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This board is only for the disscusion of Science, Technology and Math. Any other topic will be deleted and/or banned.

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Is SoloLearn a good resource for learning programming languages?


Idk what SoloLearn is, but I personally learned through Udemy, Books, ProjectEuler and CodeWars. YouTube also helps a lot.


I never heard of ProjectEuler or CodeWars.
I'll check them out, thanks!

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aren't their games infested with viruses and maleware?


http://the-eye.eu (Really cool shit, google OD searcher and some cool stuff they host, currently down since they're switching servers)
http://en.metal-tracker.com (Metal semi-public torrent tracker)
Neocities is great.



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Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on? Favorite language? Anything programming related.


>recent projects you have completed or you are working on
Steve, 22chan

>Favorite language

PHP, Go, C++


>recent projects you have completed or you are working on
heyuri.cf, YotsuIB
>Favorite language
PHP, Rust, Python





I'm sort of new to programming, but:
>recent projects you have completed or are working on
Made a crappy Email client once (without the capability to send emails, lol). rn I'm working on my first little website (backend) with a friend (frontend)
>Favorite language
C, Python (only ones I know)

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Which one do you use and why ?
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Windows and used xubuntu.
Linux is not worth it unless for servers


>sksk fucken normie REEE
Ubuntu is a decent distro.


Ubuntu is gay, install Debian


I though of giving Debian or Devuan a try.
Maybe i'll do it next month


I use Manjaro with xfce4. I'll switch to Linux once I have time to configure everything

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First picture of a black hole. Just imagine, these were total conjecture not too long ago. And now we have photographic evidence. I once heard it said that saying you believed in black holes when they were first theorized about was like saying you believed in unicorns; you'd get laughed out of the room.


Just think, this was the black hole 5 million years ago, that's kinda scary to think...


Low quality black hole


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hi-res computer generated render


The images look so pretty.



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if we had a vertical gluon production, like two beams with a weight?

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Do you think there's non-earthling life in the universe?
How much? How far away, or how close?
Is it peaceful, or warlike? Intelligent, or primitive?
Do you think we'll ever make contact?
If so, will we contact them, or will they contact us?
How might we communicate with them?
How would humanity react to the discovery of intelligent life?
Are we doomed to be alone?
And any other discussion regarding extraterrestrials.
No /x/ bullshit pls.


im mean if you think about it, outer space is so large that in all that space on at least one of the planets out there there has to be life, the could be millions of planets out there that can support life and we we cant see them because they are just far away, there is no way earth just happens to be the only planet to support life

Your fortune: Average Luck


I Think india is another universe

Your fortune: Average Luck


life exists everywhere, mostly bacterial
most likely warlike unless exists a planet where resources are abundant
we will but in a very very long time due to time dilation
dont know who's gonna contact first
don't know how we might communicate with them
humanity would probably be suprised for a while the move on with their lives
we're doomed to be alone because its easier to create virtual reality than try to fiddle with physics through science

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Is someone smashed an exotic atom with the gauge bosons using the metallic hydrogen Anvil at Harvard into some sort of cyclotron that accelerates neutral atoms

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Anyone doing something in Machine Learning here? Need ML buddies to talk to...


I dont know if Markov chains count as ML, but i want to get into ML.


Markov chains are very handy in the Reinforcement Learning, anon



This is what i've built using markov chains, but i would like to improove the text he generates... The Problem im facing is that there is no good implementation of recurrent neural networks in php.

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I built an machine learning ai with php-ml to classify new threads as 'good' or 'bad' using their text.

Thoughts on how to improove it?
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Is code online twoot? Have you posted this on Github? If yes, can you link the repo? I'm interested in NLP.


Its not public but im thinking about making it public


Actually nevermind, i forgot that i stopped using it because it was inacurate as shit.

But i've made steves code public, if you're interested: https://gitlab.com/milan44/steve


Why not Github?


I prefer gitlab. I just like their UI more than the one by github.

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What's wrong with SystemD



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Seems like the right board for this.
Theories, cool shit, creepy shit, whatever you got regarding the ocean (especially the deeper parts), put it here.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantis_shrimp can punch hard enough to cause flashes of light, or so I've heard.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloop (Probably just an iceberg breaking up, but still pretty neat)

>tfw you'll never be a crew member on board the Nautilus

It hurts.

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Friendly reminder to any anons in the area concerned: a lunar eclipse is beginning now!!! GO LOOK AT THE MOON RIGHT NOW!!!


It wasn't that good :(
The moon gradually got covered by the earth, then it was just very dim with slight red
t. western Canada

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give me a reason you would not jailbreak your iphone

spoiler: you cant


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Because I have an android.


File: 1541643913023.png (17.13 KB, 409x406, 409:406, 1553116352317.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I do not normally operate a Steve Jobs brand "my first cell phone" because I am not a faggot.


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>give me a reason you would not jailbreak your iphone
>spoiler: you cant
>you cant
I'm not paying the price of my kidney for an overpriced, limited piece of shit.
YOU give me a reason why i would buy it

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