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Here's a quality thread for you, fucknoggin. ITT: We discuss MY DICK. Uh-oh, does that hurt your little feelings? Then why is it that I see your pants starting to stretch? Could it be that you... think I'm cute? Y-you bastard! Didn't your mother ever tell you that it's rude to make empty threats? That's right. I'm calling you out, you daft toad-man. You don't even have the guts to make a proper discord raid. And if you're so concerned with the "quality" of 22chan, you're not gonna shill us to Instagram, either. You absolute faggot. Your threats are emptier than your ballsack after an episode of MLP. Nothing's going to happen in the discord when your 24 hours are up, aside from all of us laughing at you. Don't fuck with the gators.

You rolled the number 765635961 (no dubs or higher)

Your fortune: Good Luck


Hello, this is the certified support squad. right noww we are looking at you post and we think that you should stop posting again sir. it is for yor good. you are messing too many with this place. i guess twoot is agry right now sir.
best regarsd
Microfsot Tecnichal support

Your fortune: Better not tell you now


File: gator crossing.jpg (103.32 KB, 968x569, 968:569, 1554420589132.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

It's been 3 hours since the time when you said you were going to end your little game, and there hasn't been a single reddit post in the discord, or any sign of you at all for that matter. Looks like I fucking called it. Nothing but empty threats from you, kiddo. Next time you feel like playing the part of chessmaster, remember what happened here today. If you're going to make us play your games with threats, make sure you have the balls to follow through with them.


Gator gang best gang


File: gang.png (217.77 KB, 796x419, 796:419, 1554511638052.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

crocodile gang > gator gang

Your fortune: Bad Luck


File: del_c_windows_system32.png (101.72 KB, 500x490, 50:49, 1554521082369.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

You need to know who is the best


Look at your ass.


Gators, crocs, caimans, we are all brothers.


Music is pretty true.


Now it's just fucking amazing.


I feel similarity.

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