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Going to try running a simple play by post wargame thing. Premise is this: You are a new mercenary company in a feudal kingdom. You have 12 fighting men, and 5,000 coins to spend on equipment for them. You'll unlock more shit as you gain fame and fortune.
The Attack value is a bonus to the attack roll, meant to pierce armor.
Feel free to ask questions about the game or mechanics. This place is slow enough to do something like this, but hopefully not too slow.


How much do arrows cost?
I'm assuming tactics and combat will be decided by posts in the thread?
I'm willing to play - i'm sure some other anons will join if they see the thread active.


Game is shit. Buckler is cheaper than big shield, yet has more block value. Can't tell if spear is 1h, but if it is buckler + spear is meta. If not 8 falchion/buckler and 4 bowmen is supreme. Not wasting my time on the math but add armor to a few melee troops. Literally the only viable option

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