys is the fact that it seems as if a lot of you don't really want to dissmantle all government but instead destroy the current one and build a micro-government instead. I think that anarcho-communists miss the point of anarchism completely and are also actually braindead (I'm saying this because I know a lot of you are probably anarcho-communists.)

Id like to have absolute natural freedom and to also see the world burn but I'm still not convinced by you. How many of you are actual anarcho-commies? I'd also like to see you redpill me on anarchism, I truly do want to believe.


There's really no thing as "anarchism". Humans require a form of economy to function and economies come in all shapes and sizes, but the controllers are always the rulers. In Anarcho-Capitalism the rulers are the business leaders, in Anarcho-Communism the rulers are the holders of raw resources and the middlemen that convey and allocate resources. It's hypocritical of AnComs to say AnCaps aren't "Anarchists" when AnComs have an extremely similar power structure, and that is why "Anarchism" doesn't exist...because power is inescapable and creates structure.


ANARCHISM is great!


>No "An"-Caps allowed
Can't be an anarchist and restrict markets from functioning, y'know.


This guy right here fucking gets it. Ancom trannies get the rope.


I wish that your women and homosexual get freedom and safety in the Arabian peninsula

its wrong to kill


Nigga why you just posted a tranny from plebbit?


and the whole thread goes to shit. Thanks man!


>No "An"-Caps allowed
shit from the start


It was shit before the thread was even made, the dumbasses made a "anarchy meme" thread filled with instagram/normie shit which got deleted

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