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Worst number from 1-10?
My money’s on 7.


7 is the most morally bankrupt, but 9 is definitely the worst in that it was the only one weak enough to be overcome by the cannibalistic 7.


Probably 4 ("shi") because it sounds like death ("shi") in Japanese, unless you want to die ofc..

You rolled the number 465945777 (trips)


Godly Trips of Truth, anti-7 fags btfo


4 is such a whore

You rolled the number 109217913 (no dubs or higher)


i also hate the number 7.
it just sucks and thats it

You rolled the number 30716731 (no dubs or higher)

Your fortune: Average Luck



Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail


7 is an fucking ASSWHOLE!1!!1!


7 is definitely a gay number. i'm a number 4 type of guy


But 7 is a prime. How can you hate a prime number?


Anonymously discuss anime.


4. I just don't like it.

And 7 will look better if you put a line trough it.

You rolled the number 202088618 (no dubs or higher)


Singlehandedly be reborn.


But i like seben


7 is a pretty gay numver


A good community only goes downhill.


I'm watching at the box.

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