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For anonymity's sake, why not delete IP's associated with a user ID if that IP hasn't posted in two weeks or so? That way, the IP address gets a new ID and nothing is logged under the old one.


As long as a post exists the ip is saved. When the post is deleted or archived the ip gets deleted.


The user ID is a hash of your IP, so even if i delete everything associated with your IP your ID will still be the same. I now even implemented a system where the ID gets saved for each browser so if you have the same IP or use the same browser you will have the same ID


Does that imply that 22chan is keeping logs of what browsers an IP address uses? Does 22chan also track what operating system a poster uses?


22chan uses cookies


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If you want to know more about what data we collect and how it is stored, i encourage you to read our Privacy Policy: https://22chan.org/legal


Why do you need to collect user-agent string, browser type, operating system, device information, and hardware settings? Are you associated with the BRD government or something (and by extension the EU, US, and Israel)?


i thought you once said that it was outdated


found the post >>747


Like i said multiple times in the past: My number one priority is your safety. I do everything to prevent third parties from getting your data. I host my own analytics system just to prevent your data even toughing a third party.

>Why do you collect useragent, os, browser, etc.

To get a general sense of what type of userbase 22chan has. I don't trace indivisual users and send the FBI to their door, why would i? I literally just collect anonymized usage data. Every other website collects way more data even with all your fancy VPNs and Ad-Blocks.

TLDR: Your data gets as anonymized as possible. I do everything to prevent third parties from getting it. I just collect it to know for example for which browsers i need to optimize 22chan.

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