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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
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Cult ramblings



Even the idea mate?
nice dubs
I like to occur naturally, anxious to know any pics
you cant delete my cursor over his


I am an agnostic, but I have no problem with the concept of a religion. Maybe I will make up my mind one way or the other as I gain more experience.



There's no substance in religion for me. I don't really get anything out of it so why try?

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in this thread, you tell how do you feel or what you've experienced today. the point of this thread is to make every single day count (hopefully) and hopefully remove off some robot personality

i feel nothing really of significance happening today or tommorow. this really annoys me because i have things that i want to do today in my head but never really have the motivation to execute it.

how was your day anonbots?
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I hope that turns out good for you.


Alright, my day has just started so theres really nothing much to tell. Am going to try and make some flash memes today, if time allows it. Its all cloudy and shit today


>went to a local job center so I can start contributing to society and buy up-to-date vidya
>stop for lunch in the cafeteria, get some food and soda from a vending machine
>sit down by myself and eat in silence
>nearby are some shadowfolk eating in the usual style, talking loudly and playing music on their phones
>one of them turns to me
>"are you alright sweety? Is something wrong?"
>I'm literally just sitting there eating, not scowling or anything.
>she tries to start a conversation, but I have no idea what she's talking about since I can't hear a damn thing
>just mumble back to her questions, hoping it's an acceptable answer
>eventually just pull out my phone and pretend to read something on it
Why does my mere existence seem to bum people out? I can chalk this encounter up to a cultural difference, since I guess being quiet and alone is unusual for black people and a sign of distress. But this isn't the only time something like this has happened. It's just my atmosphere, I guess.


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It was one of my friends birthday. Other than that it was boring.


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>be foster child
>sadtimes.file extension
>spend Easter with my mum and my uncle
>be on track to living with my mum and siblings again
>have a cool bicker uncle who wants to help us build a boat
feels good man

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I like this whole entire album (The Antlers - Hospice)




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how do you feel about it?
what are your plans for the week?
luv u guyze

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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Got a CVS final tomorrow, and here I am shiposting here.
Will try to have fun as usual.
Love you too.


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Everyday seems like Monday anymore


I just woke up... I want to go back to sleep...

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again


got crossed fingers for you anon!
lurk moar



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>be me
>greentexting in my underwear
>just got a girlfriend



Im happy for u mate


Truly an inspiration


jesus i truly hope that's not ur gf


>not going commando


nadine swims past

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in this game I'm at an impasse. I've got to hold my convictions mostly in the game & be myself. But I got to this one question which was existential to me. I'm supposed to answer "I lost my best friend" or "I lost my dad". well, I want to answer from real life. Both are still alive, and my best friend & I are together as friends. But I betrayed him majorly 1 time & 1 time I was trying to do a long term solid for him and I broke and took it back but then got back on my feet to fight for him. My dad & I broke apart when I was 5 but we were best friends. It's never been the same. I have a feeling the game's going to go downhill but I'd like some talk therapy. It's really I don't want to pick one of them, but I don't want to answer from the game!


Life is strange more like, LIFE IS GAY. LOL GOTEEM


punksnitch, lemme holla at ya(ho)

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>feel like shit
>go to sleep
>wake up
>still feel like shit
Life fucking sucks i want a refund


i know the feel anon

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Hello. I come from 4chan after seeing what is tantamount to an advertisement for this site. Securing one of the early posts for myself is a pretty comfy feeling tbh. I wonder if this site will stay up as continuously as 4chan has? The ban on pornography and gay shit sure is refreshing.
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>just found out about this place
>read about the advertisement thread
you fuckers even read about the TOS of discord?
and fucking patreon is gonna fill this place with normalfaggots
be careful about what you fucks do or we are going to have 4cuck 2 electric boogaloo

but on a lighter, brighter note how are you anons doing?


>the advertisement thread
Huh, what advertisement thread do you mean?


weird i can´t find it now but it was a thread about getting this place known

among the suggestions were things like posting this place on other discords and other stuff like that

probably got deleted or maybe i am really losing my marbles

my point still stands, in the rules is claimed that no normalniggers/traps/faggots/trannies etc... and yet this place has a discord and a patreon instead of setting up a IRC chat and regular donations (i know this place does have regular donations tho)


Twoot pays for 22chan from his own money, so he wants to make multiple ways possible to support this place.

>IRC chat

I mean there is this: https://live.22chan.org/


Completely cucked now. Don't even bother to step there.
good idea I second this. Still I think that we have Livechan and when you want you can just use a name.

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The internet's so fucked. By extension, so are we. It's so goddamn depressing to think about how the one place where I can feel even slightly good at something is such a shithole. The web's fallen so far, and it's only getting worse. Is there any hope of restoring it back to what it was?
I feel like the entire human race had a mere 20 years to communicate with itself freely, before the internet became commercialized and nobody can fucking say or hear anything real anymore. Will we ever be able to achieve such true global interconnection again?
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twoot, while we're on the topic of anonymity, what benefits to tripcodes really offer to 22chan? the reason I ask is that while they may have a useful and verifiable purpose, at 4chan they've been a big part of the steep decline of the site in general, where any noname meaningless normie can pretend like its reddit and make sure everybody knows who's making that valueless post, and I think they also gave rise to the generals culture, where the trips allowed people to think that its necessary that people know they're some authority figure in a special general thread. anyway, I kind of ranted on accident, but I did want to bring this up


Hmmm, you're right. I mean we would still have ids on /pol/ and so.


I think its perfectly fine on /pol/ there's a lot more going on there that necessitates the ability to distinguish who's saying what. foul play in a political climate would be one of the worst types of shitposting in my opinion


How about robots.txt ?


I actually believe that the internet died a couple of years ago, the web's appeal was in exposing yourself to new ideas, and finding people who are intersting in yours, this requires the user to go out of their comfort zone and reach out to others.
The internet now is boring, it doesn't interest the same type of people who lived it's ealy days.
If you are looking to get that same feeling of connection with others the web provided in the past, i would try the old way, traveling.

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do you really need friends? i have legit no friends and i am desperate to find one even in online because it would make my life more interesting



I dont think you really need friends.


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I am friendless, too. You can live relatively happy life without friends. But most people need some kind of contact with other people from time to time. (it depends on your needs and preferences) You could perhaps join the 22chan steam group? >>>/vg/1 (does this work?)

Your fortune: Good Luck



And there also is a discord (discord.22chan.org)


You should try getting one or two friends, i don't suggest you surround yourself with people as it will get you tired of them(probably)


I didn't think I had any friends, but then I found out that there were people who thought of me as their friend. I didn't think of them like that or realize until they brought it up. It surprised me. I guess you should look for the friends you do have but don't notice, before you start feeling too bad.

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how was your day anon

Your fortune: Average Luck
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I feel similar. My grandpa (from mother's side) has heavy schizophrenia. I haven't been at doctor since I don't like them but I suspect I can have some type of schizotypal disorder.


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Terrible, I am really starting to hate college and my own shitty work ethic. Hopefully this is reversible.


Pretty good. Work was boring, but later I had a good meal and was chilling in bed. Comfy.

Your fortune: Excellent Luck


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The fortune function should be limited to a /x/ board or something to be honest.
I wish people would stop using them. They're from TRS/CIA/alt-kike, they're not really /pol/, and pretty obnoxious. ;_;
[spoiler]You realize the author's name in the image is Jewish?[/spoiler]
The only thing I like in that image is waking up really early. Otherwise, this.


Fuck you nigger. The Coincidence Detector userscript is actually useful. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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I like this place but it moves at a snails pace how many people are currently browsing r9k?
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this chan
>feels like a community a bit
>no porn spam taking 90% of the site
>no cancer (relatively)
>trade off is less post per hr

other chans
>huge numbers of people
>porn and other garbage spammed everywhere
>no community
>terminal stage 6 cancer
>1000+ posts per hour depending

Trade off's I guess. I think if you don't expect loads of users/posts this site is breddy gud. Except for the captchas


You can't waste an entire day looking at estrogen propaganda and tumor promotors.

It could use a slightly larger community but I like the way things are right now.


Good summary of this chan vs others


4/r9k? not me. place is a shit hole. 8/r9k is better.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


I never liked 8/r9k/ much. It's like I'm on some incel forum. /v9k/ was better before it died.

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anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.
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dubs lol


A fact: m00t is a fag

Your fortune: Better not tell you now


moot invented pic related and he's a fag that's all i really know, i don't know more about him


he gave it away that's why he's a fag

Your fortune: Average Luck


Let's see if my memory is correct.
m00t, aka Christopher Poole, created 4chan when he was 15 as a place to anonymously discuss anime. It was essentially a ripoff of the Japanese Futaba Channel. He advertised 4chan on Something Awful, where most of the original users came from. 4chan quickly blew up way larger than m00t had anticipated. As the userbase grew, people inevitably went off-topic more and more, so m00t created /b/ and the rest of the boards. m00t came to hate what 4chan became, and was very vocal about this. 4chan was a load of trouble that he hadn't asked for. He just wanted a little corner of the internet where he could talk about asian cartoons with like-minded individuals, but of course it mutated into the cesspool we all know. How would you feel? I'd imagine that m00t jumped at the opportunity to sell the site when it got as bad as it was. I can't really blame him, honestly. There are rumors that he was forced to give up his site because of the SJWs or the FBI, but I don't think he needed any incentive. He was tired of it, and had been for many years. He was ready to live his own life. m00t's abandonment of 4chan definitely led to a decrease in quality on the management side of the site, but it was only in response to the decline of the anons. I don't know where m00t is now. I doubt anybody does, or it'd be common knowledge. But I'd wager that he's a lot happier now. And I'd bet that he wishes he'd never made 4chan in the first place.
I can't imagine carrying a site like 4chan from the age of 15. It's astounding m00t did it for as long as he did. But he had his limits, like anyone. If 22chan ever does pick up, I hope Twoot is ready. I don't mean to be a downer, but he could be in for a long and difficult ride.

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>tfw no aspie discord friend
t. aspie


I'm not autistic, but I'll be your friend anon.


im not really diagnosed with anything because i've never been go to the hospital and get diagnosed by a dr but im pretty sure im not normal either, so add me
discord: ネットパラダイスガール#1476

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I am sad


Bro me too. I honestly want to kill myself like a really hate living lol


Like, I really want to. I struggle with those feelings though because I want to achieve things, but I really don't feel like living anymore. Sad!


22chan /dep/ board twoot?

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