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This board is only for the disscusion of Science, Technology and Math. Any other topic will be deleted and/or banned.

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there is jet set radio live which is a nice little radio for fast paced music.



I am using only this one because I like to listen classic rock and my favorite rock station is Asterisk Radio (no commercials at all)...
Check it out, i'm sure you'll find something what you like...


oh tunein radio
its spyware but its based spyware! i had good memories with that app, but i did get off of it when it turned into a mini facebook. what's good is that you dont need to download podcasts or whatever to listen to it online.


This is the new and perfect AI tool for the deep fakes. It's free and open source and with the tool you can easily start some epic and influential things in the world with it, if you are going to take the next revolutionary step in the (troll the shit out of media) purposes.
the game never change, only the players!
Here is YT video with the links for that tool...
Enjoy and please, report your successful troll shit on the /b/ board.

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Which one do you use and why ?
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I use Arch. I don't use it for any reason in *particular*, outside of minimal install. It's just what I happened to go to overtime, I started with Linux Mint. Thinking of trying out LFS just cos it seems interesting to me


Linux wasn't my first unix-like OS, that goes to FreeBSD.

With linux I started from debian, like 12 years ago, then geting fed up dpkg bullshit went to slackware and did some lfs runs. After that I was ready for gentoo, then switched to funtoo for having a bit nicer repos. But then gentoowiki was lost, gentoo and it's forks withered down and on slow decline now. But in meantime a very similar in some concepts distro arose and that was arch.

It too gained a lot of popularity by having most detailed wiki of them all, but most importantly: it has package build system that is very friendly, just like with ebuilds you can easily define building a package in a single simple shellscript aided by library functions, allowing for easy software customizations. No system-wide use-flags however, universal optimization is a bit trickier than in gentoo, but not really required. So Last 6 years or so i am solely using arch.

Then, there is AUR, a user repository of unofficial pkgbuilds, also integratable with package manager.

And then, there is binary builds for every official package, so you don't have to wait half a day while your chromium is compiling.

So, instead of a distro to settle I suggest a journey to find one that suits you. Walking through LFS is a good quest on this path, yielding a considerable knowledge, give it a try: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/stable/


Anybody have an opinion on Bodhi? I'm considering giving it a shot for shits and giggles


I use Void but I dislike how it lacks some stuff in repo and I'm too stupid to make my own templates.


Also Void Linux doesn't even have a forum, it only has a subreddit.

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Is C++ as bad as Linus says it is?
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Linus is always overreacting. Just try out both languages and decide whether you want eye-fucking but easy C++ or maybe beautiful but ass-fucking C



If you want native high-level language with templates, try D instead.

If you want native bare-metal language, try C.

If you want native production language, try Go.


It was 13 years ago, nowadays Linus uses C++ himself https://github.com/Subsurface-divelog/subsurface


Oh look, I use malbolge now, let's do project in that.


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Have you ever heard of the distributed internet? The idea being that instead of having to rely on a server you share content with other users directly.
Torrents are the most famous example of this. However what if a distributed structure was used not only to share anime and cracked games but also to provide actual websites? Like another internet. What if there could be an internet without servers?
Here are some of the projects related to this I've seen around:
>Ipfs: https://ipfs.io/
Slightly improved torrents really. Removes duplicate files in the network. Has ipns, which allows to have a constant link to mutable content -> we can already have static web pages with this
>zeronet: https://zeronet.io/
Peer to peer, allows you to have mutable content as ipfs, but also supports having sites updating real-time. But most importantly it allows you to have websites where other people than the site owner can post content, which means you can have sites such as youtube, forums, imageboards, twitter (hopefully not. Jk they already have a thing similar to it). All without servers. Noice. It also has tor integration.
>freenet: https://freenetproject.org/
Again peer to peer, allows for websites and for user-content sites too (it says it has forums). Citing them:
>Communications by Freenet nodes are encrypted and are routed through other nodes to make it extremely difficult to determine who is requesting the information and what its content is.
Also has some functionality to hide that you are using freenet called "darknet". Seems similar to zeronet except more concerned with security and anonymity


When 8chan went down didn’t some people make a clone on some p2p network? And a bunch of people hosted cp and stuff Like that unknowingly because of that.


I think it was a honeypot, or it just was a shitty, buggy clone
The media did go nuts though so it wasn't that secret


> some people make a clone on some p2p network
Really? I didn't know about that. I mean about it being distributed
> And a bunch of people hosted cp and stuff Like that unknowingly because of that.
That sucks. But I'm sure you can make moderated p2p networks, so I'd say it's the moderators fault. If someone posts cp on a normal ib it will be hosted there till a mod removes it. Same on p2p

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I have an IBM eServer xSeries 345. It's been gathering dust in the basement for awhile now and I'd like to turn it into a data storage server running linux.

However, the drives are only 18GB each. Are there terabyte-sized drives compatible with a system this old (made around 2001) that I can buy for a reasonable price? If so, what would make a drive compatible? Anything besides the connector?



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Fuck all you vim faggots, nano is best editor
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this whole board is dead.
anyway, i don't use vim often at all - only when there's no nano on the server i use at that time. when i'm programming i use whatever. it's not like you spend a lot of time using a text editor when i develop shit anyway.


When are they gonna release the Emacs kernel written in lisp?


That's lisp machines anon, been done a while ago


thanks nigga bread


AHAHAHAHAHAH fucking namefagging
I always forget to remove the name on the next post

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Is SoloLearn a good resource for learning programming languages?


Idk what SoloLearn is, but I personally learned through Udemy, Books, ProjectEuler and CodeWars. YouTube also helps a lot.


I never heard of ProjectEuler or CodeWars.
I'll check them out, thanks!


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No, but self-learning by reading documentation of the language you want to learn and doing exercises from Project Euler, HackerRank, Advent of Code and OverTheWire is.


Get a book,way to go


When it comes down to learning C or C++, what books would you guys reccomend?

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Show your desktop rice, rate, and share cool programs
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man just stopped using void

nice wallpaper

raise the kek army, comrade

triple monitor seems cool, ought to try it


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That's Neofetch


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I hate distrohopping, so many files to backup.
I'm thinking about taking a look at FVWM.


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The Corona Christmas commercial is me and my dad's favorite commercial, since it both reminds us of home and the fact that we whistle the tune whenever we're at our garage at a late, quite night during this time of year


Go to bumblebee-status/themes/your-current-theme.json
and change seperator width to -1 to make fix the bottom panel

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So discord is taking IRC place for a lot of communities including 22chan, what do you think about it? Have you made the jump yourself yet?
For me I find it annoying that people with no knowledge of /t/ are more and more using Discord, it became the norm to have a discord account. I think it can evolve to the point of including business meetings and the such and this made it almost a normie thing.
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The question i have is, what is the exact useage for discord here?(personally, im not a fan of the "missing content" that should have been made here.) Lets say we remove it, and replace it with irc, will it properly fill the void that was discord?
Perhaps discord is for trusted users, to have slightly more private conversations.
How would this irc client work? Do the programmers here build it, would we have to install it on our computers seprately, or would it be on 22chan itself?
Would mods give access to only trusted anons?
So, lets say everything goes well with irc. What will happen to livechan? I mean, i'm the only one who goes there daily, its like no one knows it exists. I mean, if we find somthing better like the irc deal, im fine if we get rid of it.
The irc cant take anything away from 22chan, and would it have to be built from scratch?
We have (so far, two new namefags who are seemingly very nice so far.) And maybe around ((30)) diffrent anons on 22ch. Would that be enough people for it not to be a ghost town?
We just cant just,
Rush things and making it now, i think is bad idea,
for everything to go well, it'll be a slow change.


>Perhaps discord is for trusted users, to have slightly more private conversations.
this line of thinking is bad in itself. There are no trusted users, no users with badges and whatnot, there is only anons, we are all equal here and that's what imageboards are like. You can't make friends out of chans because everyone here is anonymous(or supossed to be). It is strange when you think about it, how people interact with others without knowing one another, that feeling of connection is what we seek here.
as for the others questions I don't really care about IRC, the community is still small to fuel an active channel, I just want discord gone becuase it's a major problem in this board.


To be fair, yes, anons are equal here and that's what imageboards or at less, the first imageboard 2chan and 4chan did before the more early 2010s or what not. But if it's equal, how do mods and janitor come to where they are. Without trust and known badges for mods and janitors, that can turn this place into an anarchy place if trust is removed and the owner has too much power without any rules for anons, or a messed up place full of bad janitors and mods careless or abusing power.


I'm just trying to figure out the exact point
Of discord in the first place.i do like the mods, even though i don't really know them. I just had minor conversations to them like everybody else, and beleve that we have similar mindsets. I feel like i can trust them. Sure, i just found this place in april, and they had minor sqabbles then and there, but we all do that.
Discord just poped out of knowhere, and i'm slightly curious as to what it's being used for. ((Discord is a jewish plot to sell 22chan to google jk lol))


The thing about discord is that there's a lot of just daily conversations.
Things that don't really belong on any board or doesnt fit 22chan's quality standards.
It does give out good OCs/ideas for threads, which then are posted on the site, if it's shit-then it remains in the discord like most other things.
>30 different anons
on discord there at least 90 people, a different question is how many of them are active, but there's a lot more people who use the site itself without discord.

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Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on? Favorite language? Anything programming related.
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I recently rewritten the script from scratch.
The old source code is at https://heyuri.cf/?page=view&key=QJdxqOr1xJ
There are still a few things I want to do before making the rewrite open-source.
YotsuIB is an image board built to be compatible with 4chan's JS. So far I've been successful. This project is not public yet.


>Projects n shit
Been messing around with cordova to make basic webapps.

>Favourite Language



Nice, thanks. Is it also "tag compatible", meaning we'll be able to use scripts like 4chan X, X-links?
Good luck on your projects by the way.


>recent projects
...I'm a failure at life, sorry
>favourite language
lisp and forth. They both have the idea that a language should be able to expand with new syntax to create domain specific languages (DSL) to solve problems more easily. Also both use bottom up approach. I'm really fascinated by them and would love to use them to make something to really "get it" and not just have a superficial understanding
>>Favorite language
Isn't php infamously bad? I mean I never used it but it's probably the most hated language together with javascript


>Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on?
I've been a bit bored recently so I've been working on a Generator-Program in Lua. You just insert what you want(So if you want a Name, you insert "Names") and if you want a Place then you insert: "Place".

>Favorite language?

C is #1 for my Favourite-Languages. Java is second.

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lets find out
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Depends on the gravity.


then lets put that into play, were gonna have to do very hard math


were gonna have to be very precise about out calculations


Also depends how close you are to a black hole.
Also, the mass of the planet.
Large planet, longer day. sometimes
Earth time = 24hr.
Also how fast does the planet spin.
How close is it to the sun.
Moar questions
Minor answers
I'll try to explain.( i got some of the math from my ham radio textbook.) If I shine a flashlight in front of me, I will measure the beam to travel at about 300,000 km/s, which is also known as the speed of light. (Fun fact electromagnet waves "radio waves travel at the speed of light.)
And if you are moving at 200,000 km/s faster than me, and shine a flashlight ahead of you, I will see the light from your flashlight moving at the 300,000km/s. It will appear to me, as though the light from your flashlight is moving away from you at 100,000 km/s.
But when you will measure the speed of that light, relative to you, you’d think it’d be moving at 100,000 km/s as well, but instead from your perspective it will ALSO clock in at 300,000 km/s. What time it is depends upon your vantage point, and so there is no single absolute time.
Finally, because of relativity, each point in the Universe experiences time at a slightly different rate. For example, when we observe the cosmic microwave background, we find that we are moving at a speed of about 630 km/s relative to the background. That means we experience time a bit more slowly that something at rest relative to the cosmic background. it’s just a tiny bit slower, but added over the entire age of the Universe, our cosmic clock is 30,000 years behind the times.
Thats all i got. I used to have a couple good quantum mechanics books about this but sadly they were destroyed.
I guess some other of the stats are online too


Unification theory says there is only one thing.
We used to think there were 4 fundamental forces, but we found out they were all the same thing. Strong em force, weak em force, electromagnetism, and gravity are all the same thing. We know that gravity is the same as time. High mass objects warp space time, which both generates gravitational forces (space) and changes the rate at which time flows relative to the rest of the universe (time). But the fact of the matter is that gravity is a myth. Objects warp time around them. Matter is sucked from areas with a high rate of time to areas with a low rate of time. It's all one thing. There is only time, and ripples in time.
But Einstein was Jewish, so I take all this with a grain of salt.

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I found this project recently. It's and alternate client for Discord (and slack) and although not open source you could probably trust it more than ((((discord)))). It still seems to be in beta though, there are some unimplemented features and logging in is finnecky. But once you get it working it's great for power users.
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i talked to the guy on his discord
he said that his client is mainly made for slack, he will be charging users for it and he will drop support for discord


>Closed source
>Ugly UI
>Will cost money when dev finishes it
>Doesn't work as well as official client
No thank you.


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I'd rather just not.


based penny pincher. Keep a tight hold on your shekels, boys. Money isn't everything, but that's no reason to throw it away.


just use irc

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Will earth ever recover from this disaster? I heard it's pretty much irreversible at this point.
pic not related
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I say D, but what do you mean it would destroy the economy? Is there really no way we can slowly take the road to recovery?

>Captcha: faDke



In the words of George Carlin, the planet will recover just fine. It's seen far worse than us. However, we are going to get FUCKED one way or another. I doubt we're gonna go extinct over this (just turn up the ac lol), but it will definitely start a bunch of wars as resources dwindle. It could set us back centuries, or maybe spur us to space exploration. I hope not, though. We need to take care of ourselves before we go infecting other planets.


Honestly, I could care less if I ever stepped a foot outside being part of this damn natural planet ever again. I'd much rather live out my days part of a space colony with controlled climates and living in an artificial space about the size of an average home for the rest of my life. Fuck the world, fuck people, and fuck the weather. I just want to be comfy in my living space watching anime, playing vidya, and pleasuring myself.


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Me too bro. To become a cosmic hikkikomori would be to attain the highest form of existence.


Ironically the current Amazon rain forest fires are adding up to the brown markings on this graph for South America. Mass refugees into North America when?

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>Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel. Its package system allows you to quickly install, update and remove software; software is provided in binary packages or can be built directly from sources with the help of the XBPS source packages collection.

I am using Void Linux myself, very fast on my old desktop and everything is easy to set up


O shit, I use void!~
Any way to delete the man page? I'm in an extremely storage limited environment


Never heard of it. Could you point out the advantages it has over other distros? What makes it unique? There are hundreds of distros already after all


File: rms.jpg (486.77 KB, 3504x2336, 3:2, 1563976676811.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>it's not a fork
>it's lightweight
>it uses the fastest init scheme, runit
>it has good and fast package manager called xbps ("X Binary Package System")
>it's easy to create packages for Void Linux. also, xbps-src makes it easy to build packages from source.
>it's rolling-release but it doesn't break. and it still supports downgrades and partial upgrades (unlike Arch, for example)
>Void Linux also ships musl-based version in addition to glibc-based distro. musl is more lightweight and less bloated libc (but you probably still want to use glibc for desktop/laptop systems, though)
>it uses LibreSSL (it was the first Linux distro to switch to it, in fact)
Also, ProTip: if you want to have a GUI environment after installation, you must select the CD disc/USB stick as the installation source when the installer asks for it. You can get Void Linux here -> https://voidlinux.org/


If you choose to use the installer .iso to install a GUI, you must run sudo xbps-install -Su to install updates after installation. If you set Network as the installation source, you can easily install a GUI after installation by running:
sudo xbps-install -S xorg xfce4 linux-firmware wifi-firmware bash-completion
The -S option causes xbps to first sync the list of available packages and the -u option performs an upgrade.
If you want to also have a graphical login screen, follow these instruction: https://wiki.voidlinux.org/Post_Installation#Display_Manager
If you need proprietary software or microcode for your Intel CPU, you must first enable the non-free repository, like so:
sudo xbps-install void-repo-nonfree
and then install the microcode and everything else you need:
sudo xbps-install -S intel-ucode dwarffortress
and finally, regenerate the initramfs and update grub:
sudo xbps-reconfigure -f linux4.19 #replace the version number with the version that you have installed

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