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Suggestions for features on 22chan.

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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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how dare they desecrate our innermost sanctum.

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On this Board you can post ideas for features, bugs you've found, board requests, rules that you want to be added, etc.

Violations will cause a ban from all boards from 2days up to permanent.

After something is implemented the thread will be locked

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i just noticed a major flaw with /pol/ and kind of the site in general. im looking on /pol/ and i see everyone agreeing with each other. conflict is a fundamental part of political discussion and it doesnt exist here. in my opinion the same goes for the rest of the site in general. theres nothing going on and no amount of posting will fix it. conflict is essential to the imageboard experience which just doesnt happen here. for me, the fun in posting doesnt come from how many people say they agree with me, its how many disagree. same thing the other way around when replying to someone. its not fun to tell another person that you agree with them, like who the fuck even cares.

also, there isnt really a board designated for meta posts so could you rename /sg/ to /meta/ or make a board for meta posts.
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Could you please create this system for erasing our own replies?
>pic related


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I'm not sure why, but i ain't able to create new threads here and on the /b/ board. Am i doing something wrong.


I've noted this to twoot before, but he hasn't fixed it.
Making threads from the catalog page doesn't work, but posting on the regular pages does work.


Thanks for suggestion Anon.


it is now possible to make threads from the catalog pages
bless twoot

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I’ve probably mentioned this before, but not everyone exactly loves discord, a bridge between the server and an irc channel would be cool


>npc wojak
opinion discarded
jk lol
People have talked about problems that could come from an IRC bridge, that is, users could just spam shit and evade bans without any repercussions was the main one.



Yes, I don't like chinese spyware software and reddit-tier tranny communities, but no, I don't think it would be cool to chat with that kind of people. What do you even do at that server?


General discussion. Conversations that might water down 22ch, and stuff is allowed that would normally break the rules such as raids. It's rigged so whenever a new post or thread is made, you get a alert. The 22ch discord has been up since march 23 2019 and if you go through the entire discord, you'll learn a lot of stuff you didn't know before. Think of the discord as a slightly usefull yet retarded twin to 22chan
One of the major issues that you need to make a (((profile))) and people join the server, but they don't say anything so the mods give you a day to respond. You need to say how you found 22chan when you join. That's pretty much it.

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can you ban this faggot?
its not obvious but it is a bot post. i recognize the posting style from wizchans textboard, hes this guy that went in every single thread spamming shit exactly like what he said, and its off topic for the thread even though it is /pol/. i just wanted to bring this here because i dont think just submitting a report calling him a bot would do much for the matter. pic related is an mspaint compilation of a few of his posts


Do you have any screenshots from wizchan?


If anything, he seems like a retarded spammer. Not a bot poster.


yeah the pic related is from wizchan. you can see posts like that in pretty much every single thread on the textboard

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This is weird. I just got banned by a comnent i didnt make, this isnt even my ip adress.
Hell, this ban was in NOVEMBER
What happened?


Mind you, this happened JUST now.


>and has since expired
you might have a dynamically changing IP, try checking if it really isnt your current IP address


i cant even find that specific ban, will notify twoot of this.


I found the thread!
(Don't know if you've seen this yet)

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your request looks automated; post discarded

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How about a board, or several, that you can only enter via url? obligating newfags to literally lurk moar.

Pic unrelated
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Can i see?


Oldfags only


What goes on there, anyway?
How does one get invited?
(Besides being an oldfag)


I've been here for a year, and never knew there was a hidden board. My mind is blown


there is, but it's only accessible to like 8 people.
we should have a secret "board" >>461

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Can we bring the sidebar back again please, It's been YEARS and I'm still not used to being without it and being without it makes the site look fucking ugly.
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>Link to the OWOT

You have my respect Lolico.


THIS pls
there should be a setting option to toggle it on/off

yeah, it seems someone invited Reddit over.
the "fucking ban everyone else besides me and my clones" mentality is for retards who think that all sites operate like some shitty social media platform.

this is actually even better option


Can't really see why people are against it, if it's an optional design feature which can be turned on or off at any time.




Ah, now this makes perfect sense.

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Could you please create this system for erasing our own replies?
>pic related


But you can, press the little [D] next to your post no
[s]But yes, this form of post deletion is shit[/s]

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I think this website needs its /x/ board. It would be fitting. I would love that.


Funny joke


We are too few for another board, and people don't really seem to be into /x/ stuff here


any practitioner of the occult should know that he must not be distracted by others studies. an /x/ board is literally contradictory to the study of magic

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btw, you can enable 4chanx on 22 by following these
Personally I prefer the highly underrated dollchan( https://dscript.me/ ) Works on all futaba and tinyboard based software


You probably should have posted this in /t/



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Can we have international discussions please? thanks


you could start with just making a /int/ thread, anon.




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If we're trying to emulate classic 4chan culture, we should take part in making the board symbols match up with Japanese translations a la Moot as opposed to English words a la Hiroyuki. The way I see it now, some boards stick out like a sore thumb.

>/sewer/ should be /ge/ (after 下水道/gesuidō)

>/feels/ should be /yu/ (after 憂鬱/yūutsu) or simply /r9k/ again

It's a simple request.
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how about a textboard, board on 22chan ascii art is apart of internet culture and I think there needs to be a board for it
also pic not related
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