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Everything that made 4chan worse and should not be reproduced here.

I'll start: Porn-Ads

Your fortune: Outlook good


>4chan vtuber


>Actually having a userbase
>getting more than 1 post per day


>excessive porn threads


I'll be talking about r9k specifically bc this is the board we are currently on
I think that a bitter mentality is kind of okay to a certain extent, but it shouldn't keep others from acting a certain way. The whole entire normie thing just kind of made actual normal people that joined (especially teens) edgy and annoying because they wanted to fit in. So on this board we need to be fine with people that are different, or if there is a "normie" thread to just not reply to it.

On the topic of replying to threads, everyone needs to try to support threads that they genuinely see good for the board. If you see a thread that you don't like -- just ignore it. You make the thread more likely to stay alive if you reply to it. That seems obvious, but then you have tards who are like "ree dumb thread blahahahd".

But also on that note, for this board specifically, if you see a thread that you don't think belongs on the board, leave a reply saying something like that and leave it alone after that. If you also dislike that thread but someone has already stated opposition -- just leave it at that tbqh.


>low effort/quality threads
trying to put some sort of effort into threads here will really help obviously, but mods have to also try to prune meaningless threads imo (threads that contribute nothing and have no humor to them or anything)

Making this r9k a blue board on 22chan would be a really great thing and preventing face posting also would be good also.

>Discord threads

My opinion of Discord threads is kind of iffy. I think that having Discord servers could be a really good thing, but the promotion of cult like, toxic, or cliquey Discords should not be posted. For some reason, those were always the most popular Discord servers and they really shouldn't be. Discord has great potential for serving as a way for r9k users to make friends though.



> I think that having Discord servers could be a really good thing

There is an official discord server (discord.22chan.org) where twoot is also online most of the time
I think that should be the only discord server


Traps and faggots




>Too much 3DPD.
How about you kick all of that out and replace it with 2D instead? 3DPD ruins everything.
>No regards for Japan.
How about you make everything japanese again? With the exception of 3D of course.


>no /christian/ board

Also can someone please explain to me why I need to solve about 5 captcha's successfully so that I can post? This is the only website where I have this problem
>please select all the matching images
>please try again
>please try again
>Please Try Again



>Incel threads -You will not get a girl because you lack "blank"

>I remember some anon making D&D threads on r9k with a red alert theme. I joined his discord server afterwards and made some friends. I would like this to come back.

Also creative general.

Discord servers are truly a mixed bag.

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