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I have recently realized I have gotten scared of people IRL and whenever I listen to a fictional person's voice, I feel calm and relaxed.

I would say its a wrap for me but I'm relieved. I never even liked people IRL. obviously I don't talk to anyone besides people who I'm forced to talk to [like the people I live with]

but this also means I won't ever have sex, and people say it feels good but I think sex does more bad than good, and people will accuse me of bait if I don't explain, basically my one and only left me, so its not my issue.



Damn, i feel with you mate…


We are so valid… I don't even care about the complications… fictional characters can't ever hurt us..

We are valid.

[T-typing this I realized we all have to talk to people to succeed so I'm actually making life worse for myself but I just want to cope]


I hope its cute and funny for you,, have you been treated well by everyone and gotten along with everyone?
For me its how I cope.


beautiful, i can relate to op.

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