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So in the rules it says no porn, but then rule 4 says so lolli or shota porn outside of /b/, what up with that? Also I think it is good with no porn, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise



Oh, oversaw that rule… Now it should be correct.

Thank you for reporting that bug!


Cool beans mr.mod! But i just noticed while I was making an educational gooseman thread that after you reply you are taken out of the thread and have to click reply again, and I accidentally posted a whole new thread with what would have been the last pic in an perfect thread. I don't know if its just me and I'm tripping but it fkd me up fam. Can I delete my own threads?



Im gonna try my best to fix this

And no, you can’t delete them but you can report them and say that it should be deleted and for what reason. When you report it i will see that you made that thread.



Okay, now when you post a reply you should be redirected right to that new reply.


You guys are on top of everything, nice, thanks



Always trying to make your experience as good as possible :D

Thank you for beeing a contributer on 22chan!


Hey man I don't feel like making a new thread for this but on /mu/ I posted a guitar general and it does not show up in the catalog or the regular view but I can see it in /all/.



Should work now again, sorry for the inconvenience

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