/sewers/ - this place is comfy dont let glow in the darks come here negros

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this place is comfy dont let glow in the darks come here negros


All empires will fall and every corner of civilization is doomed.


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Anons, leave 22chan in 22chan, ok? Remember that quality always trumps quantity. And do not post anything that ruins the board, including roasties and faggotry. pls. I really like this imageboard.

Your Fortune: Godly Luck


I have a feeling this increase in traffic isn't going to lead to anything good.


i just fucking hope this place doesnt get shut down. 4chan and 8chan are down now.


I doubt 4chan is actually down for good, it goes offline pretty frequently like this


youre probably right, but with whats happened with 8chan as of recently its pretty sketchy.


4chan is barely that edgy anymore. the guys who are going to shoot people all went to 8 or other places. Any talk of killing people is just met with 'hello fbi' even on /pol/. The only illegal content on the site is what's posted on /tv/ sometimes and nobody really cares about the occasional illegal image that gets deleted within a minute. It's possible that now that 8 is down they go back to 4, but idk, the way the boards function over on 8chan you had month long threads and a much more extreme core userbase with much less spam, so it allowed things to get more real.

I think you're right in the long run that 4chan will get shut down, but something is going to have to directly link it to an event like el paso I think.


no, they've gone down to their bunker at 08chan


Someone posted a thread on floorchan telling /b/ to come here.


Floorchan? Whats that?
If they posted a link to here, make them stop.
We don't need newfags, or edgelords.


4chan you wiener muffin


i thought you meant that offshoot thing of flochan


Floorchan = 4chan
I am retarded

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