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I like this place but it moves at a snails pace how many people are currently browsing r9k?


We had about 36 unique visitors on june 31th. And the average is at about 35.




Pretty sure there are 4 people who come here



I mean u can see the stats my dude…


Sup person number 3


Thats the price you have to pay to be mostly normie and roastie free


Please stop appropriating my retardkin mk thx.

Your fortune: Bad Luck


I am desu.

You rolled the number 577751711 (dubs)


Nice dubs desu.


I want this site to succeed so badly (sob)


Never thought 22chan would be this successful :^)


it only goes downhill from here


fake news! not true


let's hope for the best


this chan
>feels like a community a bit
>no porn spam taking 90% of the site
>no cancer (relatively)
>trade off is less post per hr

other chans
>huge numbers of people
>porn and other garbage spammed everywhere
>no community
>terminal stage 6 cancer
>1000+ posts per hour depending

Trade off's I guess. I think if you don't expect loads of users/posts this site is breddy gud. Except for the captchas


You can't waste an entire day looking at estrogen propaganda and tumor promotors.

It could use a slightly larger community but I like the way things are right now.


Good summary of this chan vs others

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