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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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some1 pwned livechan, fix the xss twoot!

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On this Board you can post ideas for features, bugs you've found, board requests, rules that you want to be added, etc.

Violations will cause a ban from all boards from 2days up to permanent.

After something is implemented the thread will be locked

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Should i go with a 1999 Civic LX or a 2011 v8 charger?


>/sg/ or suggestions for 22chan features
wrong board for this thread lol

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You'll probably need a refresher so i'll describe it again. 22Chan Town Hall is a remake of 4chan's town hall where moot gathered all of his users for a massive, semi-meta chit chat. Our version could take place (in a thread) But honestly, livechan is better suited. The discussions that can take place doesnt really matter, It can be serious and candid, or just general discussion. (good place for newcomers to know twoot, and the site better) I'm going to post a poll that will help decide when, which day and for how long but as always twoot gets the final say. Make sure to vote for a time that's convenient to you, but i think the deciding factor is when twoot can show up.
We'll also need something like a timer in the blotter so we'll know when the town hall is happening. Also, should it get it's own special channel in livechan, or will we use #Random?


Sounds like a lot of fun, and potential. Best idea I've heard in a while

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are the owners retarded
>requires js to reply to a post
>doesnt even check if you have clicked the I have read the rules box
I have been here 2 minutes
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Should we advertise 22chan? Where? How?
Post what you think
Also post slogans, pics, anything related
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Here's some questions, some new, some old. some hidden, and even some asked in the open. Either way we've kinda sat on them or gave vague answers to no avail. And i fully understand it'll take time to answer these, changes aren't made overnight of course. and really, i just want this thread to just sit here and be discussed over time. Iron things out slowly.
1, Do we have a niche? Should we try and find one? What would it be? both "comfy" and "nostalga" are more or less aspects of this community then actual niches, if anything a good chunk of altchans adopted those as their niches already. 22chan needs to provide a seed of topics to discuss which will set the ambiance, and it has to relate to all the boards as a whole. an example is lainchan which uses serial experiment lain as their niche, and the aspects of their community is acting like a liberal redditor, and cyberpunk/hacker culture. (cats could be a niche but im not sure how it would be implemented or if it even is a good niche at all)
2, How can we be "Diffrent" or not just "Another altchan"? there's limitations to this question of course, twoots only one guy, and who knows what he can or cant do for the software aspect of that question. For some reason people get bored because they see us as some regular old "knockoff 4chan" altchan imageboard.
3, "Le epik oldfags" Or, Is it wise to adapt some of 4chan's culture, (like we do right now) or should we try to head in our own direction? is it bad to use 4chan's culture a bit too much, or even as a crutch or a placeholder for lack of a culture? we've been told that we're too young to fully understand what we are posting, some people get annoyed at when we discuss internet/meme philosophy a bit too much, like sometimes we get stuck in a cycle thats hard to get out of, and there are better things to discuss. some people say we are a "nostalga site" or even get "old /b/ vibes" from us. in some cases, we've been even called "oldfag larpers''
4, "Windowshopping simulator" Or, What's stopping you from posting, or making threads? What can we do to fix that problem? One suggestion what was thrown out is this
>start visiting and taking part into threads on other boards, don't just keep sitting in one board like /b/. And due to the whole site being so slow, you, anon, can probably even reply to several month old threads and posts to spark up the conversation.
>In short, diversify your Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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on 22chans index it is not linked as livechan.org but as something different. Fix the link twoot.
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Shouldn't the /pol/ banners be removed along with the actual board?
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livechan is ded
admin fix
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