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I learned all of architectural engineering & physics and am getting the handbook of physics and chemistry tomorrow so i can theorize. i've got a portfolio to design & engineer. I also got a vasectomy but am saving myself for love!


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see first two sentences


i don't need some rugrat raising cane left & right, instead i jabbed god right in the gut and screamed "SCRAM NITWIT!"


god is a crybaby of a nigger faggot bitch


god is a son of a gun, god is a rat bastard. god is a son of a filthy god


right before i got it god went by the waiting room in a canoe, i just winked at him. he didn't have a clue


I have God's official endorsement. I win and the CIA/FBI niggers lose. Just wait. Dumb fuck FBI niggers.


i'm holden god upside down using his hair as a broom moppadabroom broo broot!


o shit Diogenese & Aristotle fucked in front of Plato; who saw the light


i didn't read a book till i was already a teenybopper and by then it was nothing to me but binding


sh nigger i'm reading in my bumper kart



you have a choice to make: discourse OR guns+discord



Yo bro, you havin ome kind o breakdown or wha


youre looking like a CIA nigger,buddy.
I killed a CIA nigger back in 1999. Hit him with my car. Scored one for the good guys.


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mfw fartnite

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