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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread


css settings aren't applied on the homepage


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Yes they are


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I know guro/pron isn't allowed, but is poo poo pee pee allowed? It's not meant for porn, and it's pretty funny/amusing in my opinion.

Also, what constitutes as "racism" as mentioned in the rules? Is it talk about how blacks are, on average, less intelligent than whites on relevant boards like /pol/, or 4chon(?; in the past anyway; wouldn't know for sure, but presumably)/zog-nazi-tier "kill all non-whites" faggotry?


>poo poo pee pee is pretty funny/amusing in my opinion


>not respecting other people's opinions
also woah new verification system thanks Twoot


>>not respecting other people's opinions
Well, what does he mean exactly by that?
Like posting people who are shitting or pissing?
Those are still nude people=porn=not allowed.
cuck german laws, no hate speech, no denying the holohoax etc.


allow me to call out normalnigger for invading my board, /r9k/


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also on this topic why are some of the rules shit?
>No threads containing or discussing about porn, gore or rekt. People killing people/etc. also counts as gore/rekt.
why not? it specifically states in the rules no normalfags are allowed so what's the problem with posting gore? the only people that i assume that wouldn't like the gore or want any gore are normalfags/r*dditfags. also if this is suppose to be the better cuckchan why isn't there any nsfw boards?


Get out newfag


You are missing the point of 22chan.
One or two rekt threads arent going to keep normalfags from coming, they will quickly be outnumbered by cuck bbc threads. Just look at 4chans /b/. If you want that then just fuck off back to 4chinz.




Would you consider using this CSS? You can make it better of course.



Autosage the bot, he's necrobumping


I see what you mean


Agree. Also, it kinda bothers me that Steve says the exact same things as he does in the Discord.


Now he will alternatingly post on 22chan and on the discord. So he posts on 22chan, then 4 hours later on the discord, then 4 hours later on 22chan again and so on.


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How about a /gfx/ Graphics manipulation?


We dont have enough speed for another board


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Seems right


This whole site too slow


Fixed, thanks for letting me know


Why tf are boardads only on the board? You're even linking to a live php script


Well then make content you lazy fuck


Tags for /f/ when?


Sometime, maybe


Frames when?


Some posts havent been showing up in the discord


Probably because of the limit of tge discord api.


any chance of keeping pepe and wojak posts isolated to /b/?


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hmmm vote says no


Well why the hell not? We all know underage faggots use em anyways. Hell even the places that make them to make them "hatespeech symbols" hate em now.


it would turn /b/ into just a general trashcan where all of that shit would be concentrated, it's not so visible when it's spread out


>>138 not really a suggestion but /f/ is going to be obselite and un necessary in 2020.


The point of this /f/ is to harbor all re/f/ugees when Hiro deletes 4chans /f/.
Also its not like adobe is going to somehow corrupt every single flash in existance.
Jewgle chrome is one of the only gay browsers that is cutting support to flash. Good ones like waterfox will work just fine.
Ok, go make an animation in html5 then, come on, i dare you.
+Every non-fossilised browser already can block scripts, so there arent really any threats to security either.
/f/ will always be necessary. How else will people share touhou flashes?


>no ylyl posts
Does that mean humor threads are allowed?
And how do they differ from ylyl threads then?
That is, what exactly does make a ylyl thread a ylyl thread?
You catch my drift?


Someone's posting niggerlinks in the livechat. Probably cheese pizza.


Don't forget about just being able to still use a Flash Player on the PC and not needing a browser if somehow support is cut. So flash files will still be floating around the place online for years to come.


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Would love a twoot appreciation button, thanks.


Lole, there is always donate button :D, or do you mean a different appreciation? And how would that work?


Try composting


can there be board for people who arrive from 4 chins so they don't make threads in other boards asking about or saying they're moving here

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