/pol/ - Our president is starting a war just for the votes. Only it's not the same as last time. The "war on terror" wasn't too bad. This is Iran. They've got allies. Their allies have nukes. They probably have nukes. Realistically, how unlikely is it that our CIA

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Our president is starting a war just for the votes. Only it's not the same as last time. The "war on terror" wasn't too bad. This is Iran. They've got allies. Their allies have nukes. They probably have nukes. Realistically, how unlikely is it that our CIA is blissfully anaware? If this escalates, it could literally spell the end of the world. No joke. This isn't about attacking sand niggers anymore. This is really, really bad. There's two ways this could go. We don't escalate, it's fine. Or, we escalate, shit hits the fan, and inevitably, nukes start flying. I don't know exactly what weapons world war 3 will be fought with, but world war 4 will be fought with rocks.

This could spell the end of the human race. There's a 10% chance that we're all dead by 2021.

I may never acquire the success in life I know I can have, just because someone wanted to win the election again.





This’ll all blow over in a few weeks


Sure it will. But will it be blown over by sense, or shockwave?

I'm not confident either way.


In a way, i'm joking about niggerspacing
news story just now "iranian foreign minister that attack on us troops was "proportionate" and in (((((self-defence)))))"
Well, things are getting dark.
I dont really know what else to say
What will we do if things end up being worse?
I guess we need to keep an eye out if things get worse, and we need to do things to come togeather as brothers in anonyimity
Try to keep 22chan up for as long as possible, and just keep living day by day


Live every moment as if it's our last.


Let's break down the possibilities with a bit of logic.
If this doesn't just blow over, we're fucked. ww3, all that jazz.
If it DOES blow over, this is just another thing that Iran will never forget whenever dealing with us. Sandniggers will keep burning flags and yelling "death to america" or whatever, except they'll do it any more. Some form of conflict will become even more unavoidable.
Either way, this is a shitty situation dear ol' trumpy has dumped on us.


I mean, it could not be by nuke, it could be by cyberattack which is better then getting wiped out. At this point, politics dont matter beleive what you want to belive, just dont tear other people down for it.
America due to being distracted by infighting politically will easily get invaded and torn apart and then either china or iran will take over
Personally i don't think trump "dumped it on us"
I mean, Soleimani was massicuring us troops, it was a matter of time before somthing would happen


Yeah, but seriously? A fucking missile? They couldn't have been less discreet.


Trump didn't exactly choose though.
This was planned by generals, who learned that solieimani was planning something. They pretty much asked trump to greenlight him getting killed before he can pull something off, and the only way to do it was by drone strike. Either let him go and see what he does, or kill him.


This whole situation sucks and if I'm alive by next year I'm buying all my family and friends big macs.


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As a foreigner i don't understand how this can reach countries that are not related to the conflict, for example, my country has never involved in any world war and it has maintained neutral on this. Is there any danger for me?
i'm just pic at the moment


Does this means we get fallout games on sale on steam?


No, it means you get fallout for free, and without any bug or shitty engine!


Fuck you nigger for having such a scary pic


unfunny samefag is unfunny


>There's a 10% chance that we're all dead by 2021.
Hell yeah!


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>Our president is starting a war just for the votes
a shitton of US presidents after FDR have done exactly that, sometimes directly in the Middle East, sometimes indirectly in Central America and other places on the globe.
>they haev the big nukes
No shit, nukes have been a thing since literally ww2, also if I had a dollar for every time the USA did a "surgical missile strike" somewhere in the world, I would have enough money to buy myself my very own Recreational McNuke, and exactly how many of those missile strikes have turned into ww3? Yeah, exactly none of them.
>If this escalates, it could literally spell the end of the world
Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria have been war playgrounds for a long time now, at this point nobody even gives a shit what goes on there.
Iran itself hasn't even received a single bomb strike from the USA (and vice-versa) and that's all that matters, neither of the sides is going to start a full on war because one persian fuck was killed in a desert between Israel and Iran.
Everyone shouted "WW3, WW3, REEEE" back when the norks shot a ballistic missile right over Japan in their airspace. Did anything happen?
In the Middle East, Obama bombed some hospitals, Trump bombed some airfields. Maybe something happened here?
As always-no. Pic related is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME.
tl;dr OP is a faggot like always.


If anything everything is going good so far, trump is trying to keep things peaceful.
I mean nostradamus predicted that the east would fight with the west, and that would spell the end of the way we live normally.
Then, around WWI
A book that written that said that this is the "golden era" and just like the romans, everything's gonna tumble down. That scared everybody INCLUDING hitler. And look at what happened.


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>nostradamus predicted


Elaborate nigger


I think his point is that listening to predictions is dumb


That's my point though.


Iet me explain myself a little.
No, for the love of christ wwIII is not going to happen. EVERYBODY EVERY CENTURY IS AFRAID of some massive war going down, and it only rarely happends.
You cant really just depend on one news source, and news outlets with liberal afflictions are painting the story as of the evil dictator trump want's to start ww3
IF you want to read about this on going event GO every NIGHT and READ SEVERAL NEWS SOURSES. Ignore godanm twotter, facecuck and where ever else that they talk about WWIII because all they can talk about is WWIII and how we all are going to die and make stupid memes, pound sand, and how it's trumps fault. is not WWIII. No one even did anything to even start it yet.
Yes, trumps SOMETIMES is autistic. But look how he handled the whole "iran firing 15 fucking missiles at our u.s. military bases event" no one got injured, or killed and only a tiny amount of damage was had. He said he just wanted peace.
Yeah, i know i'm autistic looking back, i could have worded things a lot better, but don't be autistic too by posting a shitty reaction image with no elaboration whatsoever.


Anon, what the hell is this image, and how is it related? Some type of bug?


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ww3 is a meme


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Checked correctly


Whats worse? Its a phucking twitter war. Everything is twitter politics these days. The Iranians were making threats to dubai and other places over twitter. Twitter is quite possibly the most destructive political platform.
Something i found really interesting were the earthquakes. They were ~5.7 something i believe, right on top of Iran.


It's a mother's love. Some kind of centipede protecting is young. Adorable, yes?

I didn't have a relevant photo saved


Thank's for explaining op
She's keeping her kittens warm


Can this thread please fucking die so I can stop seeing that stupid fucking centipede on the front page everyday?


How hard is it to make a new thread or reply to an older thread?


I don't want to spam


Thank fucking God that pic is gone now

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