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Alright, so i've been told that many people would like a cleaning of the boards. I've used this as an opportunity to introduce a new board named /trash/ which is locked (you can't create any new threads) but you can reply to existing ones. All shit tier low quality threads will instead of being deleted be moved there.

Now lets get to the point and start cleaning. Send in links to threads you think should be moved to trash and elaborate why.


move this to trash please


Fleshfags >>>/out/


I'd say this thread
dont even know what to talk about in this one
"oh yeah sure op inject yourself with bleach"
not many uses out of that thread


We already have another thread like that, maybe it's best to just delete it
low quality


another one of those "im a reffugee and im new" thread
not much you can scrape out of this one
gaynigger did not read the rules, kinda doubt we can make any use of this one
read >>6391
this one PROBABLY should have just been a comment on sewers
no reason to make a thread
should have been in /sg/
no one gave a flying fuck about this thread, and OP samefagged
yeah no thanks /out/
another "im new and whats this" thread
shitty neet copypasta
useless thread
im a refugee and whats this
im a refugee and whats this
https://22chan.org/yu/res/733im a refugee and whats this
shitty sex story
im a refugee and whats this
hope op is still alive
but you cant really do anything about this thread
shitty thread
valentines day is over, and i cant think of how we can use this thread
rare PP thread just like op penis am i rite NORMALFAG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-


All of the threads have been moved or deleted


Literally wtf is the point?
I thought that’s what /sewers/ was for?
You basically have 2 /trash/ boards now


sewers contains shitposts
just completly random, but high quality
trash is just bad threads that dont break the rules
(how are you doing lad, and did you see livechan?)


/sewers/ is funposting
/trash/ is the place where failed threads go to die


blue blistering barnacles why are you all spacing out your sentences like that? Am I missing out on some joke here? Is Twoot pulling some funky japes with the formatting? I swear it's just started in the past week or something. Is this what gaslighting is like?


wHAT are you saying?


Just scroll up, every reply in this thread above mine has the person typing it punching the enter key after every period. It makes me paranoid that such a thing became so popular so quickly.


well its not exactly reddit spacing
for me its just how my keyboard works. i wonder if the other anon has the same issue as me?


Ok, i think this is it. if anybody think's i'm wrong about these just tell me.
im a refugee and whats this
>virgin frogposter namefag
yeah, no. >>>>>>>>/out/
>has gf
yeah, no. fuk u NORMALFAG reeeee
>doesn't have adblock
>shitty screenshot
the lad didnt discribe what the thread's about!
shitty thread
op tried to bait us but failed
nothing really to add to this thread
shitty thread
shitty thread PLUS op is a namefag
this thread is a nuclear bomb
remember "drunk dragon"? well gis autism caused this thread to become radioactive
i guess that ritcher guy is pretty cool tho


The drunk dragon thread is somewhat historic and does not deserve to be /trash/ed


This desu


ok, then the unholy thread shall be preserved



go ahead and throw this one in /trash/ mods, (when ever you get the chance of cource)


I think /trash/ is a good idea but %99 percent of it is gonna be from /sewers/ and /b/ so im not sure what to think about it


i actually think it's gonna be posts outside of /sewers/, more of failed threads from the other boards, the so called "lightning threads"


i never took twoot as the trolling type


you thought wrong
he craves the lulz


File: Higurashi-No-Naku-Koro-Ni-….jpg (14.56 KB, 256x266, 128:133, 1583030043103.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

a lul neko
Very rare and kawaii


Twoot is like God, Sometimes hes rational and shit, and sometimes hes like "10 plagues werent enough lole"


>imblyign that being like "10 plagues werent enough lole" is not a rational thought



humans must all die


File: 1566234494262.png (87.97 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1583032132244.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


e-even me?


File: image0.png (28.04 KB, 276x256, 69:64, 1583032165545.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Twoot no


no twoot
eat cheese or something or play vidya


File: Castle_Romeo.jpg (209.41 KB, 1174x1474, 587:737, 1583148004928.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Let's do it


not even a funny thread
i just want to get back to the old 22chan where we had comfy conversations about things
its sad because i feel like everybody is gone, and we lost our comfyness, and culture
its almost everyday where someone pulls something retarded and it justs sits there
does it keep tumbling down from here?
do i find another imageboard?
do i keep fighting to keep this place comfy
i guess i'll just post in another thread and hope for the best.


>implying brapposting isn't old 22chan
an unfortunate reality, but still one nonetheless.


I mean, the 22chan that i saw when i joined in june
i feel like brapposting counts as rule 24
either way it just skirts around the rules like ecchi.


you know what
fuck it
>why is thread here?
"oh hai im new and whats this"



why does this one even exist


i mean, its just plain retarded. like something worse then /sewers/ but if anything it could be moved there


low quality, a "ask me anything but not really type of thread"


Next time when you want to show what exactly thread needs to be deleted, you have to only type the number of the thread if that thread is located here on the /b/ board.

And yes, I'm agreeing with you how is that thread complete attention AMA whoring nonsense.


oh, sorry for being autistic.
also even though its been a year i honestly forgot about cross refferencing threads lol.


Twoot still should fix that click thing tho.
So when I click one of these >6666 then it takes me to that post/thread




ok i'm honestly supprised i didn't notice this one
>ama thread
>completely unrelated to /pol/
>"oh hai i'm new"
>"oh hai i'm new"
dead thread. discord trannies looking for discord trannies. probably found "scitzocat"

You rolled the number 597731011 (dubs)


shit thread
i do it for free since mods are gay
gimmie hot pocket nao


>a regular pornsite teir, op posts a link and fucks off without elaborating also (((wojack)))
>leafposter dont know how thats related to vg (also i think thats a nu-pol reference to canada, but 22ch doesnt have the flag system), also dont know what games ops talking about.
>literally op posts obscure shid in pol and fucks off. i think our pol is better then that.
>first flag is that he uses le spoopy anonymoose headless guy in the pic, second off he asks for deep web forum links in both 22ch and live chan
yeah, dunno. doesnt seem right.


File: 4fb14e60-52eb-4871-990d-d….jpeg (41.65 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1586805554057.jpeg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

here u go fren '_'7 i salute your service

You rolled the number 259353801 (no dubs or higher)


w H y I s Th E rE a T h R e A d F o E o N e S o N g???
perhaps we try to post midi for national anthems or something?


shid post in the wrong board


File: cat_in_garbage_can.jpg (24.87 KB, 275x296, 275:296, 1587159726015.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

when will there be a 22chan clean-up, anyway?

You rolled the number 943962168 (no dubs or higher)


Bait thread, plus derailed
Shit thread premise
Borderline advertising, 0 discussion
No discussion, dump of "redpills"
twitter screencap, shit thread premise
Pic irrelevant to the topic, link to shit article, 4chan-tier topic
4chan-tier topic
"niggers btfo", twitter screencap


Don't forget to cross board link


Earlier itt everybody posted links so I assumed that's the correct way to report threads here. Didn't notice that later they switched to the other format


Everything is cool in here.
May I ask anyone who is familiar with this...where did quality threads from /b/ ended? I can't find those threads at /trash/. Do we have some sort of an archive for every board in here and I'm not able to find it?
Welp m8!

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