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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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Sowwy for shitting up the discord thing disctrannies.
I'm actually sure this could be pulled off, but i tried to cross board link to a post on a thread, but it didnt work out. Do you think it can be done?


like this? >>>/f/384


yeah, like that.


you're doing it wrong, satan


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Thanks. so i'm just autistic after all, lol.


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No problemo


It would be handy for autists like me if the comment field showed me when the comment is too long (before I submit)

Also youtube embeds could take in consideration the time


I'm actually curious on what browser you lads use, and how it affects 22chan,
like for me, i've been using firefox, then i switched over to brave and now it's lightning fast. livechan takes less time to load, and there's less captcha errors. perhaps it a chromium thing. Perhaps it handles PHP better? (mind you, this is not internet related, i have 5G wifi connection, and i tested this on both computer and moble, and it's both the same results)


I use firefox on both my pc and phone and on the phone it's super buggy. You can open the reply window, type something and the close it again and see the thread you were just in but you can't scroll anywhere so your quoting needs to be planned ahead...
I bookmarked the site but unfortunately the site's icon doesn't appear in the bookmarks toolbar (it does on the tabs though). idk if that's on the site or my browser.


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mp3 file support for /mu/?


nice dubs fren, yeah that sounds nice.


delete /pol/


How about cleaning up pol because its current state is a trashfire?


maybe it's for the best, once /pol/ starts dominating an imageboard it usually goes to shit.


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no, cause copyright and stuff. Nothing i feel like dealing with

Bring up some suggestions on what should be deleted/etc.


>Bring up some suggestions on what should be deleted/etc.
this list is less based in politics, but is centered on quality of the threads themselves :
the thread itself should have been posted in /sg/, also one anon posted the normalfag "shreks cringe compilation" meme. pretty old anyways.
AMA thread
old news, less political discussion.
less elaboration on op's part.
it started with two threads. one on /b/, and this one on /pol/. the one on /b/ was spamned with normalfag memes like LETS GET THIS BREAD IS THAT A JOJO REFFRENCE and such, which is why the thread got deleted.
the main issue from the start is, op is a normalfag and uses those memes, and op came in with a group of people to spam and shill their idology. the pol thread itself is cucked. "anarchist general" oh wait no ancaps. 22chan isnt a personal blog and to use it so is a normalfag assumtion of how imageboards works. to male matters worse op is the type of guy to say : "my opinion gud your opinion bad and if you dissagree fuck you". also normalfag memes like ok boomer was said. a cursed thread in general.
obscure shit about god being racist, op has yet to elaborate behind the meaning of this or how it relates to politics or philosophy
normalfag wojack, op posts a link and doesnt elaborate. nothing really to talk about.
op posts obscure shit and fucks off
yeah, no. normalfag pepe trump. what doesnt help is theres nothing exactly to talk about besides blacks jews and niggers should be killed. nothing really to talk about.
gay shitty propaganda, no elaboration by op, and like, the third terrant thread. nothing really to talk about.
"the stock markets gonna crash in 2019!!!!!?!!!" actually it didnt old news old thread with nothing really to talk about.
screenshot of normalfag meme on reddit, no real elaboration by op, nothing to talk about
shitty meme thread with nothing really to talk about.
slight elaboration by op, but its a dead thread that no one cared about.
a quick dead hitler was a nice guy meme thread
dead thread about migrating to myspace
posts link, doesnt elaborate or express himself
if soneone has something else to add, or feels like i am wrong please mention it, i'm not trying to be a bitch, i just feel like we can clean up pol a bit.


all of /pol/ is in a shit state. i would say that it's better for it to stay that way. the downfalls of a lot of imageboards have been directly because of edgy politics. by having /pol/ practically as /trash2/ like it is now, we are more or less immune to edgy plebbitors manifesting there.


A few ideas for the 22chan timezone:
Don't shift it in minutes in regards to utc
It would be cool if one could use a thingy in a post that would show the time depending on the timezone of the person viewing time.
>We meet at 12:30 (22chantime)
and it would appear to a guy browsing like:
>We meet at 12:30 (22chantime, 14:30 your timzone)
Or maybe when you hover your mouse (but then in needs to be a slightly different color to make you understand that you need to put your mouse on it)
or something like that. Just y'know an idea


My suggestion is to rid the board of all dates, times, and post numbers. There should not be anything "quantifiable" here.


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Some suggestions for admin:
>remove all boards but /b/ and /sg/, the discussion is too spread out and the site appears dead
>add more themes (I want Photon)


you DARE suggest the deletion of the sewers???????!!???


then post in the other boards, they exist for a reason.



/b/ replaces all of them


I mean if it isi not broke do not fix it.


.tiff support


I would like it if old threads got deleted. A month max tbh


However, it might not be too bad of an idea if:
1. It was at least 3 months, not 1 and
2. It was not deleted, but moved to a different page, the archive, like it happens on 4chan, where you can't reply anymore but can see the threads
It seems reasonable because necrobumping is considered a bad thing anyway, right?
But you know that's just my opinion that I'm not too sure about. What do you people think?


I think all threads should stay until they naturally get bumped off


actually good idea. I don't like having a bunch of threads from last year on the boardm but an archive would be a good idea and 3 month limit.


here's my opinion :
necrobumping isn't exactly an issue here. only people who've complained are newfags, and it is bad if someone gives a low quality reply to some thread. steve was a bot who was removed because he necrobumped threads when no one was on.
if a thread seems boring make a new one, and yes we do have an archive
after several new threads are made, older ones get archived. there is a 5 page limit added already to threads so i kinda feel like this is a non issue.


make new, high quality threads if the old ones feel stale
also lurk moar and see the archive, there's cool shit in there


The small textbox is a tad unwieldy for writing larger pieces of text, which forces me to use MS Word before actually writing the post here. Maybe add a button to make it larger or the ability to resize it somehow?


and shouldn't the pepe image of this thread be changed to something else since neither pepe nor wojak are really accepted on this board? Since it's, you know, a pinned thread.


Please add the supported file formats and their maximum size to the FAQ.


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remove this shit from /f/ please


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clicking [New Captcha] on the /i/ board catapults me back up to the top of the thread instead of giving me a new captcha, no clue if it happens on others aswell


Ah i think what the problem is


i'll try to fix this asap


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Please make captchas less offensive.


Is this a joke post or something? if not, wait untill you see "n1gger". it's really not made to be taken seriously, but if this is a joke post then i'm quite the idiot and i tip my hat to you master ruseman. bamboozled again


git rused m8


When one posts under a certain IP and then travels to a different location with a different IP, his user ID is still the same. Is this necessary? It seems that clearing one's browser cache is necessary to get a different user ID with a different IP.

Why are proxies banned btw? (This also affects mobile users who use different points of public wifi).


I suggest rewording rule 8:
>Complaining about 22chan (its policies, moderation, etc) on the imageboards may result in post deletion and a ban, unless it's valid criticism with a well detailed point and offers a reasonable solution.
It's a fine rule, but the order makes it come across as standoffish and the whole thing is overly wordy. To new users, it looks like you actively quash dissent. I've been here long enough to see that this is not at all true. To make the point just as firmly but more sensibly, try something more like:
>Complaining about 22chan without detailed points and potential solutions may result in post deletion and a ban.
This is more professional, accurate, and it uses better grammar.


It'd be neat if you could upload multiple files in one post. Other altchans I've been on have this feature and I think it would improve our site. It'd be nice to just easily dump images without going through the pain of making the post and completeing all the captcha. Even just a maximum upload of 3 would be welcome.


instead of this id want for the posting system to be fixed so i dont have to see "FLOOD DETECTED POST DISCARDED" all the time if i want to post more than 1 picture


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I think i fixed it


File: 2020-09-17 13_50_02-22chan….png (7.1 KB, 697x69, 697:69, 1600343426394.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Why are proxies banned btw
read up m8



no, why

calm down bossman


>no, why
On not a single imageboard there is a need to post some text when posting flashes. It's retarded and counter-intuitive for people who come to 22/f/ from other boards. The flash itself should be the one and only primary required thing on /f/. If you don't want for the post to be empty itself for whatever weird reason then make it post some pre-set default text if the field is left empty.

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