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Format has changed! (470:100)

Post board related banners (470:100 format).

They have to be:
1. Related to one of 22chans board
2. Be in a 470:100 ratio (for example: 470px wide, 100px tall)
3. Self-made

Its suggested to have the name and/or uri (/b/ or Random) in that banner.

They will be put as the banner when browsing that specific board.

Multiple Banners per board are better, so we have some variety.

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If the astronaut knew about bases like he implied then he should've known to convert 10 to 22 and the alien would've understood immediately. The astronaut is a fucking retard.

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What do you fellas think about wordfilters?

Wordfilters meaning that certain words get replaced with other ones.


discord=the tranny station

Would be pretty fun i think. What is your opinion? Elaborate and if you like it also feel free to drop some suggestions for words that should be replaced.
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sorry twoot but that idea sucks. Sounds like a bootleg "NPC" which is a wojaknormalfag shit




that would be hilarious

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The timeline https://22chan.org/timeline is out of date. Any events i should add to it?
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I know about facebook twitter and more.


inb4 Steve takes over 22



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Alright, so i've been told that many people would like a cleaning of the boards. I've used this as an opportunity to introduce a new board named /trash/ which is locked (you can't create any new threads) but you can reply to existing ones. All shit tier low quality threads will instead of being deleted be moved there.

Now lets get to the point and start cleaning. Send in links to threads you think should be moved to trash and elaborate why.
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w H y I s Th E rE a T h R e A d F o E o N e S o N g???
perhaps we try to post midi for national anthems or something?


shid post in the wrong board


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when will there be a 22chan clean-up, anyway?

You rolled the number 943962168 (no dubs or higher)

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Do you frens have any cool ideas for a slogan for 22chan?
[spoiler]yes pic related is me[/spoiler]
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"this is where all the evil terrorists live"


"22 times the chan"


Old 4chan's "not dead yet!"

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