/sewers/ - I'm pleasantly surprised that this site is still alive.

/sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan

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I'm pleasantly surprised that this site is still alive.

Your fortune: Better not tell you now




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Yea, I agree anon.
We need to shill 22ch more, where should we start?




Sonewhere where there is no cancer


This thread is way to intelligent for /sewers/


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>where there is no cancer
You tell me, anon. Is there a place without it?


I hope that 22chan will make imageboards great again. Wtf has happened to imageboards (especially 4chan) since a few years ago?

I actually come from that article.


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I don't know if I agree with this analysis but the best I have heard is the following.

>gamergate happens

>topics get b& from /v/ and reddit
>/pol/ gets infected (libertarian at the time, at least more than it is now)
>angry gaymers must save their vidya
>/pol/ already hated sjws and GG was all about sjws
>turboautists discover links behind multiple sjw movements leading to soros and others
>but reddit and /v/ are there still trying to save vidya
>retards from reddit and /v/ start advertising /pol/
>with newfound popularity, /pol/ enters the 2016 election cycle
>in classic 4chan fashion, there is a candidate that makes people mad, this is funny, so trump is meme'd
>reddit takes it seriously and the_donald is born
>this shitty sub brings more people to 4chan who have no business there
>shills become a thing around this time, there were always your occasional JIDF/whatever, but it really gets funding around here (mid 2015, early 2016)
>many 4channers then go back to 8ch to escape the clusterfuck that is /pol/ with 10^x times more traffic than 2 years ago
>they bring some of the filth with them (this will become the Q crowd later on /cbts/)
>trump wins, arguably due to chan influence
>"we wuz legion" sentiment spreads making idiots think they belong on 4chan/8ch
>Q starts, moves to 8ch because super spoopy sekrits
>FFW today
>4chan is covered in shills and reddit tier garbage, 8ch has an ever increasing amount of paid shills (due to slower board culture) and stuff is basically no fun allowed

tl;dr: gamergate->/v/ and reddit join /pol/->2016 election->shills->trump wins->Q /cbts/->too popular/idiots driving away content creators

pic related is a more detailed analysis of gamergate's role in the degradation of chans in general



I am going to prevent 22chan from becoming infected as bestas i can


what's your plan for that?

You rolled the number 763764177 (dubs)



Reading every post


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>Reading every post
well, I believe that this place will be flooded with more people than now, stay sharp

also will be here some applications for janitors (or so)?



Currently it is pretty easy to handle, but when/if we get bigger i might start recruting some mods/janitors...


I wish you luck

You rolled the number 592699699 (dubs)



Thanks mate


I mean I wouldn't mind seeing a little more activity but I don't want this place to be completely destroyed. It's cozy here

You rolled the number 785839333 (trips)



Agree, also nice trips


Alive lobsters in the saddle.


You can be lost in the snow.


I love this chan


I came from 4chan and fullchan. Nice to have a place with less people.


Basically anybody knows.


jesus christ




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Is this extraordinarily good or unimaginably bad?


No, we're all just tw00ts schizospam

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