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What do you think about granting the ability to click on a user ID and being able to see all posts associated with it? It could be limited to boards with IDs. This was a feature I remember seeing on some now gone imageboards. It could be done to counter against shilling.


You can click the ids and it will highlight all posts by that person, you do know that right?


Yeah, but what about threads where all but the last three posts are hidden? You would have to go through all of the site's threads in multiple tabs for that, and in each separate tab the IDs don't automatically highlight just because an ID was clicked on in a different tab.

If this sounds too extensive or expensive, never mind, just a suggestion. I really did see it back in the early to mid 2010s though.


>threads where all but the last three posts are hidden
what do you mean


The thread currently below this one states that there are currently "5 replies omitted." When you Click here to view, they don't expand on the same page but rather you are taken to that thread's link. By having a post directory for a user ID, one can avoid having to open up multiple pages and searching for a specific ID (if it is in there at all) and clicking it to see all the posts in that page only.


Ah i get what you mean


So do you think my idea is a good suggestion?


It could be a little link (even one or two characters) after the user ID bubble.




the problem is that the IDs don't change every thread, which already compromises anonymity, but having an open "link" for all posts is extremely gay


also my /pol/ ID is the same as the /i/ ID


IDs are mailny there to prevent samefagging.

ID's are generated based on your ip. I don't really know a better way how to do it tbh.


samefagging in different threads doesnt make all that much sense, they should be like "new thread - new ID"


Like i said your id is ip based. Your ip doesn't change when you make a new thread. If you have a better way of doing it, feel free to let me know


Like it's done on 4/pol/ would be my suggestion, how is that technically possible I don't know, I am not a programmer/coder.


I don't know how its done either, so i can't implement it


Maybe make it save the IDs somewhere separately for all /pol/ and /i/ threads?
Thread number-->IP-->ID number


The ID is built by hashing the ip so i could try also putting the thread number in there


I changed some stuff around and now the ID should be different for each board

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