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itt: derail this thread


Aaah. Post genes.
some part bait (there are no rails at first, which are placed somewhat later (or even at this instance) ), some part shidpost (No real theme, just screwing around), some part boredom (No distinct idea, needs a little kindle).


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nuck figgers


Anyone seeing the outsides being yellow-ish? No? Only me?


everything is fucking green


How much plants do you have on your windowsill for everything to be green?


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Yellowish light is dope. But once we had pink light for like a minute or two. Now THAT was something


There was a day when the whole sky was orange for some reason. spooky shid.
and i mean, THE WHOLE SKY, the color of the fruit, with the clouds looking like a sheet of paper, just flat. no sun visible.


That's the apocalypse. But I guess they had a few technical problems and had to delay it, we'll see in a few years. Be proud; you were beta testers


are cats DLC?


They are, download them all.


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This is a cat bread now


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He has spoken, praise be.


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the day has come for the, the is the most important thing in this universe, god has no match against the, the is the god of gods, the ruler of all beings, all hail the, and hope the shall give us, power and safty, we shall live in the name of our lord, the

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