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maybe we need few new boards lads. 4reddit is becoming actual reddit. except the exodus cunts


You mean less boards?


I agree. More boards means the user-base is spread thinner than if we just had say, three or four. Consolidation of the userbase into a small amount of boards would increase the boards speed, making them a lot more lively than 10 or so dead boards.






But what boards should be removed?

I propose /k/ and i would merge it into /b/?
Also /a/ is pretty inactive but i dont know if it should be merged into a different board or just deleted... Any more ideas?


Aight, i deleted /k/ and /f/.


I'd like to have an /int/ but I also agree that having too many boards isn't good for 22ch with the limited amount of people we have


Maybe later though


Thanks twoot, you're chill


I'll parrot these posts, the fewer boards initially not only will it bring all the community more closer together and less spread out, and also leave an easier job for twoot and all to moderate the already existing boards.
make an /int/ general thread on /b/ perhaps? the board isn't too flooded so the thread would survive and be a good hub for language/culture topics of conversation. that'd be my /sg/


Not a bad idea... Maybe I'll do that

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