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Sun 31/12/2023 8:49:08 PM
5 months ago
No. 929
(12.94 KB 320x180 )
Old internet time home.
Thu 04/01/2024 5:28:51 AM
5 months ago
No. 942
(2.69 MB 1662x1574 )
22chan anons just before they make a post.
Thu 04/01/2024 2:13:03 PM
5 months ago
No. 943
here you see that life imitates art
a reenactment of creazione di adamo, by michelangelo.
you also see aspects of the roman catholic trinity, the father (man) the son (cat) and the holy spirit (burger).
the man who took this painting clearly had this intention in mind when this picture was taken, another aspect he brillantly showcases is is critque on modern society.
notice the pencil on the floor, the pencil represents the phallus, the masculine creative force which has been seemingly discarded.
now see the boxed game ingeniously placed above the cat, "quibble" or "an evasion of or shift from the point" and "a minor objection or criticism."
the cat, once a proud animal, the king of the jungle and a hunter has been "domesticated" and reduced in form and spirit, instead of hunting for meat to feed his family, he eats the burger, a soulless, synthetic meal. notice the mans hand, homosexual and abnormal with a weak grasp on the burger, as if willingly poisining the cat. look at the cats eye, a dark void, with a hunger that will never be satisfied.
look at the shoe, blackened and facing the right (the right being synonymous with chaos), for which we flee the world and spiritual needs to feed the hunger in us all instead of seeking enlightendment.
Sun 11/02/2024 5:31:04 PM
4 months ago
No. 978
what's the secret:bricks

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