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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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Idea for /f/

Flash as an embeddable web format is close to death, but there seems to be nothing to truly replace it
Of course there are html5 games and just normal youtube videos, but flash also had slightly interactive content which it seems we won't be seeing as much anymore
My idea would be to find (or create, it shouldn't be too hard I think) a file format like the .swf, except it works using html5, so you can embed it (and it would work without need for a plugin). It would also be easier to save/share than html5 games. And you could add the possibility to post that stuff on /f/
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Three things that I think would be very beneficial to your board and give it a cutting edge:

1. Could you allow images to be copied and pasted into the file location like Kohlchan does instead of the user always having to save an image to their computer and then upload it?
2. Could you allow for file renaming in the file section (KC always calls c&p'd images 'Clipboard-#########')?
3. Could you also allow for a text box for an image location link to be posted, where the image in the link then becomes the image in the user's post? did this and I'm surprised that nearly a decade later no other board has done something like this.
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styles for

pls let us use our styles that we have on the boards like niniba and shit for
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Links2 no captcha shown

How am I supposed to post on this holly board using a very holly browser that is links2 if I literally can't see the captcha the enterance of which is required? Also I definetely remember seeing the captcha with links2 before.
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new part

i was thinking if there could be a paranormal page added because i like reading that shit and i have a few stories
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Internet radio station for 22chan?

People can pay to suggest to add music, or simpily suggest music to add. Its like adds for 22chan but in a less crap more creative way to help keep 22chan alive.
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Video embedding

Could video embeds (especially from YouTube) be allowed to substitute file uploads, including OPs?
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Considering 22chan is hosted in Germany, how will Holocaust revisionist material and sentiment be treated (i.e. someone simply quips 'more bullshit like the holohoax')?

Do you feel or have you considered that most Holocaust denial-related stories and trials might actually be psyops designed to put fear into the average German?

Global rule 4 says no racism outside of /b/, yet there exists a /pol/ board. Considering /pol/'s historical weightiness, could this rule be revised? Also, what is 'racism' exactly, given that it's been redefined every five years? Are we allowed to say 'faggot' on 22chan?

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For anonymity's sake, why not delete IP's associated with a user ID if that IP hasn't posted in two weeks or so? That way, the IP address gets a new ID and nothing is logged under the old one.
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Can 22chan get a search function?
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What do you think about granting the ability to click on a user ID and being able to see all posts associated with it? It could be limited to boards with IDs. This was a feature I remember seeing on some now gone imageboards. It could be done to counter against shilling.
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Multiple file uploads

Could you guys allow multiple file uploads per post like so many other imageboards allow these days?
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OP Capcode

I was wondering, perhaps a feature that allows the original poster of a thread to use a cap code labelled OP or something when replying to a thread they created, of course make it optional, but have it there. I think that'd be pretty neat.
>pic unrelated, just a cool pic I found.
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Make it stop

and the captcha thing
>inb4 werks en mine mach1ne
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Are you collecting intel on us?

>Information We Collect Automatically
>When you access or use our Services, we may also automatically collect information about you. This includes:
>Log and usage data. We may log information when you access and use the Services. This may include your IP address, user-agent string, browser type, operating system, referral URLs, device information (e.g., device IDs), pages visited, links clicked, the requested URL, hardware settings, and search terms.
Why the hell are you collecting this? What do you even need to know this for? Is 22chan yet another datamining spook op?
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Uhhh twoot? Where's point 3 in the User Agreement?
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Character limits and verification

Nowhere is there a character limit rule and posts that are only a few paragraphs in length are considered to be 'too long'. What kind of bullshit is this? Could you please implement a character limit of around 25,000, and then possibly put in a character counter like other imageboards have?

Your verification system times out much too quickly as well. Could the captchas stay valid for at least 30 seconds instead?

pic unrelated
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an irc would be cool

just for people who dont like the discord or just doesn't like spyware
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On this Board you can post ideas for features, bugs you've found, board requests, rules that you want to be added, etc.

Violations will cause a ban from all boards from 2days up to permanent.

After something is implemented the thread will be locked