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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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I need ur help, anons. I found one of the best things ever to happen on this site
This is in response to a habbening in a thread Twoot made about 22chan's first quarter. It was titled "end of Q1" or something to that effect. I cannot find this thread in the /b/ archive, the current /b/ catalog, or /sg/. If any of you know where I can find this, pls halp. This is history and it's going to be lost.


Why does the /f/ reply counter cap at 5?


Yes, its just a word filter
Its the same thing with /b/


It's been months Twoot, please fix it so people can make threads at the catalog pages.


when hovering over a backlinnk, make the link to the post wher its backlinking from highlighted


pls add banners and news to the cataloguses


>>138 (op)
make (op) after number of (op)


how do i crossboard post?



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Why is this whole area clickable? I really dislike it because I always use auto-scroll and because it is enabled by middle click if I click in this area new tab opens.


it's so you don't miss it
lole jk


Perhaps this is just twööt telling me to stop sinning but whenever i moblefag i always get a error message that i misspelled my verification even though i didn't in the first place.


Sorry for being a bitch, but some faggot (perhaps a child) flooded livechan with normalnigger memes and gibberish.


I mean, more like nu-4cuck memes.


how dare they desecrate our innermost sanctum.


File: 2020-02-05 17_16_38-_sg_ -….png (3.51 KB, 128x76, 32:19, 1580919425103.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I added a button to give thanks




The "Close" thing on the post form doesn't work for me

Also what about having autoplay music on /sewers/ or /b/ every once in a while? It could be fun. I dunno what do fellow anonymouse think?


>The "Close" thing on the post form doesn't work for me




wait, that's thanks for twoot? shit, I thought it was for corona
>autoplay music
for /sewers/


nah i think autoplay is a bad idea
probably make things laggy, and i just listen to the music i like anyway
>its for crona
lol i wish


that's why autoplay is reserved for special occasions, such as april fools or halloween or days when Twoot is in a particularly whimsical mood


the "close" button works now, but the "open" button doesn't


Ban frogposters.


this was something that was talked about before, and the answer is to
discourage frog posters. not downright BAN.
if we ban, it really looks bad. and then it would turn into a slippery slope of "lists of words we're not allowed to use" like some type of orwellian nightmare
not a fan of frogposters myself but the current system of things works well.


I don't think I've seen any frogposters around lately anyway. I think most everybody here gets the message.


so this is more of a question than a suggestion:
So rule 20 states that you will not post or discuss porn/gore. My question is, does this apply to /i/? Like, am I allowed to show tits/dicks/guts in my art? Historically, art has always been considered separate from porn/gore.


I think that hentai falls down the same category as regular porn, and as for ecchi it comes down to how much skin is shown since the puritanical anons of 22chan will start getting angery about it being absolutely haram.
I don't mind guro, but I don't really know if i'd want to see 22/i/ become a bootleg gurochan though either.
Surely there is some differentiation in like ancient nude sculptures made by Raphael and jap hentai doujin No.1912951235, but I don't know how this would translate into the drawings here.
How can you tell which is art and which is just regular porn?
This probably needs a bit of discussion


What's guro but sexulized gore?
What conversation can you have about that?
How is that comfy?
i really dont think nudity or guro are things that can work in 22chan, after all, this place was meant to be a escape from 4chan.


Would it be possible to make /f/ normal board instead of this table mode? Or at least make /f/ threads display like normal threads in /all/.


I support fixing the /f/ threads in /all/, but making /f/ look like the rest of the boards is really fucken gay. Such /f/ boards always look really unfinished
and gay.


Since hovering already shows you the post I think it would be nice if clicking on a mention took you to the mentioned post




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4chan has issues with baiting in the past, and even now its still an issue
here, over the past couple of month, we've been getting alot of bait comments. i propose a new rule so if someone posts bait, and its obvious, the person gets b&, also the comment gets deleted.no more b8 threads too.
and, for fun allow b8 in sewers.
how do you guy's feel about this idea?
we've been flooded with b8 and now its not even funny anymore. i think its time for change.


can you list the current threads you see as bait?


(current threads/comments so far)
>fuk u oldfag larper
>other shitty half-assed comments that he made for why 22chan sucks, even tho other anons made better critisims of our site then nova.
the whole damn thread at this point
post number 6503
(kinda funny tho)
older thread
anddd that pretty much it.
i just want to protect our future.


post number 5341
old thread


Well I think it's a pretty shit suggestion, anons should be thinking more critically what is and isn't bait instead of being spoonfed and sheltered


this. Rather interested in hearing your definition of b8, >>647. It almost seems like you're falling into the mindset of "everything contentious is b8," which is patently false.


I don't like how your id is the same no matter what thread you post in, even if it's another board.
It should be exclusive to just one thread.


auto update doesn't really work, i have to click "Update" for each new post


It would be awesome if you could actually allowed for tor users to browse your imageboard.
You know like, you can browse, but you aren't allowed to post here from the Tor browser.


Sowwy for shitting up the discord thing disctrannies.
I'm actually sure this could be pulled off, but i tried to cross board link to a post on a thread, but it didnt work out. Do you think it can be done?


like this? >>>/f/384


yeah, like that.


you're doing it wrong, satan


File: trips_ftw.jpg (179.01 KB, 718x712, 359:356, 1585063022271.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Thanks. so i'm just autistic after all, lol.


File: 5319788-jesus-christ-png-d….png (96.21 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1585063161929.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

No problemo


It would be handy for autists like me if the comment field showed me when the comment is too long (before I submit)

Also youtube embeds could take in consideration the time

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