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Yo my dudes, where could you advertise this site (except 4chan) without having normies/ redditors or other trash come over.

Through advertising i hope to make this site more active.

Or do you think it should stay like it is right now. Tell me your thoughts and ideas.


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well if that isn't the million dollar question. We can't advertise on 4chan (or at the very least /b/), and we don't want normies/redditors flooding the site with stupidity, maybe we should spread it by word of mouth to people we know want the old 4chan style, before all the porn and gookmoot, basically a more tight knit 4chan. it won't be easy, but anything worth doing rarely is.


Sounds like a plan.


Ive no friends irl, mind if I just promote the site with a Sharpie on the back of bus seats, Mr.Admin sir?



Yes, that would be a good idea


Advertise on dead 8chan boards


i'm gonna take the sharpie route and right 22chan.org on any bathroom stall I use.



Yes my dude :D

Take a pic when u did!



Which ones for example?


I plan on hitting at least 4 stalls tomorrow.


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It is done, one stall today, more tomorrow


Well done! 22chan shall rise…


…with my shitty handwriting!>>131


I can advertise on R9K, I can ban evade the shit out of 4chan.
I just want to be able to post megumin and not be banned :(



sounds like a good plan friend :)

> As long as its not violating the rules, you wont get banned


Your site is full of normalfags


You need to figure out a target audience and advertise to them. Try not to be so broad
Also try to design a picture that shows the pros of moving to here


Have you tried advertising on discord servers?



but we dont want any normies here, amirite?


Advertising is semi allowed on /r9k/ as long as its in discord threads. Make a 22chan discord and shill it there. You are less likely to get banned that way


honestly, advertising a website without normies populating it is impossible.


Normies dont stay normies forever unless they never go outside of their comfort zone. You have to transform them into based individuals


Is this a continuation of another /r9k/ chan? I seem to remember a year or two ago, someone creating one like this that was meant for robots.


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gotta look close for this one


Advertising on discord threads is a surefire way to attract nothing but normalfaggots and actual faggots



Bless you my dude


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I can only advertise 4chan TBh.
I ban evade the fuck out of R9K but R9K is full of trash.
I think we need to tell people we know about this place



Thats actually true tbh… 4chan ha become to cancerous to tell them to come here


We were all normies at one point


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Whatever you do, don't advertise on red boards if you do go to 4chan. If I were the owner of this chan, I'd probably try to start up an interests board or a few, attract a few /k/ommandos or any frequenters of boards not filled with edgy contrarian normalfag trash. Just my two cents. I wish this chan the best of luck, may it one day have a good community.

Your fortune: Excellent Luck



Thank you for your wise advice… What intrest boards do you recommend to advertise on/ create on this chan?


I'd recommend a weapons board, ranging from pre-modern weapons and warfare tactics, to the modern models and forms. Maybe call the weapons board /w&t/, for weapons and tactics. Also, a board for movies and TV shows. For advertising, advertise on /k/ in more obsure threads for the nu/k/ board, and if you like the looks of 4chan's current tv board, advertise there for /cine/ or whatever you might name this hypothetical board.


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didnt really work out


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>So /k/ is a text board there?


Why would you try to advertise in any other imgboard? It is all full of shillbots, degenerates(communists) and normalfaggots(accelerationists). Just stay away from any popular media. The bathroom stall/bus seats idea would be the best one, since people would need to get out there to see it.

Anyway, I congratulate the idea of devising an imgboard free of degeneracy that derails otherwise interesting threads.


how about websites that were once full of "outcasts" but now irrelevant?
its been long since i visited newgrounds. im only giving my 2 cents here

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger



What websites do you have in mind?


only newgrounds in my mind like i mentioned before. i didn't visited other website before then
if youtube culture somehow reverted back to 2007 then youtube could be a good website too for advertising but now its full of normalfaggots
we could also go further by going to dark web isolated social networks too



Dark web sounds interesting but we should be careful there to prevent CP and such shit…


i agree on that, but personally they would know where to post cp or not since that would require the right timing and place (tldr, they would know how to read the rules)



You're right… Do you know any places in the dark web? I'm not as experienced in the dark web…


me neither, but if cp alone is enough for being labeled as a dark web then 144chan it is


Sounds promising


i dont think so, every board there is contributed to cp. so there's gonna be little people from there that's gonna be interested in 22chan (unless well, we have a cp board)



Hmmm… Adding a cp board isn't possible bc it violates the law of the country which 22chan is hosted in.


exactly, so when it comes to the dark web advertising, im talking about isolated communities that isn't all about illegal stuff
i think its best to just advertise through stalls or through friends / communities that seems worthy to know about 22chan



also nice dubs


thank ya
maybe steam groups would be a good place to advertise?


Ive been telling people about this site on the chatzy suicide chat room that comes up on google. I dont know if anyone has came here from there but hey they my people so ill tell them if i wanna okay


okay anon, i dont know about chatzy suicide chat room but i hope they're not emo edgy "suicidal" 14 year olds or something


The statistics have gone up atleast


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should i tell them?


Idk, maybe?


on the one hand, there could be enough people left from the old days to help make this place great. on the other, the cancerous cunts are far more numerous on 4chan, and I'd rather they didn't come here



4chan is braindead

> nice trips


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this posts was made in an 4chan r9k thread
is there even hope to revive old internet culture anymore?


There is a imageboard browser for Android called "Clover". If we could convince the author of that app to add 22Chan as an unlisted imageboard (so you would have to read changelogs to discover it) That would add a barrier to keep masses out. But this could backfire badly since most phoneposters are AIDS cancer. Here are the sites that Clover currently supports: https://github.com/Floens/Clover/tree/dev/Clover/app/src/main/java/org/floens/chan/core/site/sites


Clover is the best one. I don't actually think that it matters if you use desktop, laptop or smartphone to be smart.
You don't have to ask Floens to add this as an option since 22chan is fully integrated with JS.



And how does this clover work?


I'm /g/tard not wizzard, but I saw anons suggesting to add some other boards (I think it was 7ch), but he never added it. Anons said that it's because of the integrated JS.



There is a json read only api, but it isnt public…


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What does it mean to us?


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I dont really know


Advertise it on other 2channel esc sites, such as 8chan, 7chan, or even something like vichan.


2 months from now, the entire website of 4chan will be infested with normalfag and redditors, so we may be better off keeping sites like these obscured from mainstream normalfags and faggotfags.


so advertising in other chans is a bad idea afterall?


I think so


I think advertising 22chan on 4chan or 8chan (or reddit) is a bad idea. Even 8chan's quality has started to decline after the US elections. But perhaps shilling it on 7chan or similar imageboards that are more obscure could work?


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Reporting in.


good job anon

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