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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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.tiff support


I would like it if old threads got deleted. A month max tbh


However, it might not be too bad of an idea if:
1. It was at least 3 months, not 1 and
2. It was not deleted, but moved to a different page, the archive, like it happens on 4chan, where you can't reply anymore but can see the threads
It seems reasonable because necrobumping is considered a bad thing anyway, right?
But you know that's just my opinion that I'm not too sure about. What do you people think?


I think all threads should stay until they naturally get bumped off


actually good idea. I don't like having a bunch of threads from last year on the boardm but an archive would be a good idea and 3 month limit.


here's my opinion :
necrobumping isn't exactly an issue here. only people who've complained are newfags, and it is bad if someone gives a low quality reply to some thread. steve was a bot who was removed because he necrobumped threads when no one was on.
if a thread seems boring make a new one, and yes we do have an archive
after several new threads are made, older ones get archived. there is a 5 page limit added already to threads so i kinda feel like this is a non issue.


make new, high quality threads if the old ones feel stale
also lurk moar and see the archive, there's cool shit in there


The small textbox is a tad unwieldy for writing larger pieces of text, which forces me to use MS Word before actually writing the post here. Maybe add a button to make it larger or the ability to resize it somehow?


and shouldn't the pepe image of this thread be changed to something else since neither pepe nor wojak are really accepted on this board? Since it's, you know, a pinned thread.


Please add the supported file formats and their maximum size to the FAQ.


File: error.png (4.04 KB, 689x210, 689:210, 1598275414011.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

remove this shit from /f/ please


File: captch.png (62.1 KB, 795x679, 795:679, 1598296106675.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

clicking [New Captcha] on the /i/ board catapults me back up to the top of the thread instead of giving me a new captcha, no clue if it happens on others aswell


Ah i think what the problem is


i'll try to fix this asap


File: captcha.png (37.72 KB, 478x342, 239:171, 1598381411295.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Please make captchas less offensive.


Is this a joke post or something? if not, wait untill you see "n1gger". it's really not made to be taken seriously, but if this is a joke post then i'm quite the idiot and i tip my hat to you master ruseman. bamboozled again


git rused m8


When one posts under a certain IP and then travels to a different location with a different IP, his user ID is still the same. Is this necessary? It seems that clearing one's browser cache is necessary to get a different user ID with a different IP.

Why are proxies banned btw? (This also affects mobile users who use different points of public wifi).


I suggest rewording rule 8:
>Complaining about 22chan (its policies, moderation, etc) on the imageboards may result in post deletion and a ban, unless it's valid criticism with a well detailed point and offers a reasonable solution.
It's a fine rule, but the order makes it come across as standoffish and the whole thing is overly wordy. To new users, it looks like you actively quash dissent. I've been here long enough to see that this is not at all true. To make the point just as firmly but more sensibly, try something more like:
>Complaining about 22chan without detailed points and potential solutions may result in post deletion and a ban.
This is more professional, accurate, and it uses better grammar.


It'd be neat if you could upload multiple files in one post. Other altchans I've been on have this feature and I think it would improve our site. It'd be nice to just easily dump images without going through the pain of making the post and completeing all the captcha. Even just a maximum upload of 3 would be welcome.


instead of this id want for the posting system to be fixed so i dont have to see "FLOOD DETECTED POST DISCARDED" all the time if i want to post more than 1 picture


File: 2020-09-17 13_37_40-Commit….png (2.38 KB, 560x62, 280:31, 1600343283268.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I think i fixed it


File: 2020-09-17 13_50_02-22chan….png (7.1 KB, 697x69, 697:69, 1600343426394.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>Why are proxies banned btw
read up m8



no, why

calm down bossman


>no, why
On not a single imageboard there is a need to post some text when posting flashes. It's retarded and counter-intuitive for people who come to 22/f/ from other boards. The flash itself should be the one and only primary required thing on /f/. If you don't want for the post to be empty itself for whatever weird reason then make it post some pre-set default text if the field is left empty.


I don't think these's ideas need their own threads to discuss them.
* Give people the option to make their thread a "textboard" thread. all images are disabled and there isnt a need for op to post the image in order to make a thread. it would take away the issue of finding a good or high quality related image to start a thread, and easier to have a ascii art or a pure text based conversation. it could only be implemented as an option in the boards that need it, say /pol/, /yu/, /i/, and /b/. i think the issue though is i don't know if anyone would even use it, or use it too much. but it beats having something that would split up the userbase more like a seperate site. probably tough to make though.
When you click a post number, a small menu appears with the following options (along with post deletion options):
>Quote text
>Quote post No.
>Quote image filename
When you quote something using this method, hovering your pointer over the quote will preview the post you quoted, even if it's just the text or filename. Kinda better then ">>12345" style quotelinks.
When viewing a thread, selecting any portion of text on the page will result in a tooltip with an option to quote the selected text, which will automatically copy and paste that text into the post form when you click it.


Although i feel like it might be impossible to implement or whatever. here's something that should be easier, and everybody would like
Shift JIS emojis for livechan, and old 4chan stuff like pools closed.
I can think of only one issue i had recently where i get an error and it messes up my post like

here is my post



i make the post but i get an error like improper captcha and i go back to re-post my post but it looks like



Other then that everything's perfect. i also like the /cat thing in livechan.


Germany is an awful country with an Orwellian stance on freedom of speech. Any website hosted in it will inevitably be shit. Captchas are just annoying and functionally useless. Flood controling is better.
The post box can't be expanded horizontally for some reason, only vertically.

It's also funny that 22chan doesn't allow any porn because it's supposed to be "comfortable", but it has a /b/, /k/, /yu/(/r9k/) and /pol board. That is all.


>Germany is an awful country with an Orwellian stance on freedom of speech.
Agreed, now people's houses are getting raided because they said something political. Seems like america is moving in the same direction. and i'm also hoping they won't take 22chan down.
>Flood controling is better
What's that?
>It's also funny that 22chan doesn't allow any porn because it's supposed to be "comfortable", but it has a /b/, /k/, /yu/(/r9k/) and /pol board.
22chan's theme is relaxed conversations and avoiding the cancer that made 4chan bad. With /b/ it's more for discussions about topics unrelated to the other boards and about whatever, Any funposting/shitposting is moved to /sewers/. /k/'s kinda dead but there's a nice thread about some guy making gunpowder. /pol/ got taken over by polfags for a while, (which is why it kinda looks autistic) but banning them because everyone disagrees with them politically is a bad idea, (although rude, they didn't break the rules) and they also left. /yu/'s r9k without cancer. is more of a place to discuss feelings, emotions and rant.
i guess the boards here are more of a positive spin on things.


>What's that?
Preventing someone from making too many posts within a short interval. Blocking certain urls and url extensions. Maybe perceptual hashing could block certain images too.

>avoiding the cancer that made 4chan bad.

The cancer that made 4chan bad was normal people, and too much traffic in general. As soon as it deviated from otaku interests, the flood gates were opened for the moralizing people who conform to wider society's values in some way or another(which included moot). Fast posting also invariably discourages quality posting. 4chan was mostly bereft of quality discussion from day one, people just have rose tinted glasses about it.


Also, it's annoying how the reply box that pops up can't be moved or minimized. The legal button thing is ridiculous too. Is that just necessary because EU shit?


it can be minimized tho, with the Close button top right, but yea, the gay legal checkbox is because of shit kraut laws


It can be closed, but if I want to quote somebody multiple times or reread some part of their post it's inconvenient. For a long discussion that's usually something that happens.

I just took a quick peak at /a/ and I think it validates everything I wrote here >>893
2d porn is a big part of otaku culture, so having it around is absolutely more comfortable than having people mindlessly shitposting about how everything is shit and you need to go outside more or whatever normals like to say all the time.


YEAH we have that, and a url blocker but i'm not sure about the image blocker twoot probably should investigate.
i agree with the post speed and normalfaggotry.
The spam/flood filter works pretty well and the anti normalfag rule we have keeps them away, but there isn't much otaku interests here yet besides anime and manga discussions then and there.
Part of the EU laws say no nsfw but also, its one of those set in stone thing since twoot doesnt want porn on 22 whatsoever. ecchi is fine i think.
>whatever normals like to say all the time.
we drove normalfags that posted that stuff here away tbh


You'll likely call me a faggot for this, but GR17 needs to be abolished.
The furry part is fine, but I'm pretty sure the lgbt ban violates all kinds of anti-discrimination laws. Even if you can technically get away with it, it's kind of a retarded thing to do. Might as well ban people for being black


Well we dont ban black people. Faggots, trannies and whoever else tend to be camwhores and whatever content they make tends to be cancerous. Just take a good look at 4chan.


Not only that but lgbt shit for the most part is nsfw, so it works out. Could some guy mention that he's gay? maybe, as long as it isnt cancerous but its still playing with fire, and it never works out.


How the hell is existing nsfw?
There is nothing inherently pornographic or camwhorish about discussing being gay or trans or whatever. It's just a part of life. Might as well ban people for saying they have girlfriends. It's the same shit. People should be allowed to discuss their lives on this image board.


I think the issue we have is with the low quality (either /pol/ spam or attention whorish attitudes) that often comes with such discussions online
Also, not all "people should be allowed to discuss their lives on this image board": this is a direct consequence of rule one. We aren't trying to be fair and open to everybody, we're trying to be a community dedicated to a specific "style" of communication and associated culture (No normalfags)
That being said, you might have a point: not all discussion on those topics is inherently bad. I'm not sure though how to improve the rule, or how others feel about this
[spoiler]I'm no mod nor do I represent the opinion of anybody else to be fair[/spoiler]


just remove the part that says, "in any form". If it really is too degenerate or cancerous, then it should be banned under nsfw, or attention whoring, or some other rule.
>We aren't trying to be fair and open to everybody, we're trying to be a community dedicated to a specific "style" of communication and associated culture (No normalfags).
There are many different topics that can be discussed within the same "style", in fact, any topic can really. And since when are all lgbt people (and furries for that matter) fucking normal fags?
I don't know what you'd call the opposite of a normalfag in your book, but they come from all kinds of backgrounds.


It doesn't matter if they're gay or whatever, it's just that gay posting is generally cancerous.


You can discuss the ethics of banning homosexuals all you like, But much like the rules, They are static and will not change. (They can be refined, of cource.) And you have the choice of either dealing with it, Or leaving to find some other imageboard that suits your needs. No one needs to cater to every newfag., lurk moar op.
>The furry part is fine, but I'm pretty sure the lgbt ban violates all kinds of anti-discrimination laws. Even if you can technically get away with it, it's kind of a retarded thing to do.
You yourself admit that you understand why we ban furries, you should be able to stand in our footsteps then. If you had read the rules, you would also understand that The use of 22chan is a privilege, not a right. The 22chan moderation team reserves the right to revoke access and remove content for any reason without notice.
>There is nothing inherently pornographic or camwhorish about discussing being gay or trans or whatever. It's just a part of life.
LGBLT Is inherently sexual by default. (rule 21 breakers) anal sex, masturbation, pornography is common topics, although not all the times still happens. Then the memes, "femboi" "boi pussi" and others are both annoying, cancerous, and normalfaggy. "Traps" take pictures of themselves in womens clothing (sexual or otherwise) which is both doxxing, and not in-line with site culture. Homosexuals/Transgenders whine how they are getting discriminated, needing representation in everything, fight with and cry about "cis hetrosexual homophobes" and then cancel people if they even attempt to say anything to critqe. You know or have seen how furrys are, how they act. (Dramawhores, if you will.) Even if discussions are about their own relationships,you know, in a non sexual manner, Then what? "boo hoo x poster is a homophobe" "my boyfriends dad is a homophobe and fuck you for agreeing" and then tumblr teir discussions being rampant on all the boards (thus changing site culture to be less comfy) I'm sort of reminded of the whole "femanon" nonsense. It doesnt matter who you are, but no, they have to act narcissistic and insert the fact that their gay or whatever everywhere. Places like Forums, boards like r9k, They've taken over everything, and every form of media. 22chan is a nice, relaxing break from all of that.
>Might as well ban people for saying they have girlfriends. It's the same shit.
>People should be allowed to discuss their lives on this image board.
Well, yes and no. Normalfags self gratify over how perfect their lives are, how many people the've slept with, being in relationships with women, degeneracy, sexual or otherwise. which isn't in-line with site culture. if it can be discussed in a non normalfag manner, or has a need to be mentioned contextually, sure. Neets and Wizards are celebrated at 22chan. although people with relationships are welcome, as long as the topic doesnt break rule 1, 21 and 18 or bragging about getting laid.
>since when are all lgbt people (and furries for that matter) fucking normal fags?
When they became commonly accepted in modern society.


File: 2021-02-04 00_27_40.png (1.03 KB, 115x69, 5:3, 1612395063909.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>can't be moved or minimized
pic related

>Is that just necessary because EU shit?


>it's kind of a retarded thing to do
i dont care if gay people post on 22chan as long as they dont make any lgbt/gay/etc related posts


i cant post any flashes on /f/
"An error has occured.
You didn't make a post."


an archive for /f/ (in 22chan.org/archive, obviously), but saving flashes probably would take too much space so archive only the posts and the flash filenames


what qualifies as an lgbt/gay/etc related post?


I wanted to post this on livechan, but it gave me the error "Error: invalid body", so I'm posting it here instead

My browser bitches about an expired certificate, also the random page takes a few seconds to load all the messages which is annoying. Finally, subjectively I think the animation for when you click on a reply should be a little different: firstly it shouldn't put your view with the replied message at the bottom. It should be at the top, middle or somewhere in between. Secondly I don't think the highlighting should stay permanently until you click something, or it should be less intense. Thirdly, the message sliding right feels a bit unfitting with the retro-ish esthetic of this site, but that's just my opinion
Anyway it's cool to see the new features, thanks!


Saving the thread without the file would not make sense as many /f/ posts are mainly based around the flash being the main content and the body is most of the time empty.

gay shit

sorry, i forgot to renew the ssl certificate. I am lazy but i have done it now, everything should work again


/trash/ thread on /stuff/ is locked for some reason so i'll post some trashworthy threads here.
here's some shitty /i/ threads
unfunny gay/communist joke tldr op didnt understand the "no gay in any form" thing
garfield = prob discordfag injoke which honestly makes it more unfunny
op forced shit and of course, the whole thread got derailed because no one really likes it.
low quality thread that some newfag probably made of an edited stock image that no one really likes, doubt its recoverable.
op made these threads as cross board spam, dont know if english is not his forté because he doesnt know how it works, also begging and generally low quality.


trash thread is locked as /trash/ was deleted, i'll take a look at the threads

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