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We hate them only as a joke right? haha

I wanted to discuss this actually.
1.Do you actually think black people are worse than white? Not just in one aspect or another (I think there are statistical differences, I mean black people do better at sports don't they, so why wouldn't there be other differences), but in *general*. Do you reckon it's a cultural issue, genetic, or both to some degree? How should society be in this regard?
2.Do you actually think jews are more inclined into tricking people? Do you believe people at the top (CEO's of big companies, banks and stuff) are mostly jewish? Is it gentic or cultural or both? How should society behave in this regard?
2 Bonus. What do you think of adolf hitler?
Actually I don't know if we can discuss this, 22 is hosted in germany where they are very strict about it. Maybe we shouldn't even have point two at all, mods feel free to edit this post and remove the second point if it's an issue
3. Lgbtqanlmnop, what are your thoughts? Would you really be upset with someone just because they're gay/transexual/whatever? Are transitions harmful?


I hate everyone because it's the internet and not the real world


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OP is a black jew


Wow twoot. How intolerent of you.
He could have sexually identified as a mod.
Have you considered that op could be a GAY black jew? For shame, twoot
For shame.


Fair, but I think some people take it seriously. I want to understand their position
Fuck, how did you found out?


Gonna ramble. Tons of mispellings.
Africans tend to have smaller skulls.
Raised cheekbones too.
The size of the skulls/brains do not indecate a high iq
Instead, the amount of nerons in the brain says otherwise. Nerons tend to be diffrent from person to person, and race says nothing.
Asians are intolerint to alchohol, they lack an enzime that breaks it up, and thus they tend to get sick.
We are all diffrent.
Dirvirsity isn't always a good thing.
We are not the same.
Personality issues aren't genetic
Instead they are cultural.
Jews COULD be labled "shifty" because of cultural issues, but no one can do proper research, and are biased because of their feelings. If anyone knows a good book on the subject that would be great. Did you know that the africans sold their own people? Warlords sold them to the Spanish, and the spanish sold them to the europeans. The europeans suffered a long while of inslaving their own people, and moved on to inductive serveitude, and where weary of slavery, but then figured, "might as well give it another try"
Some where nice to their slaves, (let them move out, have families, worked with the slaves, gave them property, helped them buy slaves and make plantations etc.) Some where rude. Times where complatated and do not amount to today.
Due to living in close quarters with other slaves, they became degenerates and where looked down apon. Used slang because poor languige skills, had orgys and other stuff.
The more educated and well read the black person is, the better.
Same thing with everyone else.
I come from a multi cultural background, and let me tell you somthing, my genetics are garbage. Pt 1


All my grandparents are dead, and my parents are sickly, and dying. Genetic dirvirsity is a bad idea.
Sort of. Kinda, sparingly. But not really.
People need to plan things out better.
Also, remember that every culture has a good side, and a very bad side.
NO lgbt.
We need to stop acccepting things like this.(the homosexuals/lgbt) I mean, killing people wont work out, but convincing people that that is wrong, is the best thing to do. Don't just accept things.
You can't change your gender.
Or your body.
Hormone treatments tend to fail, the body rejects, and their bones shatter like glass.
If it does work out?
You will have a similar body shape, but not the bodily functions. The breasts wont preduce milk, and the "vagina" still acts like a penis, even when removed.
Males have square hips
Females have round hips.
If you where to do a dna test on a transgender "female" the dna will show male.
The misplaced "i want to be a female" feeling are misplaced emotions. You can have deeper unexplainible feelings such as : sonder, monachopsis, and more.
Homosexuals are just degenerates.
Having gay sex can damage yourself, the other person, and spreading deseases.


Dammit that^ was part two, and i forgot to label that.
I want to rant more, but can't find proper words.


Also, if a nu-wave liberal/democrat says "white people evil" they are racist.
I do like joking around here. Making jokes about jews, but i need more proof to see if they are evil or whatever. I beleve in facts. And it's hard to find nowadays.
Racism is pretty funny, and somtimes, they are close to the truth, so why shut them up? I would like to live in a kinder, more understanding world, and silencing people is the wrong thing to do.


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Racism is illogical
Sexism is illogical
Homophobia is illogical
Transphobia is illogical
The goal of the Nazi party is illogical

Humans are illogical


642 anon is illogical


Humanity should be eradicated. Who will follow me into my journey of deleting humanity?


Heil twoot
Seig heil


if you want to make a change you have to start with yourself


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Twoot plz no.
I'm here with you, just don't get yourself in trouble with the whole world plz.


I dont want to make a change, i want death.


We will do it for the Fätherboard
and for cats


Death is a change itself


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>I dont want change
>I want death


I agree on this
>The more educated and well read the black person is, the better.
>Same thing with everyone else.
About fags and trannies:
What's wrong with fags? Straight sex can transmit diseases too.
About the trannies I don't have knowledge on the matter so I can't say anything.
I like racist jokes. Moonman tracks are awesome. However it's suddenly less funny if I think there are genuine racists laughing at these things too
Kinda like kids doing anything makes it cringy
(And often racist/antisemitic comments here or elsewhere don't sound ironic or like jokes. I don't like that. But I feel like that's because I'm not understanding something)
>white people evil
The people who say that kind of stuff are the worst. Especially the "Why there's no nigger/fag in your team >:(" type
>I would like to live in a kinder, more understanding world, and silencing people is the wrong thing to do.
Racists can't be part of a kind, understanding world. That being said I dislike the silencing attitude too. Often it's people forcing rules on stuff they don't understand


Agree. If you think about it it would prevent milliards of people from dying (and being born)


>strait sex can spread deseases too.
I mean yeah. I forgot that in my rant. Degenerate sex such as anal and oral can spread some really bad deseases.
>Racists can't be part of a kind, understanding world.
Racism is racism.
Racism can be very toxic. No one can say otherwise. Sometimes black people are racist against black people, and soforth. It Depends how ingrained they are into whatever beilef system. I'm not going to cry if i see an actual racist comment here. I guess i belive we can change a "unhealthy" mindset by talking and arguing like rational adults.


Another issue i forgot to address in my rant is, how the nu-wave left wingers have been forcing ((their)) ways into the media, and that, is forcing people to become more extreme. Do you guys think this is plausible?
>Moonman tracks are awesome.
Ah, i see you are a man of quality taste
Sucks that youtube got rid of them all.


There is something deeply and fundamentally wrong with black culture. It's not limited to blacks - white people like the Cash Me Outside cunt participate in it too, and blacks raised around humans can learn to behave better. But for most blacks it's like they're stuck in permanent adolescence, angrily rebelling against Whitey, committing crimes and breeding like rabbits with no thought of consequence, caring only about what feels good in the moment. They're incapable of caring for themselves and the vast majority have to be supported by working humans, yet somehow they always manage to get their Jordans and iphones.

If humans aren't going to go in and fix their broken society then we need to contain them somehow. Wall up shit holes like Chicago, Detroit and any other shithole they've made into a nest and let them kill each other off. Because their shit is already spreading to the rest of society, possible past the point of no return.


>Blacks and humans
Nigger, cease your niggerhatingfaggotry, fucking nigger.


Its not just limited to blacks. Mexicans too. Its called gangs, and gettos.
Trashy music and media dosnt help.


I was a bit delirous at the time of writing this, so i decided to recontextualize some of my statments.
>Racists can't be part of a kind, understanding world.
"Godamn fucking niggers i hate all of them and i want to see them skinned alive" yeah, racism isn't that healthy.
But it depends, on the scale of 1 to 10, how racist is the person? Is the person close to the truth, or just delusional?
I guess i belive we can change a "unhealthy" mindset by talking and arguing like rational adults.
Here's my personal opinion on the word nigger.
Nigger isn't a catch-all term for black people.
I mean, think of "white people" its a generalisng, racist term that says "all white people are the same" which is not true.there are more types of "white people" then ((they)) think. Irish, nordic, anglo, polish, etc.
A "nigger" is
Not educated
We don't hate black people, we hate the steriotype. And We hate that the steriotype is popular.
A Nigger is the bad side of "black" culture.
Nobody should look up to steriotypes. And i dont think we like the whole "white trash" thing either.
Racism, no matter the context, or the person who is racist, isn't that healthy and is very closed minded. Someone on this /pol/ said
Somthing along the lines of
"What i've noticed is that it's mostly niggers, gypsies and other subhuman scum who do fuck nothing all day and receive welfare."


And he's not lying,in fact i highly agree! but it's not just limited to blacks and gypsies.
Fat "white people" (think of chris-chan) who gained around 900 pounds and do nothing but live off welfare. And
Where i live, my city was damaged terribly by a natural disaster. Let's just say that FEMA did nothing to help.
So, the city allowed out of state contracters to fix everything. Needless to say, a lot of mexicans showed up from mexico and california. "Yay, the calvary is here! We're saved!" Right? Well they did a piss poor job. And actual contractors? (Mexican or otherwise who originally lived over where i live?) Too many outsiders flooded the markets and they couldn't get a job. The crime rate rose around 30%
Cost of living went up
The school system dont have enough people who speak spanish, and their isnt a lot of teachers anyway.
A piss poor job of just slapping on a roof, even if the house is damaged, causing moar damage in the process, cheap beer bottles, trash and condoms littered everywhere. Guess who had to pick it all up? Not them.
Now, im not saying "boo hoo my life sucks and niggers are people too!!!!!1!!" What i'm trying to say is that there is more to the story. More variables if you will.


My skin is white because my anscestors liked white skin. I am intelligent because my anscestors bred for intelligence. I exist because my anscestors were heterosexuals who valued family. Asking me not to love whiteness over the alternate is the same as asking me to forsake the recessive DNA that took thousands of years for my anscestors to perfect.

When a young adult leaves home, we say that the challenge will build character and make them a better person. Well, my anscestors were the children of Africa who migrated North, literally leaving their homelands to settle their own lands in what was ultimately harsher geographies and climates. As a result, they literally became better people through time and evolution. The challenge of living in the North sharpens the survival curve, so that only intelligent people who put a lot of work into carefully selecting mates and raising children could survive.

So yes, white people are genetically better because of the recessive DNA painstakingly molded by their anscestors while blacks were breeding for muscle and big dicks (primary sexual characteristics vs secondary ones) in the fertile homeland where living just isn't very hard.

What else can I say? If you think that muscle makes a people better, then I point you to literal gorillas. If you think that friendliness or loyalty makes a people better, then I point you to literal dogs. No, the only trait that makes humans as powerful as they are is the one that whites were selected for: Intelligence.


I thought that africans having big penises was a myth.


Possibly. My point was only that they weren't selecting mates based on intelligence because intelligence simply isnt necessary to live in such a fertile place. When resources aren't really an issue, you have the liberty to choose mates based on big lips/titties/asses, i.e. whatever helps to pop out a dozen kids so that are least one will survive (r-K selection theory). Btw this is one reason that Africans have the particular MAOA gene that increases aggressiveness and impulsiveness: The same gene also makes children less prone to have psychological issues due to being abused or neglected. This is why blacks treat their kids like animals. Thats just the parenting strategy that evolves in comfy areas

Consider this also: The blacks who migrated out of Africa would have been the ones who were less lazy and more ambitious, so the core differences in mental ability may have driven those few blacks to leave the motherland to begin with. And the ones content to stay and toil in the mud? Well we're not allowed to distinguish one of these groups as "better" than the other. It's absurd really, but this is Political Correctness.


The truth is, blacks should be disappointed in their anscestors, ashamed even. That would be the healthy normal response to comparing the history of Africans and Europeans. If we could all agree on that, then we could all move forward together with healthy standards for success and greatness. But because we are afraid of hurting people's feelings, not only do we have to put the brakes on human progress and potential, but we also have to redefine and pervert words like Smart, Strong, Great, and Beautiful until they have been exchanged with their polar opposites, until we can no longer tell the difference between Bach and Bushmen in loin clothes beating on drums, or between Michelangelo and a lumpy statue of a nondistinct fat woman probably carved so that a literal cave man could jerk.

We are already there, and it has cost us the ability to educate our children to their full potential, and thereby, over the course of a century, our reputation as technological giants. Not to mention our safety and self-respect, our cultural pride, everything that allowed us to build modern civilization. It all must be torn down to make the playing field level for the least successful/able subspecies... All to basically just be nice to people who didn't even evolve the emotive capability necessary to appreciate it.


>niggers stayed put and were lazy, whites were ambitious and forged northward into a new frontier
So basically blacks are to whites as europeans are to AMERICANS


are you talking about local native-americans?
herding buffalos and scalping eachother everyday doesn't sound too ambitious.


The indians were little better than niggers. I mean Americans, who flocked to a new land of opportunity and made it their own.


Let's go to the basics.
Anon, what exactly are "white americans"?
From where did they come from?
What mysterious continent did they inhabit before coming to the Americas?


It doesn't matter where they came from, so long as they chose to come to America. Hell, it doesn't even matter whether or not they're white. If they came to America of their own free will with the intention of helping make this land great, they were Americans.


>it doesnt matter that americans(which flocked to a new land of opportunity) are essentially europeans
And what do you mean "this land"?
Are the brits who were deployed against rebellion in America also americans? They did what they saw as good.
Union States and Confederates also had a different view on how to make America great. So which ones are the real americans?


Let me spell it out for you.
>Over thousands of years, ambitious people head north into Europe from Africa while the lazy ones stay behind
>Over a few hundred years, ambitious people head west into America from Europe while the lazy ones stay behind
It's the same thing kicked into overdrive. Europeans who headed into America and still considered themselves "European" weren't true Americans. Ergo, anyone who came on behalf of Britain or any other stupid European country. As for US vs Confederate, they both had different views on what America meant but both sides ultimately believed in freedom and independence from the rest of the world. And after the war was over, they were all Americans again.


>My skin is white because my anscestors liked white skin
You're gonna have to pick a very strong source to convince me you're not retar...
> I am intelligent because my anscestors bred for intelligence
Ah yes, you are. [spoiler]We still breed today a lot by phisical aspects. You fap to tits and ass, not to how smart a girl is. The selection based on intelligence much more likely is about surviving, dumb people are more likely to make a deadly mistake, die and not reproduce[/spoiler]
> I exist because my anscestors were heterosexuals who valued family.
Or maybe your grand-grand-grand father raped you grand-grand-grand mother. It could actually be so, you know.

Your "north->harder conditions->harsher selection" is the only thing that comes close to an argument, however historically advanced civilisations were born very south(egiptians, babilonians, fenices, greeks, romans). Barbarians where north. Softer southern conditions actually helped develop culture and more advanced social interactions. It is obvious that more complex societies are those that tend to reward clever people more than strong ones.
Northern barbarians instead where tribal and "I strong I boss"-tier societies. So it is evident that you are wrong.


We should welcome illegal immigrants then, since they're "less lazy and more ambitious"
Isolated civilisations have always developed at different paces(think about native americans), their ancestors did what they could (and developed a culture which is partly very valuable even today, just look at black influences in music)
Nah, lifeless fame/money-hungry loosers without morals traveled risking their lives to be rich by exploiting weaker civilisations
That makes sense with you still making oil wars and "bringing democracy" aroung the world.
[spoiler](JK americans I love you pls don't invade my country)[/spoiler]


It is evident that the people who take this thread seriously are the dumbest which is making me worried because I do too


So it's a joke thread?


>black influences in music
pls no


>JK americans I love you pls don't invade my country
>my country
get your tea and crumpets and GTFO




Somtimes black music is pretty trashy, depends on the genre like rap and trap music

Cultures do have their ups and downs
I don't see this as a "joke thread" nobody's being retarded/stubborn. 22chan's /pol/ is pretty comfy


I mean, european royal families engaged in incest to purify the bloodlines.


Now i'm curious
How does everyone feel about


blacks good with body, bad with head


You could be talking about the "pilgrims" who were fleeing the rampant degeneracy and corruption in Europe. Unfortunately, it followed them to the US.

Or perhaps you are talking about the Native Americans. In that regard, as with all delicate systems, there is a goldilocks zone. Apparently it is just far enough from the motherland that you can carve out your own society, but not so far that you never have time to settle down and grow. That's one theory at least.

How do wild humans mate, in your worldview? I guess they just bump into each other in the village and decide to have kids.

>Or maybe your grand-grand-grand father raped you grand-grand-grand mother. It could actually be so, you know.

Is this really how you view the past? What would you say is the proportion of children were born to rape 5 generations ago? 0.1%? And you think the arc of human evolution is defined by rape? That's pretty rape-centric imo. Are you an incel?

>historically...Barbarians where north.

Yes, and niggers were further South. There is a goldilocks zone for sure... oh wait. Are you saying WE WUZ KANGS? Come on dude. All of those great societies had racial caste systems, and when everyone started getting so comfy that the upper (whiter) castes started mixing with the lower castes, every one of those civilizations imploded shortly thereafter.


I'm not arguing that blacks are all dumb, just that they are mostly dumber, and that if we were aiming for the optimal future of humanity, we would define "human" more harshly (as our ancestors did) so as to implicitly encourage people to "breed up" rather than pushing the false dogma that everyone is "equal". Do you agree that humanity would be better off if people bred for intelligence, or do you really believe that it doesn't matter who is more intelligent because rape babies are the future?

Sure there are people who don't value intelligence, who would like to see the average intelligence go DOWN. Those are the elites who design our school curricula and mass media, and who want a population of wageslaves who can be easily placated by TV and celebrity. They are the ones pushing equality/diversity, for the replacement of cultural/religious/racial identity with consumerism, and they have obvious incentives for doing so.>>695
>We should welcome illegal immigrants then, since they're "less lazy and more ambitious"
I would say that they are coming to the US to find an easier life than in their corrupt shithole country. Most people can tell the difference between fleeing for a new land to settle, colonize, and build, and showing up on the doorstep of an ordered industrial society and asking to be taken in. One of these is ambitious, the other is lazy. Can you tell which one is which?

>for example just look at black influences in music

>Sure whites invented 99% of the aspects of society that everyone in the world now enjoys, but look at this other 1%!!!!
stop doing that

>Obsessed with rape

>Americans pls don't invade my country
Muslim detected lol


Stands for :
Life's Good Bacon Lettuce Tomato Qanon


You are a mystical creature to me. Your existence (as well as the existence of people like you) has a very significant impact on my personal philosophy
I hope we never, ever meet.
Anyway I'm not interested in continuing this discussion


1. nothing wrong with being black, just racemixing
2. Not all Jewish people are bad at all, but it's an objective fact that some of the most powerful people in the world are Jewish, despite being only 2% of the world.
3. being gay, lesbo, or bi is fine, but trannies are actually mentally ill. Worse is all the made up new identities like gender fluid or non binary. You can act however you want, but men are still men and women are still women.


- About blacks: You have to define what you mean by "better" and "worse". For a society, strong bodies, and high levels of hormones means nothing. In fact, intelligence is what makes a society go on and succeed. Statistics say that Black People have less neurons thant White people and orientals (B: 13,185 million; W: 13,665 million; O: 13,767 million) and the average IQ is about 85, when the average iq of white people is 100. So, that being said, we can conclude that white/oriental people is way more intelligent than pure black people. Also, the cultural achievements of white/oriental people is way higher than black people. Just make a quick comparison of Africa, America and Japan/Korea (and remember of how the immigrants are destroying France).They have lower marital stability (tendencies to infidelity) and etc. They are more aggressive, have more impulsivity. Btw, I think it's just self-explaining why the cultural achievement of whites are higher than blacks.

- About jews: It's complicated to explain (because it's complex and my vocabulary is limitaded, im Brazilian), but there are a lot of books that explain how they manipulate organizations, social movements (feminism, lgbt, and all that progressive shit), and there's also a documentary of how jews made ritualistic murderers of child through the years.



- About lgbt: Basically, I don't mind being gay or this shit, I hate their behaviour (I think I don't have to explain it). Being lesbian is a women tendency (there's a lot of articles explaining how the white woman is gay). About trannies: well, I hate women (the modern girl made me hate them), so it's better to have a Trap than a woman that will abandon me and treat me like shit (btw, the situation of Brazil is horrific, you can define 90% of the brazilian girl in one word: bitch)


File: piMsOw1.jpg (106.35 KB, 538x581, 538:581, 1585591886029.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>implying a trap won't abandon you


also he's implying that trap's aren't gay


File: suici.jpg (11.95 KB, 589x323, 31:17, 1585645710280.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Are transitions harmful?


It's not everything doomed yet, as long as we have kids who are growing up in the normal environment and who are aware of what's wrong in the world, culture and society today.
Take a look at this teen girl, I think that many of those who are following wrong ideological and political nonsense blindly can actually learn something valuable from this girl.
If plenty of peoples are following and listening what Greta has to say, than this kid (YT link) has much more better rational perception of what is happening
Also, this is Greta answering on some questions, but she doesn't have any kind of the scripted speech for the press conference.
Now all of us can see that everything is a circus game and all of them (the world leaders) are playing with our lives and manipulating us in something what is wrong doing/thinking, even for the future generations to keep us in the state of dumbing down like we are some kind of ignorant retards.
That's the main reason why am I not bothering about any kind of the political ideology, because everything is fake anyway. Perhaps I would be interested in the politics if i was an political actor (the real political leader who can have some influence on his peoples), otherwise, the politics can go the fuck out in every field.
There isn't a single person who is politician and who actually have some moral thinking or moral acting towards the peoples who are electing and putting them in the power.


i guess i want to rant about politics in general. well, here goes nothing
multiple issues i'm seeing so far are:
>False dichotomy
"if jenny doesnt like capitalism, she must be a communist"
you know what i mean, we're getting forced to pick a side, and fight the "bad guy" like david and golliath, a type of underdog story, but if you dont know, its not exactly true.
first watch this
and of course, for people who don't exactly remember, the story of what he did afterwards (which is usually left out by people who want to sell the "underdog " story), david saw a beautiful woman bathing and fell madily in love. turns out that woman was his best friends wife. do you know what david did? he sent his friend off in battle so he can have her to himself.
was it the objective truth that the good guy beat the bad guy, and saved the day, or was there a deeper, objective truth?
a tldr is that the world isn't black in white, this type of thing is tearing people apart. "if u dont agree with me ur bad!!!?!, <- does that sound healthy?
i feel like people choose a political side JUST so they can feel better about themselves. can people find common interest, and and agree on some political ideals, but dissagree on others without killing eachother? who knows.


>Misinterpritation of both regular and poltical philosophy
INvoluntary CELibates
what's a "celibate"
not having sex, usually for religious reasons, but mostly just not having sex.
weird, because its black in white for this type of thing, either you have sex, or you don't, and some people even go through their lives without masturbating or having sex with someone. nothing wrong with either or, but it doesnt make exact sense. untill you think about that maybe its involintary because of some type of trauma or accident, whatever really. then it makes sense. like any type of culture, people find similar interest and gather together, and thus incels where born. it was a comfy community, and more and more people (those sites, random forums, and parts of 4chan) started talking about their problems and, well,
they started joking. that, and they also put people with certian behavorisms in to groups and made them into characters.
think of bateman. think of everything they where not. strong, sexually active extroverted, superman. they want to become him
girl they dreamed of. beutiful but she doesnt want them, she wants chad.
girls just like them, but they dont want that. they want stacy and sometimes they portray becky asdoing stuff to get attention. a follower, if you will, so they are undesirable.
but hate gave way
you cant become something you hate, so chad became a sterotypical muscled moron. stacy became a bimboed slut, and becky is out of the picture
hate unites us. bonds us together. stronger then anything.


also, they werent wrong EXACTLY for hating women
what do i mean? let me explain.
it started when women where opppressed. a bit too hard, and way too much. really sad what they had to deal with. think of soda. ignored contained in a bottle. shake it up. boom. it exploded, sprayed everywhere. the bottle should have been opened, to let them spill out, but it was left unchecked, and shaken with hated and pure anger.
feminism isnt bad. it helped them. its just that hatred gave in, twisted them decades later, sexual revolution. women arent evil, but women filled with hate, twisted with vulgarities are bad. same with men., and almost all or politacal sides have the same issue.


if people where open and honest, things would have been diffrent. but thats not the case. back to incels. you see, not all incels are bad, but the ones that are bad are filled with hatred. same goes for everything really. they only see all women as evil, even though there are still good women out there, they are blind to see that. incels became violent. they became excuses. now if i say "oh. its sad that some women are toxic" i am labeled an incel (even though i'm not)
then, incels also act like drama whores like furries "0w0 im a incel, does that make you mad hmmmmmmm?"
then of course you have Nihilism
the original meaning of it that it stood for "a light in the darkness" yeah, everything sucks, corrupted and dark, bet we can fix it, we can make things better for ourselves. but sadly over the years that got, you know
misentrepreted. became a edgy movement that every thing is bad and there's nothing we can do to fix it, morality is a sham its too late. peopke are getting into politics and tearing everything meaningful out of it, "liberals get rekt, republicucks amirite"
only thing we can do now is just talk about the issues we see, and hope for the best.


Damn, the first vid is removed from youtube. Does anyone have a copy?


damn, never had the time to watch it yet



File: gibmedat (2).mp4 (17.79 MB, 320x568, 40:71, 1588347056676.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: we wuz.png (691.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1588679457337.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Nigger culture is more spontaneous which results in moments like these.


File: nigger moment.jpg (88.07 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 1588679601741.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

and check my ID- 22


no i fucking hate all of them
1.Black niggers pushed me off my bike and stole my ice cream
2.Jews wear a stupid ass hat


here here


how does 22chan feel about teh woyimins, sexism, those types of topics?


Blaming "the women" is a jewish op that is usually only directed towards white women; essentially, it's exploiting the population decrease caused by feminism (which was conjured by jews after the industrial revolution) and typically leads to either transsexualism, pro-miscegenation propaganda (specifically with Asians, and more specifically the Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asians) or the dime-a-dozen manufactured "incel" or "MGTOW" communities; all in a bid to decrease the white population. These jews promote something along the lines of "all white women are whores so it's useless to even go after them, therefore marry an Asian or fuck sexbots", and typically promote judeo-negrified vocabulary and habits, such as "thot" or "simp".
Don't get me wrong, feminism is bad and I'm against them, but these people are intentionally using it to misdirect people.


*if they're not closet-homosexuals, seeing as a lot of people trying to blame "women" are obnoxiously homosexual, many openly, many not.


The individual has free will and can do as they wish with their life. The population, however, is much much easier to predict and regularly falls into stereotypes.


>The individual has free will and can do as they wish with their life.
No, what causes blacks to act like blacks is literally in their blood, as is their tribal mentality, same with the jews. Every single jewish diaspora group, from the Ashkenazi and Sephardi jews to Central Asian ones all played similar roles in history, typically lower-class jews were tanners and shoemakers, whereas higher jews were slave traders, bankers, and often as leaders via marrying into the ruling class (or via the decrees of the church giving them privileges).


File: the holocost.png (71.23 KB, 500x357, 500:357, 1590537522307.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Oh god.
Try reading what hes saying to the postal 2 map theme its goddamn gold the combo.

black people are mainly acting the way they are because of their tribal mentality and a black person can become a better person through education which most black people lack.

for jews idk haven't done much research on it.

for the lgbtqrstuvwxyz thingy its fine if your gay or bi or anything but just keep it to yourself dont shout it from the roof tops and if you are a tranny then your just gimping you and any chance your genes had of reproducing.


>black people are mainly acting the way they are because of their tribal mentality and a black person can become a better person through education which most black people lack.
>for the lgbtqrstuvwxyz thingy its fine if your gay or bi or anything but just keep it to yourself dont shout it from the roof tops
Aside from simply being ignorant about the jewish question, these attitudes towards negroids and homosexuals is wholly individualist/judeoliberal, and is a cryptic tool to destroy whites, first by tolerating "educated" negroids and closeted homosexuals, and later descending into the so-called "pride parade shit". The truth is that negroids are racially compelled to have an obnoxious tribal mentality and can't be "educated" into not being so (this has been proven with second-generation blacks in western Europe, particularly France and the UK 20 years ago, who act like obnoxious negroids and spread obnoxious negroid culture all around them despite in many cases not even stepping foot into the USA, where worldwide negrification was first launched from, and being as educated as the average white was), and homosexuals are always a potential threat to everyone. Rationally speaking, homosexuals are literal abominations (as their behaviour is both unnatural and obscene), and if you play the "not my business as long as it's not that pride parade shit" copout, they don't need to go around in pride parades to threaten people: homosexuality and pedophilia are known correlations (just to give an example: the former is found extensively among racial jews as, and although correlation with the latter is hidden a bit more, they do use pilpul to justify raping boys under even 8 years old), and homosexuals have always groomed children.
To sum it all up, every potential homosexual is a threat, and every negroid is naturally compelled to act like a subhuman. Individualism simply fails to contain these issues due to the whole "it's fine along as you don't push X" copout, and this has been used by jews to normalise homosexuality/pedophilia and to use negroids as a weapon against whites.


Aren't white people were inherently tribal by nature as well? Are they really so different from the shadowfolk in that regard? Is tribalism only bad when coons do it?


All races are tribal and that's usually a good thing; it's just that blacks and especially jews all have a specific type of tribalism that is gang-like in nature compared to whites. Jews are all united in their international community to screw over goyim using clandestine tactics, while blacks are united to leech off whites as much as possible. Whites are typically far less obnoxious when united, and typically work together, something long-term negrification is basically attempting to abolish. A similar tribal mentality applies to some Northeast Asians as well, but more specifically Chinamen, and some gentile Middle-Easterners/North Africans, though there's a lot of variation with their mentality compared to negroids and jews.


To answer your first 2 and a half questions, I'm not into generalizing anyone for the way they were born. Though, as communities, blacks tend to be a bit more hateful and violent and jews tend to be a bit more rich than the rest of us, though I'm sure that's just (((coincidence))).

On the subject of trannies, however. The entire movement is such a blatant fabrication of the plastic surgery industry to make money off of young and confused people with mental problems. If someone had multiple personality disorder as a result of schizophrenia, would you recommend expensive, irreversible plastic surgery as the solution to their problem?


Today there was a good chance that black wanted to kill me or jump me. I may be paranoid but today I was collecting books to sell and towards the end of the conversation I pointed at a car to laugh at how slow it is going. After I did that my friend said we needed to go because evidently if you point at a car, people get paranoid that you know about their crimes. We left, and indeed, as we left, two black fellows came walking up, looking at my car with some intent to do something. Luckily I went before this may have occurred. Why are these people like this?


If you live in the city then it's probably a gang culture thing, the same happened with latinos
could be a misunderstanding too


You can venture that places with less abundant ecology (fewer types of plants, odd weather etc) developed technology much faster than places where the weather was better and everything you need is growing somewhere around you if you look hard enough.


did you even read my post?


I support the ancient Greek theory that it has to do with distance from the sun. I think life, in general, has the easiest time flourishing in the subtropics and that diversity of plant and animal life and the success of humans is incidental to the fact that all living things are healthiest when they live at the optimal distance from the sun.


File: evilveteran.mp4 (4.39 MB, 512x640, 4:5, 1607609629549.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

It seems as if they hate people like us. Here is a video of a black veteran threatening to shoot people in between the eyes if they don't wear a mask. This is despicable. This is a arbitary reason to kill someone obviously. It sounds like this guy is a very hateful person.


The guy was talking about the army "shooting in between the eyes" of trump supporters if they started a civil war
The mask thing comes later
Anyway I'm sure you can find black people who hate white people (and white who hate blacks) because the world is full dumbasses. Their opinion doesn't represent the opinions of everybody. I'm sure you could find a black guy who protests against masks too


Yeah pretty much. i wouldnt be supprised if some black people where taught "whitey bad" though.


Threatening to shoot people unprovoked is terrible any way you slice it.
Yeah, they do. Throughout high school that is all we really learned. I remember having to read terrible books from W. E. B. Du Bois.


1. I have no issue with black people or any minority honestly, maybe it's because I'm /gook/ and they leave me alone/I'm less effected by the apparent existence of white genocide but outside of joking I have nothing against them. In complete honesty, I'm going to pull the le class card and blame wealth gaps for high crime rates. White southerns or northwesterners have horrid rates of drinking, homicide and other crimes blacks are blamed for, it's just more prominent because blacks are all in cities where the per capita goes up real fast. I do think genetics puts them at a disadvantage though, there is absolutely no reason why IQ isn't something inherited while every other aspect of the human body is. IQ development also has to do with nourishment, abuse and mental training in a young age however, this puts inner cities poor minorities at a disadvantage.
2. I don't know how I feel about der Jude. I think there's reason to be suspicious as to why a lot of big names end up being Jewish, not even considering /pol/schizographics. Despite this, I think /pol/types make the best case for Jews I've ever seen.
>Persecuted for millennia
>Kicked out of tens of nations around the world
>got genocided more than once
>still some of the richest blokes in the world
>have a thriving state in a warzone
>apparently control everything, despite centuries of people knowing they're evil
Maybe they are god's chosen people lol.
3. I feel bad for people who are truly trans. The new age movement of every insecure teenage boy wanting to cut their dick off hurts actual trans people. It creates a fucking awful image for people who are actually beset by a debilitating disease. If you're born with it I support you but if you decided at 17 you want to have a cunt because your discord friends told you I have no respect. I'm good friends with a ftm and he feels the same way I do. It's a horrible condition, you feel like you don't belong in your own body for your entire life. I don't think they should be treated as less because they have a mental condition, people with depression, ADHD or other mental illness aren't treated as second-rate citizens. Transitions help people with the real disease, the botched surgeries you seen on /pol/ type boards are just horrid accidents, honestly. A lot of real trans people don't even get the bottom done because they know it's a risk.


>Threatening to shoot people unprovoked is terrible any way you slice it.
He was saying in case of a civil war m8
I agree. It's nice to see a point of view like that every now and then
The reason I've heard for jews being in high positions so much is that during the middle ages christianity kinda discouraged the job of the banker as managing money was considered close to sinful or something like that. As a results many jews took the profession (as christians wouldn't) and it turned out well. I'm sure they also helped each-other, because you know, most religions have a rule about people of this religion being brothers and everyone else is an unfaithful piece of shit.
But in any case, there is also a lot of people in high positions who aren't jewish, so I never really got the conspiracy thing


Do his threats become excusable then? It doesn't sound like your taking him seriously.


>Do his threats become excusable then?
Yeah, because in civil wars people kill each other. It's just how it works
>It doesn't sound like your taking him seriously.
It doesn't sound like you're taking civil wars seriously


not sure if threatening violence with violence is a good idea


>not sure if threatening violence with violence is a good idea
It isn't, it's dumb. So what? Not different from the retards who say stuff like "if a thief enters my house I'm gonna shoot him!"
(Which technically is even worse since getting robbed isn't as bad of a thing as losing democracy/getting a civil war)
But what do you know, people say dumb shit all the time (me and you included)


But are the proud boys threatening civil war by and large? No, it is only him. If the proud boys did that the media wouldn't shut up about it. So this guy is the only one doing anything wrong. People saying stuff like this sets a horrible precedent in what is acceptable. We cannot have a peaceful society where people are openly threatening people who they have disdain for.


>We cannot have a peaceful society where people are openly threatening people who they have disdain for.
Well, time to shutdown 4chan then


Lolwut, 4chan is anonymous. How are 4chan and real-life similar at all?


So telling that you wanna kill people on 4chan is ok while on instagram it's not? It's like, you can make death threats, but only if you're anonymous. Lmao


>We cannot have a peaceful society where people are openly threatening people who they have disdain for.
Should've been:
>We cannot have a peaceful society where people are openly threatening people if they want to start a civil war
Which is a much weaker argument imo
(Whether the proud boys are planning/threatening that or not is irrelevant, the guy is talking like that's a possibility real enough for him to try to dissuade people from it. If you think he is wrong, it's not my problem. He doesn't have to agree with you and view society the same way you do)


Yeah, anonymous people on 4chan are the most serious and respectful people on the planet. Are you serious? Probably not because most people have more nuanced than what you are showing. Anons on 4chan won't do anything for the most part. They are scared of being doxed. The man in the video was willing to harm groups like the proud boys. Him showing his face is more than most anons who make similar threats would ever do. It is also clear what the man wants to convey. There is a different amount of seriousness in threats and you need to make distinctions between ones that are legitimate or not.
Who of any power is threatening civil war?


Honestly I refuse to partake in this argument further. Gems like
>The man in the video was willing to harm groups like the proud boys.
>Who of any power is threatening civil war?
Go to show that you just can't compute what the fuck I or the nigger says


>So telling that you wanna kill people on 4chan is ok while on instagram it's not?
Most of the time on (((instagram))) there is an actual identity attached to the post. I can yell on 4chan "kill every single nigger in the USA" while being European and even without having seen a nigger in my whole entire lifetime.
Same goes for the rest of 4chan, I hardly can imagine anyone on there being 1337 niggerkiller soldiers who are threatening an actual race/civil war, also considering that the vast majority of them are nogunz.
But in this matter we have an identifiable coon, who boasts about his past military service and threatens to use his training against people who don't wear a piece of fabric on their faces.
Anyhow, my point would be that political extremism is not advisable in any case, however, the consequences and perception vary between the platforms.
I didn't read all the posts so it turns out >>2045 already made that point but oh well.


File: ElctE1KU8AE5wHe.jpg (86.17 KB, 600x805, 120:161, 1611738685097.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

in reality...

Fuck niggers and kikes and also faggots.
Hitler was a hero who was taken out before he could save us all. IF he had succeeded in eliminating the Jews, the world would be a better, more peaceful place because no one would be around to push the Nigger agenda on us and they would all still be held down in society as the lower life form they are and always will be. the Niggers have no interest in becoming Civilized and bettering themselves. that is why the black on black murder is the highest.


>Sounds liuke a faggot nigger who watches too much tv


you have social/woman brain, and i recommend you off yourself immediately.


Sometimes I'm talking to a nigger and I suddenly remember I'm racist and I'm supposed to hate this guy.


who do you hate more, niggers or watermelon addicts


Definitely niggers. Something about their skin color that just doesn't sit right...


did you check if you are a nigger?


I do it several times a day just to be sure.
So far it looks like I'm in the clear.


File: nigra.jpg (32.57 KB, 600x700, 6:7, 1622863631026.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Oh boy, Today i got called a nigger /pol/
I'm not even black, i'm hispanic. It was a kid (probably like 9 years old) who rolled his window down, looked me directly in the eyes, and said
Am i one of them now? can i say the nigger word irl now? Can i do the jazz hands and speak ebonics? Pic related is me now. Dunno, i feel funny and i have a craving for watermellons...
Jokes aside, On one hand, he obviously shouldnt had said that and if his mother or father was there i would have mentioned it politely, also good thing it was me. I live in a red state but i've seen plenty of black people wearing BLM shirts and he could have gotten his ass kicked or even killed.
Personally, i sort of understand, this critical race theroy shit is getting peddeled all over the place (in schools, cartoons, ect) and he probably feels like less of a human being because of it. you know, the whole "black people r slaves n sheit and whitey bad" or maybe his parents are anti black or he read some stuff of the internet. Who knows. kinda sad but also funny.


You must now eat water melon, rhyme and commit half the crime.


it is the will of my people

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