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R: 140 / I: 88 (sticky)

Banners for your favorite boards

Banner submissions

General Banners (300:100)

1. Be related to 22chan
2. Be in a 300:100 ratio (for example: 300px wide, 100px tall)

Board related banners (470:100

1. Be related to one of 22chans board
2. Be in a 470:100 ratio (for example: 470px wide, 100px tall)
3. Have the name and/or uri (/b/ or Random) in the banner1
R: 111 / I: 23


What do you fellas think about wordfilters?

Wordfilters meaning that certain words get replaced with other ones.


discord=the tranny station

Would be pretty fun i think. What is your opinion? Elaborate and if you like it also feel free to drop some suggestions for words that should be replaced.
R: 52 / I: 13


Do you frens have any cool ideas for a slogan for 22chan?
[spoiler]yes pic related is me[/spoiler]