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Hello. I come from 4chan after seeing what is tantamount to an advertisement for this site. Securing one of the early posts for myself is a pretty comfy feeling tbh. I wonder if this site will stay up as continuously as 4chan has? The ban on pornography and gay shit sure is refreshing.


sure is man


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feels nice man


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This place has more potential then modern 4chan in my opinion ^_^


Without porn boards this place will die



I think 22chan is really comfy without porn…


You are wrong and your perverted ways are disgraceful


Is this bait?


> I wonder if this site will stay up as continuously as 4chan has?
While it will lack the sheer scope and population of the big one. It can certainly be around if there are people and content worth checking out.

(I know that the post is old.)

Nah. Porn is so cheap and everywhere nowadays. It's not a "killer app" anymore.



Better dead than inbred


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Me too. 4chan is okay, but there are times you wish that you'd come across a feels thread, that didn't really have a girl with a ruined mascara choking on a cock as pic related. This is...comfy.


Although, an app for 22chan would be pretty nice, something similar to Omnichan. I usually browse when in bed, the page formatting for my browser is just terrible.


Phoneposters such as yourself should be rounded up and shot.

Your fortune: Average Luck


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not everyone likes to be limited to the laptop


Phone posts are usually incredibly low quality


This is such a relatable sentiment. I really do understand this.

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