/sg/ - I was browsing the internet and I came across an archive of media from the early 2000's (http://users.rcn.com/waxmanfamily/). In there was a file "The 4chan v5 bible" (https://u.nu/0-nm I have a converted PDF mirrored at https://u.nu/igoq). After reading i

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I was browsing the internet and I came across an archive of media from the early 2000's (http://users.rcn.com/waxmanfamily/). In there was a file "The 4chan v5 bible" (https://u.nu/0-nm I have a converted PDF mirrored at https://u.nu/igoq). After reading it I had a realization. 4chan never got where it is today by pure luck and memes. There is a highly organized structure keeping everything in check. Nowadays they obviously hardly follow this document.
I study the design of websites. I know how they work technically, programmatically, and psychologically. Imageboards are by far the best form of online social network when done right. The anonymous nature of these sites allow users to be themselves without fear of judgement. Because of this new outspoken ideas are posted. The way threads are promoted through bumps promotes conversation on these ideas. The problem is when the board has too many users (such as most of the boards on 4chan). When threads are made every few minutes, people have to make more outrageous, troll, edgy posts for their thread to survive or just create a "general" (remind you of somewhere). The way to solve this is simply by adding new boards when a specific board gets to popular. For example: split tech into hardware and software systems.
Many imageboards die by making the wrong decisions don't let this be one. If things are done right, 22chan could become the next big thing, maybe even surpass 4chan.
I have much more things to say but would prefer to explain interactively... Twoot, we should talk, privately, in Discord.

Just to note I most likely made mistakes in this post.
tldr; 22chan could become the next roman empire, a digital nation!

PS. I only namefag on my important posts.


I totally agree with you on this, but I think another factor that comes into play is the preconceived community that a website fosters, which leads to what the website appears as to outsiders. I think that the downfall of 4chan that it became less of a site to share silly lulz with each other, and that it became an edgefest that people would flock to, to appear edgy and different. Because of 4chan's community's actions, it gave them a reputation of being "hackers" or being just "edgy cool gore humour". It was the novelty of being able to say nigger or faggot and not be banned.
I don't want 22chan to go down that route. I think that Twoot has done a good job with the rules, and that we have to do a good job at fostering 22chan's community into the community that we want it to be. Really this is just as simple as bumping and appreciating quality threads while ignoring or weeding out what we didn't like about 4chan.


Sounds interesting


Don't, don't even think about adding more boards right now.
Otherwise, yeah you're right. 2ch didn't add over 800 boards for no reason.


I'm not suggesting we add more boards now, but it must happen as the site grows larger.


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I heavily agree with you, but after what you said about how 4Chan fall from too many users, you said that it could be the next big thing. I really disagreed with that because me and 丂ㄖ爪乇乃ㄖ丨丂 agreed that it's best that 22Chan is less founded by others from other means than through websites that lists all Chan Websites or by pure luck. Yes, it can be very slow at times, but what I fear is the toxic nature of the side here as it grows getting so big that outrageous, troll, or edgy posts is more to get more well known here than normal OP stuffs. But then again, it's more on /sewers/ and /b/ as I've seen new threads and replys from them almost everyday and thought its from other boards, so take my opinion as a fearful thought from me.

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