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I was thinking if when we get more people, we can add a business board to discuss stuff like economics, stocks, entrepreneurship, and other stuff related to business.

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Hmmm ok, sounds good.

But do we want more people? I mean the more people, the less comfy and it less of a community...


More people would be better since it takes a while for new replies and threads to appear, just not too many. I mean, it would be good if we had enough where we can get more stuff happening on here like more/faster replies on threads and stuff.



I built a bot which posts whenever a new thread/reply is made in the official 22chan discord. Maybe this will increase the posting rate


I know, I'm in the discord group and I like to keep track of it. It's just that it gets boring here when I browse through all the boards and see not a lot of new stuff appear.

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