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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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kool kids klub

How about a board, or several, that you can only enter via url? obligating newfags to literally lurk moar.

Pic unrelated
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A successful future for 22channel

I was browsing the internet and I came across an archive of media from the early 2000's ( In there was a file "The 4chan v5 bible" ( I have a converted PDF mirrored at After reading it I had a realization. 4chan never got where it is today by pure luck and memes. There is a highly organized structure keeping everything in check. Nowadays they obviously hardly follow this document.
I study the design of websites. I know how they work technically, programmatically, and psychologically. Imageboards are by far the best form of online social network when done right. The anonymous nature of these sites allow users to be themselves without fear of judgement. Because of this new outspoken ideas are posted. The way threads are promoted through bumps promotes conversation on these ideas. The problem is when the board has too many users (such as most of the boards on 4chan). When threads are made every few minutes, people have to make more outrageous, troll, edgy posts for their thread to survive or just create a "general" (remind you of somewhere). The way to solve this is simply by adding new boards when a specific board gets to popular. For example: split tech into hardware and software systems.
Many imageboards die by making the wrong decisions don't let this be one. If things are done right, 22chan could become the next big thing, maybe even surpass 4chan.
I have much more things to say but would prefer to explain interactively... Twoot, we should talk, privately, in Discord.

Just to note I most likely made mistakes in this post.
tldr; 22chan could become the next roman empire, a digital nation!

PS. I only namefag on my important posts.
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Can we bring the sidebar back again please, It's been YEARS and I'm still not used to being without it and being without it makes the site look fucking ugly.
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Could you please create this system for erasing our own replies?
>pic related
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major problem with site

i just noticed a major flaw with /pol/ and kind of the site in general. im looking on /pol/ and i see everyone agreeing with each other. conflict is a fundamental part of political discussion and it doesnt exist here. in my opinion the same goes for the rest of the site in general. theres nothing going on and no amount of posting will fix it. conflict is essential to the imageboard experience which just doesnt happen here. for me, the fun in posting doesnt come from how many people say they agree with me, its how many disagree. same thing the other way around when replying to someone. its not fun to tell another person that you agree with them, like who the fuck even cares.

also, there isnt really a board designated for meta posts so could you rename /sg/ to /meta/ or make a board for meta posts.
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I think this website needs its /x/ board. It would be fitting. I would love that.
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btw, you can enable 4chanx on 22 by following these
Personally I prefer the highly underrated dollchan( ) Works on all futaba and tinyboard based software
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Pls gib /int/

Can we have international discussions please? thanks
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Board Renames

If we're trying to emulate classic 4chan culture, we should take part in making the board symbols match up with Japanese translations a la Moot as opposed to English words a la Hiroyuki. The way I see it now, some boards stick out like a sore thumb.

>/sewer/ should be /ge/ (after 下水道/gesuidō)

>/feels/ should be /yu/ (after 憂鬱/yūutsu) or simply /r9k/ again

It's a simple request.
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ascii art textboard,board

how about a textboard, board on 22chan ascii art is apart of internet culture and I think there needs to be a board for it
also pic not related
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New Mascot

I submit for your approval the new mascot of! Her name is "22 Chan"! She is sassy, strong, independent and she don't need no other chans.

Her catch phrase is thus: "Drop them panties, boys! It's time for some NUTS!"
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Is there a particular reason why 22chan doesn't have a favicon? Because that's something I'd really like to see.
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remove this banner?

well i was the one who made this banner but now i think it looks like trash, doesn't really feel like the end result that i expected
maybe others will agree, i dunno
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Seeing spoiler text from phone

Hi twoot. From my phone, in safari when there is a [spoiler]spoiler text[/spoiler] it's hard to visualise it, because just clicking on it doesn't work (while it does on 4chin).
Can you fix this?
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Internet radio station for 22chan?

People can pay to suggest to add music, or simpily suggest music to add. Its like adds for 22chan but in a less crap more creative way to help keep 22chan alive.
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What is this?
I mean script.
I liked and need to know, possibly to install it on my own site.
Thank you btw.
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Suggestion to delete /r9k/

/r9k/ is a cesspool of fags, incels and plebbitors.
Pic related is 4chan /r9k/ at this very moment.
The only thing they do is make
>mom found the box of shit in the attic
threads every single day and whine about normalfaggotry instead of doing fun things, literally avoiding one the main points of 22chan.
And about 22chan's /r9k/ specifically:
Open up the catalog and see how many "dank pepe frog memes" there are.
If there are good "comfy" threads or things like that, those threads should be moved to /b/ and maybe /b/ should get extra pages then to balance out the deletion of /r9k/.
That is my proposed suggestion.
Here's links to the polls, they are almost the same BUT PUT YOUR ANSWER IN BOTH OF THEM:
and the second one:
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Delete Banner

Can you delete this Twoot? The banner not only looks ugly but it doesn't even represent /f/ at all. It's just used as a banner because both has the word flash although obviously there's a huge difference, you're using a superhero (which is /co/ stuff) to represent an animation sub-board.

R: 9 / I: 2

SVG support when?

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation. The SVG specification is an open standard developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) since 1999.
All major modern web browsers—including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge—have SVG rendering support.
SVG support when?
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/f/ filenames

Does /f/ really have all of their files renamed to the timestamp? It's really annoying to have a collection of files that can't be thumbnailed named incomprehensibly to humans. Having the filenames distinct and (hopefully) descriptive is the compromise. Would you kindly make it so that us /f/riends don't have to rename each flash after we download it from the board? Please and thank you!
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Delete "suggestions" on discord

I'm not against having a discord but the "suggestions" channel is killing this board.
People would always post their suggestions in the discord because it is simply more efficient.

ps. Add cursor: text; to .maroon in the CSS.
pps. Cookies aren't stored for subject. Do that like with comment
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Does 22chan really support webp format???
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You better fix this right now tw00t or else I'll be very very sad (# > <)
R: 14 / I: 7
Will twootchan support webp?
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Is rule number 24 important to us?
R: 6 / I: 1
The error pages are bland, you should use something like
R: 2 / I: 0
Just a little bug...

You rolled the number 43815133 (dubs)

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
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Hey, any advice for a new-fag here.
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/k/ board?

I don't think the community is big enough for a weapons board yet... /t/,/i/ and /mu/ are also dead sadly.

[s]Also, what's the trip key? I wont tell anyone ;)[/s]
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Ban "based"

Nowadays comments such as "based" have become nothing more than the equivalent to an up-vote from reddit. I am not trying to discuss anything political, words such as "based" and "redpilled" have just become Reddit teir

also consider making no-js recaptcha an option
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add a home button so i dont have to delete stuff from the address bar to get back to the main page
R: 3 / I: 1
Is there any reason why we don't have a poster count like pic related? I think it would be nice to have here.
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What about /wg/?

What do you say guyze (and 2oot ofc)?
Sharing wallpapers would be nice in my opinion
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How about /request/ board?
R: 3 / I: 1
What the FUCK is _that_?
Cancers concentration camp?
It's like all worst parts of 4chan in one place.
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poo sugestions

- tranny/fag psyops niggers need to be shot
- No discord shilling, at most a dedicated contaminate thread
- Low quality threads should be discouraged e.g. "what does x think of x", or 4 word threads
- No (((google captcha))), some alternative
- Rename /r9k/ as far as I know there is no robot to maintain high quality posting, and you don't want to be associated with 4/r9k/ if /r9k/'s intended purpose is for robots and not original content then maybe /feels/ ?
- Faggots who make "this so slow XD lol bye back to 4chan" posts are faggots
- Make boards like /sewers/ and /sg/ hidden, less boards for the general poster -> more active boards
- Allow user made word filters
- No namefagging
- "Video Games & more" "The sewers of 22chan"
- "sg search"
- inconsistencies with design (<> = link) "[<Hide>]" "<[Options]>" "<Catalog>"
- sha256 sum image names
- Hide thread button
- Host it somewhere thats not (((14 eyes)))

thenks for website twoot
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A few feature ideas:
Quick reverse image search(like in 4chanX)
Threads without images
Tripcode tester
R: 4 / I: 1
Could twoot add a voting poll feature?
Like this
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Business board

I was thinking if when we get more people, we can add a business board to discuss stuff like economics, stocks, entrepreneurship, and other stuff related to business.

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
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maybe we need few new boards lads. 4reddit is becoming actual reddit. except the exodus cunts
R: 4 / I: 2
We need nudity board le-creator! >~<
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Creator-san please add a technology or /g/ board !
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/v/ Fragmentation

Instead of having just a /vg/ videogame generals board, I'd suggest to have: /Nintendo/, /Xbox/, /PlayStation/ and /PCGaming/. It's annoying to see many threads that are not useful because you are in a different plattform.
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add a /f/ board

it would be nice to see good animations here
[spoiler]just for the nostalgiafagging[/spoiler]
R: 3 / I: 0
So why does /sfw/ need to exist again?
R: 5 / I: 1
a touhou board or a video game board could be nice. maybe both?
R: 3 / I: 0
An /a/ board would be nice
R: 8 / I: 0
So in the rules it says no porn, but then rule 4 says so lolli or shota porn outside of /b/, what up with that? Also I think it is good with no porn, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise
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On this Board you can post ideas for features, bugs you've found, board requests, rules that you want to be added, etc.

Violations will cause a ban from all boards from 2days up to permanent.

After something is implemented the thread will be locked