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Spiders are cute!!


>be me
>fuckin around in garage with friend
>see spiderbro descending from ceiling on a thread, getting ready to build a sick new house
>realize that my friend is viciously anti-spider and will smash poor spiderbro on sight
>discreetly pick up spiderbro and place him gently on the ground
>he runs into the shadows and I never see him again, but do notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of flies buzzing around my pad
>later, friend gets dumped by his roastie gf because he has too many bugs in his house
>she bangs me because there are no flies in my house
>get regular compliments from random women about how I don't have any bugs crawling on me
>have bjs on a regular basis while friend lives in a pest-filled shithole and masturbates to cuck porn all day
Thank you, spiderbro. Keep on dishing out that sweet karma.

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