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/sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan


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gay dog
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what a fat fuck


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Yeah,no. The dog really is gay, you just didnt notice the gay flag he was clearly holding in the first picture.


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You guys act like you've never seen a giraffe before


weird looking horse
nice saddle though


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dubs get
forgot pic

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The red man


Beware, the red man is violent


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Who wants to gnaw on human bones

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Come and get em! Ill keep my eggs motherfucker, shitz fucked!

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oh ok is great 22chan


is great :)


oh yeah


oh yes


are you a newfag


great is 22chan ok oh

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Who the fuck keeps making shitty threads
Where are the mods


Thanks doc


ayyyyy fuck yous tony
you aint gonna get none of moms cannoli if yous keep tolkin shit like that


Hey, it wasn't me this time

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She is gator girl.


No, you fool! Hina is a nefarious double-agent working for the spiders! See how she has that poor gator in a deadly chokehold?


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Suiseiseki uses gator as chair, but the gator is getting a good view.




Hina is based and redpilled

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What is the best country and why it it Switzerland?

Your Fortune: Reply hazy, try again


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that place is pretty nice, the flags a big plus

Your Fortune: Reply hazy, try again


Have you even been there?
Everything is expensive and the climate is shit.

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Sometimes I walk at night in search of something. Still haven't found out what that is yet. Cheers me up to witness the happiness of others. I saw a bunch of high school age kids breaking into a pool at the park last night. Looked like fun. You can see some interesting things if you pay attention. Not what I'm looking for though, whatever that may be.

Pic unrelated...


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Shit teir thread
What the fuck is even happening


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Hey mods, i think this guy is a spammer
I found the same comments on multiple imageboards one being ((((alphachan))))
So plz permaban if possible
Im also kinda worried we're getting shilled again on altchan fed imageboards but so far i have no proof of it. Just be weary of off topic, no explanation posts like this lads

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no N0 NO not the HoUsEs anything but that


Yeah sure I was just thinking about it the other day
Send me an email here: surefaggot@fuckoff.nigger


Patrick Lolenz... more like


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Here you go boss, a got a bunch of them

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ITT: post Os
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Then we shall fight, AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!


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Recommendations for fun ways to destroy tickle me elmo dolls? Be creative :)
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I'm sorry the use of text formatting to convey a pause in dialogue offends you.

I will try to be more accommodating of your feelings in the future.

My apologies.



Looks like you had a bad start
Best thing for you to do is to read the rules
Then, forget the FF thing
Last two threads got deleted and banned
You got us attention from reddit so we're mad at you
That's why everybody's pissed
That, and it's kinda a shitty thread
Almost sewers quality
Thanks for being understanding fren


Not done here yet. Almost.
Will not cause much trouble.
Only 2 more.


You ban evaded man
Please no more.
You can still stay here, just no fleshfagging.
And keep threads like this to /sewers/


Stop with the namefagging at least

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Is there any objectivity in art?
I used to think that there was "good" and "bad" music, because some things like innovation, quality and originality seemed like really solid on their own and not based on biased views of someone, rather they are intrinsic and true. But recently I've encountered an interesting point of view I'd like to share:
The things I mentioned above about music (and other art) could be considered "objectively something" only as from the point of view of a specific group, but there is no real *absolute* objectivity. For example, a painting could be "objectively good" for 22chan and at the same time "objectively bad" for 4chan.
Doesn't make much sense? Here's a better example: maybe 200 years ago people valued virtuosity on instruments very highly, while today most people value emotion behind the music as much if not more than being skilled at the instrument. Of course skills are still respected, but the perspective changed a lot. Keep in mind that at the time the importance of virtuosity probably seemed immutable and objective. So maybe there really are no actual real and absolute parameters. There is no "truth", no song is "good" or "bad". It's good or bad for a certain community.
Btw this applies to all arts (not sciences), music is just an example.
This really collided with the point of view I had before, but with time I'm starting to think this does make some sense.
What are your opinions on the subject anon? Sit by the fire and have some grilled rat, we gotta warm up our blood sometimes. These /sewers/ really are the best place to have a comfy conversation
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Your definitions of art are both complete shit.


Elaborate you nignog


Some things can affect you only one time, does that mean that those tools aren't artistic? I'm thinking of an expected event/ending in a story as an example
Either way I respect your point of view, when I really like something I often revisit it


Post yours and enlighten us


I look at it like this - the creation is objective and the reception is entirely subjective. When an artist creates something, they have some idea of what they want to do, even if that idea is "go apeshit and vomit on the canvas". If an artist clearly intended to, for example, draw a hyperrealistic portrait, you can point to the objective ways in which they could go about making it more hyperrealistic, aka be more true to their artistic intention.

The enjoyment of art by a viewer, however is fully subjective as anyone could enjoy anything, really, so all you can discuss is what about the work of art made you feel about it a certain way, but to say anything "objective" about it is impossible.

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I fucking hate jews. They're not human. Not even close. I hope every Jew out there dies a painful and slow death. Fuck jews.
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It's a person by person basis really


>>2122 (chek'd twoots)
this. I'm almost certain that there's an elite ring of (((jews))) vying for world domination, but kind old Mr. Fitzberg next door isn't part of it.


>>2126 (cont.)
basically there's a difference between jews and (((jews))), just like there's a difference between black people and niggers.


this desu


It is crazy that if you look at a good chunk of people in power, all jewish

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Dance on the balls
Cat fuck in a handbag
Yours only yours
I own a single bandstand
It's no lie
Lisa in the club said
Look animal


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