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Wow it's like arkanine but not on 4chan hello guys


Henlo friend


Hello fren



How is it going?


Pretty good. this UI sucks ass desu



What part of the ui…?
I like it here, hbu?


I mean the reply box just stays at the top. If the threads ever get to be sizably long it'll be a pain in the ass having to go back up everytime.



You know that if the thread is long enough, there will be the quick reply box…


also how the fuck do I go back to the main menu? 4chan had all the boards displayed at the top and bottom so it was easy to go anywhere.



At the top of the page is a board list lol.

To get back to r9k you just click on r9k or return. and to get back to the home page you click on the banner…


I did not know that. This thread is my very first post in this site. That is most un comfy desu.



Sorry, i was a bit harsh… I hope u still stay


It didn't even register as harsh, and I hadn't noticed the top menu in threads. Still pretty uncomfy but whatever.


OK so I also can't just hover my cursor over a post link and see the original post, I have to actually click it and then go to that post.



I could build that…

Also, 22chan is open for ideas on features & co…



cool. Also, is there no way to make a thread from the catalog? Do I have to go to pages view?



Thats a good point… Currently there is no other way as going back to pages view, but im going to make it possible soon.

Thanks for the good ideas!


Now the on hover thing works, and you can post right from the catalog…


Not seeing the on hover thing, and the quick reply box doesn't open anymore for some reason. I do see the start new thread from catalog though, thanks.



Have you tried clearing you browser cache?
Because on my side everything works perfectly…


Just cleared it, still nothing. Don't even see the auto update button anymore.



Yeah the auto update button is gone for me too… trying to bring it back right now… But the highlight on hove thing should work



Now the auto update and the quick reply are working again!


Is it working for you?


auto update button is back, still no hover and no quick reply box.


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Hmmm, thats weird…

As you can see in the screenshot, its working for me. What browser do you use and are there any errors in the console?


Using firefox. Dunno about the console.


Press F12 and then there should open a thing at the side or bottom with multiple tabs and one of them is Console


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It shows this desu



Ah, ok… Iknow what the problem is, i guess…



Ok, should work now… If not, try clearing the browser cache…


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Henlo friend


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Le trips have spoken


Hello. Nice trips dude.

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