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Flash as an embeddable web format is close to death, but there seems to be nothing to truly replace it
Of course there are html5 games and just normal youtube videos, but flash also had slightly interactive content which it seems we won't be seeing as much anymore
My idea would be to find (or create, it shouldn't be too hard I think) a file format like the .swf, except it works using html5, so you can embed it (and it would work without need for a plugin). It would also be easier to save/share than html5 games. And you could add the possibility to post that stuff on /f/


I'll miss the interactivity of flash if no replacement appears in the next couple years. Not only that, but also how "in the hands of the people" flashes were.


i just hope flash doesn't get killed completely and they keep back compatibility


My idea was to create such a replacement and try it out right here on 22
When 2021 comes both firefox and chrome/chromium will get rid of it
The official desktop program to view flashes however won't just disappear, even if they delete it from their website, so you will still be able to view flashes offline (for as long as that executable will work). It just won't be a "web" format anymore.
There are also a few unofficial flash implementations which could maybe work with a browser, but they are far from full compatibility with current flashes


it'd be interesting to see the regular flash projector being embedded in the site itself so flashes can be viewed through that


That's pretty hard to do. The flash projector is a windows program, it's not built to work in a browser.
Looking online for "run windows app in browser" brings up paid services that run your app on a server, and then you can interact with it from the browser
I don't think that's worth it. But if you're interested take a look at this thing https://www.rollapp.com/apps
It doesn't have flash, but gives you an idea about how it could work (you'll have to make a throwaway account to run an app)
There *is* another way...
>Boxedwine is an emulator that runs Windows applications. It achieves this by running an unmodified 32-bit version of Wine, and emulating the Linux kernel and CPU.
In other words your browser emulates the operative system linux which runs wine (a program which attempts to make it possible to run windows apps on linux by sort of "emulating" it) to run flash projector. Needless to say performance is not good, it takes a lot to load, lags as fuck, also boxedwine seems to only work with very old windows programs. However the projector seems to work alright on wine (on a real linux)
In a few years maybe.


there was another thing 4ch was looking into, i'll have to dig a bit to find what it was.


anons from 4/f/ provided the name, it was ruffle.
and the demo http://ruffle-rs.s3-website-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/builds/web-demo/


Oh I see. It seems like a wip, but it's better than nothing


So are there any new updates on the future of flash?


windows is also gonna fuck shit up as far as i heard for flash.
twoot's working on getting our /f/ ready for ruffle in the meanwhile.


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regarding /f/
the player is incorrectly resizing the flashes, making them lose their quality.
22chan player on the left, standalone flash player on the right


Good news fellow flash users, i went ahead and changed our flash board to use ruffle (a flash emulator). This means we are now completely indepentant of adobe.


>>889 Just did a quick test this shit works on mobile huzzah now i can laze in bed while watching 2hu flashes thanks twoot.




ruffle won't work for me, but i always used /f/ by opening flashes in projector so nothing changes for me


I'm gonna close this thread. Ruffle is still a WIP and there is nothing much else i can do to keep supporting flash. I'll make sure to update it whenever they bring out new updates

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