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anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.


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he works at Google right now
>b-but why?
good question.
no answer.

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail



dubs lol


A fact: m00t is a fag

Your fortune: Better not tell you now


moot invented pic related and he's a fag that's all i really know, i don't know more about him

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how was your day anon

Your fortune: Average Luck
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congrats anon on the raise, and nice fortune roll. Gives me more faith in it.

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again


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Not good frend. My (((doctors)) think I have a personality disorder I figured this out thanks to (((google))) based on what they write on the letters. I keep having thoughts of (((them))) running my life to the point that my "delusions" are seeping into the real world.


Just found out I have a family history with Bipolar disorder.
I don't like to claim shit I haven't been actually diagnosed with but if it turns out I have it, it'd explain a lot.

Your fortune: Better not tell you now


I feel similar. My grandpa (from mother's side) has heavy schizophrenia. I haven't been at doctor since I don't like them but I suspect I can have some type of schizotypal disorder.


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Terrible, I am really starting to hate college and my own shitty work ethic. Hopefully this is reversible.

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>babby's first vichan board
>hurr durr let's advertise everywhere because that's how to properly build a community, no need to have a common interest
>about 4 seconds until there's a Discord server (if there isn't one already)
cmon man, at least try
you can't just look at what someone else has and say "let's make that, but the exact same with no redeeming qualities other than a premise of being 'less bad than the other thing'"
please, PLEASE, get off of 4ch/r9k/ and stay here, with your fellow normalfags
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Ok, sounds good. Also nice dubs. As i already mentioned before, could you add this to the rules,please?



I am this active, because i get every post by mail. So i read every post that is made on this site… Thats how i can help everyone asap.


Isn't that super annoying?



No not really actually.


Most replies on 4chan are "heeh oreganolifolimoli"

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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero
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0/0 didn't even try to be original by being edgy
here's your (you)


>Implying that I was trying to be original


I have things I'd like to accomplish maybe


I've tried and failed, now I'm to void of feels to want to an hero (no good feels, no bad feels.) Patiently waiting for the despair to come back so I can do it.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


because i can fap which makes me feel good any time

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Don't ask why

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Newfag here
What the hell are dubs?

You rolled the number 814381248 (no dubs or higher)


something that you didn't get.


I don't know either friend, Seems to be some fettish


its when you get a win in fortnute :D

You rolled the number 166897444 (trips)


Epic trips and Epic reference!

You rolled the number 269719496 (no dubs or higher)

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>Be me
>mommy's big, healthy, bouncy 589lb 32 y/o
> be playing LOL
> Feel tummy make a grumly
>Need to make a poopie
>Luckily, I have a convenient poop closet right in my room
>Pull down my big boy robe
>Unleash a mighty brap
>Make a big diarrhea doodoo right into poop closet, along with all of my other poobs
>Mommie comes in
"A-annon, what the fuck are you doing!?"
>Explain to the normie that I'm Using a poop closet, like any god would
>She kicks me out, breaks my computer
>Posting this from a starbucks
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Make her pay for what she did


Hey Anon, did you know that coffee not only raises your energy level but is also a diuretic?
You know what to do.


Ok /r9k/, Here's an update

>Waddle on back to mommie's house, full of big boy drink (Mountain dew + expresso) (I stole mommies plastic GPB card)

>make enough to fill up a jerrycan (For in-walk refueling)
>New daddie, J'rone, has his Caddilac parked in the driveway
>Climb into the car
>Suspension snaps underneath my immense power
>J'Rone comes outside
> Unleash a mighty, liquid brap inside J'rone's car
>open the floodgates, spreading liquid wawa all over the driver's seat
>J'rone goes back inside
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You really showed her

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I enjoyed it, I listen to non-vocal lofi when I'm making homework but this was really comfy.

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail


glad you enjoyed it, there's alot of more of his works. sadly, he's dead and rumors said he comitted suicide because of his numerous songs that says about him wanting to commit suicide.
i never really understand about famous composers comitting suicide, atleast they have a skill to creating something that has a worth like music, and they would be mourned by thousands of fans. if i'm gone, only my family and few friends will mourn


I think it makes the song all the more beautiful leaving, he left something behind he can be proud of.

Having someone mourn you after death is comforting.
But makes me think that they will remember you for the most
notable thing you did.

Make something you're proud of anon.


pretty deep saying. that's what im trying to do, considering that we haven't achieved immortality yet. i just don't understand people who commited suicide while their life is going really well. i wouldn't just shoot my head when i have fame, fortune, or talent. i think they're just bored of it all, but there's no valid reason to kill yourself over that


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>tfw newfag


Shit u r right


Yes give me your Mutter


It's 22chan, there isn't a single person who's been here over a year. We're all newfags.

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What's with the roll thing?
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fucking amazing

You rolled the number 22160773 (no dubs or higher)

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail


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I'll roll more 6's than you

You rolled the number 6930093 (no dubs or higher)

Your fortune: Average Luck


This should be in the chan's history timeline.

Wait till you see this

You rolled the number 544810298 (no dubs or higher)

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck


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You rolled the number 742687466 (dubs)

Your fortune: Godly Luck


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I am scared.
It's a truly random and therefore fair way to get dubs, trips, and so on. It's especially important in a place as slow as current 22Chan, where dubs are so incredibly easy to predict.

You rolled the number 988464221 (no dubs or higher)

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I like this place but it moves at a snails pace how many people are currently browsing r9k?
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it only goes downhill from here


fake news! not true


let's hope for the best


this chan
>feels like a community a bit
>no porn spam taking 90% of the site
>no cancer (relatively)
>trade off is less post per hr

other chans
>huge numbers of people
>porn and other garbage spammed everywhere
>no community
>terminal stage 6 cancer
>1000+ posts per hour depending

Trade off's I guess. I think if you don't expect loads of users/posts this site is breddy gud. Except for the captchas


You can't waste an entire day looking at estrogen propaganda and tumor promotors.

It could use a slightly larger community but I like the way things are right now.

File: search.jpg (38.24 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1541004218197.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Everything that made 4chan worse and should not be reproduced here.

I'll start: Porn-Ads

Your fortune: Outlook good
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Traps and faggots




>Too much 3DPD.
How about you kick all of that out and replace it with 2D instead? 3DPD ruins everything.
>No regards for Japan.
How about you make everything japanese again? With the exception of 3D of course.


>no /christian/ board

Also can someone please explain to me why I need to solve about 5 captcha's successfully so that I can post? This is the only website where I have this problem
>please select all the matching images
>please try again
>please try again
>Please Try Again



>Incel threads -You will not get a girl because you lack "blank"

>I remember some anon making D&D threads on r9k with a red alert theme. I joined his discord server afterwards and made some friends. I would like this to come back.

Also creative general.

Discord servers are truly a mixed bag.

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Hello. How is everyone doing?


Fine. It seems that this r9k is already 90% shitposting and we're not even 30 posts in

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I can't stop feeling self pity for myself. Anyone else feel the same way? Is it beyond fixable?
pic unrelated


I think that it's very normal to feel self-pity. It's okay, but to move past it (for me) I have to do two things.
1) I have to just allow the feeling to happen for a bit. Sometimes I cry really hard, but then
2) I try to focus myself on something else and think about things I'm doing alright and things that are actually kind of okay about me.

It also helps to try to think about what you can do to fix whatever you feel bad about. Sometimes that can be difficult if it's physical, but if it's a personality thing then you can always try to improve it.

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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
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I belive in Science… Who is with me?



Isnt that the point of Catholics and Protestants?



There is no god

Your fortune: Outlook good


No, but I'm agnostic so I'm not opposed to it altogether. I appreciate religious values like being kind and stuff though because they really should just be normal practices honestly.

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