/sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan

/sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan


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lolelolelole fuck mods fuck jannies
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Hey fortune, is the Oracle saying no to the bit about /sewers/supremacy or the mods being against degeneracy? good for /sewer/emacy bad for mod morals

Your Fortune: Godly Luck


.../sewers/ is not best board...


open your third eye
open your third eye

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Report news and discuss itt!
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Where are these even coming from? who makes these?


what are you talking about, it's just the news. Nobody "makes" the news, but the media capitalizes on it. What is this conspiracy crap?


>dat url
technology is scary TдT

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I like to find construction sites, go there at night, find the building permit which is legally required to be on-site at all times, rip it off the wall and take it home. I have collected 47 different permits from 36 construction sites. Fear me.


same but with traffic signs. My dream is to get a stoplight.


i used to go to construction sites, particularly houses under construction. i'd jog over there, bring my hammer and boots, and inspect for any damage and off code. then i'd jog off in my jogging boots.


show pics or it doesnt exist

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and heck
fight me


fggt, returd betch go fukk a duck. ur mom gay. im findhing your loCATion as we speak so i can 1v1 u irl


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remain quiet, you wretched mortal


Don't make me get the spray bottle

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itt: derail this thread
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There was a day when the whole sky was orange for some reason. spooky shid.
and i mean, THE WHOLE SKY, the color of the fruit, with the clouds looking like a sheet of paper, just flat. no sun visible.


That's the apocalypse. But I guess they had a few technical problems and had to delay it, we'll see in a few years. Be proud; you were beta testers


are cats DLC?

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Do you guys like my website https://22chan.org i think its pretty cool, i also have another website https://wiese2.org its also pretty sweet.
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milan = 5 letters
barkty = 6 letters
6 + 5 = 11
11 + 11 = 22
In numerology, the number 22 is often called the Master Builder. The Phoenician-Hebrews possess 22 books, and their alphabet is made up of 22 letters, which was created to compose the Word of God.


melonian twoot barkty


see what i did there

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he fat
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i wonder what's wrong with him, very odd cat


He's just the Steve Buscemi of cats.

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Please don't hurt me mr. vampire

Your Fortune: Bad Luck

Oracle says: Try again


i vant to suak your blüüd

Oracle says: Yes, definetly

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guys wtf how could moot do this?


Thought better of this dude

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What is worse, Tumblr or plebbit?
Like yeah, they're both cesspools of garbage, but what is worse?
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This is what the latest normalfag trend is for (((memes))).
Incoherent "ironic" garbage, sometimes with slight whiffs of early 2000s internet like Scooter's techno songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9Nga8KC-ps


For a while I thought both pictures were of the same person. Took me almost 2 months to figure out the second one is a woman.


So, here's an issue i'm seeing. There's this fundemental flaw in the way we view these sites. they aren't nor shouldn't be made to be this big site that everybody goes to. we should have several sites and several versions of those sites that fit our needs, and we shouldn't want sites like plebbit to dissapear.
Lets say, i like 22chan. its my favorite site ever. but sewers bugs me. i want nudity, i want rauncy jokes, instead of me begging 22chan to change, i should find a site that's just like the sewers of my dreams. doesnt mean i should stop posting on 22chan, its just i needed to find an alternitive of sewers.
Now, lets say i hate plebbit, and i want it gone. "poof" gone with a flash. now what? where do all the users go? oh yeah they flood my favorite site. does that sound good? i mean the cia keeps honeypots or just clearnet pedo sites up for a reason, wouldnt you want a place to "keep watch" of pedos? same thing. make an alt that fite yours and others needs, find an alt, find a place as an anon said "goes with the taste of your flow" why do you think there's so many dating sites? one reason plebbit became bad is that it never should have became big in the first place. there never where anough mods to deal with problems, and ama's where absolute hell to run. if it was smaller, it wouldnt have been an issue in the first place. there was this science thing about over population, like filling a cup too much, and the water pours out, or where there's a group of cows and they eat too much grass and a good chunk dies out untill more grass grows. a regular pornsite was made to discuss niche topics, and had a userbase that thought a certian way. japanese culture and american culture mixing. absurdist humor. everythings fine untill the population grows and they loose sight on what makes a regular pornsite, a regular pornsite. the mods and jannies try to keep things steady, but the population thinks that the mods are gay, and sure anough, it becomes true. if 22chan shrinks in population, we die, but if we grow way too big, we die. people will find this site every now and then, and some times we should let things settle. but if it shrinks too much to where we get several posts per month, then advertizements on the right sites should be made. but lets say in the future we grow too big, then some type of buffer should be put in place, like a timer set in place like livechan, but instead of waiting several seconds, waiting around a minute, or "22chan off daysPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Yep, that's how it looks like irl


i agree with this


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the true face of fear

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great work on this wordfilter twoot, it makes me laugh when it's all lowecase like this


That is not a very soft catto.


I don't think it's a cat Steve.

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Suffering is for all and must be shared among comrades.


Ur kids will read your posts.


Us anons don't believe in reproduction.

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let's celebrate the birthday of 22chan itt lole

Your Fortune: Godly Luck
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forgot oracle

Oracle says: Not gonna tell you


But Twoot's thread is on /b/...

Your Fortune: Better not tell you now

Oracle says: Yes, definetly


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i just broke into this chick's apartment, stole $81, some airpods, a bunch of $2 bills, a ti-84+ graphing calculator, and 7 condoms. i then left some sticky notes in her bedroom telling her to add me on instagram (i made a burner account). am i doing this whole dating thing properly?
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How much do you want for that ti-84+ graphing calculator?



Oracle says: Not gonna tell you


Love is love. Don't let anybody convince you your way of loving isn't "true" love

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