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This board is only for the disscusion of Science, Technology and Math. Any other topic will be deleted and/or banned.

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A great source of free soundfonts


Javascript tool that secretly allows you to draw on web pages. The only way to see the art you drew is to use the tool.


I hope people remember this.


Pretty useful tool.
>Lets say you're on youtube.
>Being an anonyfag like me,
>you don't have a youtube account.
>Still want to watch vidya.
>But for some reason, you need to log in
>Using this, you can bypass the login.


I've used that to jack off so many times

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Which one do you use and why ?
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> I don't understand why power users hate Mint so much.
Because Mint is just a worse version of Debian/Devuan, and the only reason to use it over Debian or Devuan is that it is easier to use (the same also applies to Ubuntu.)
The reason why some power users dislike Debian is that Debian stable doesn't have latest versions of packages because Debian stable only gets security updates (this is easily fixed by switching to Debian/Devuan testing or unstable)


Im a linux newfag.
I learned a bit through the raspberry pi, and a couple of youtube videos.
Any advice?
Do you have any reccomendations for me?
Any more youtube videos i should watch?
My goal is to get a complete understanding of linux, python,
And move to cyber security, white hat hacking, whatever you call it.


>>2 I use Void on my laptop, have gentoo installed on another ssd to learn


I use Mint. Previously Ubuntu.

I've only been using GNU/Linux since June, earlier this year. I've definitely grown comfortable with it really fast. I love Programming in it and I love using the Terminal for a lot of things. I also love that there is no Spyware built-into the OS and that it runs really fast and smooth.


I currently run Debian on most of my servers (without systemd of course) and dietpi on my raspberry pi.
I also have an old virtualized ubuntu test server that's somehow still running. At some point I started installing random things on it and now I'm not sure how to get rid of it without crashing half my network. It's using around 10-20 gigabytes of memory someone please send help

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Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on? Favorite language? Anything programming related.
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I recently rewritten the script from scratch.
The old source code is at https://heyuri.cf/?page=view&key=QJdxqOr1xJ
There are still a few things I want to do before making the rewrite open-source.
YotsuIB is an image board built to be compatible with 4chan's JS. So far I've been successful. This project is not public yet.


>Projects n shit
Been messing around with cordova to make basic webapps.

>Favourite Language



Nice, thanks. Is it also "tag compatible", meaning we'll be able to use scripts like 4chan X, X-links?
Good luck on your projects by the way.


>recent projects
...I'm a failure at life, sorry
>favourite language
lisp and forth. They both have the idea that a language should be able to expand with new syntax to create domain specific languages (DSL) to solve problems more easily. Also both use bottom up approach. I'm really fascinated by them and would love to use them to make something to really "get it" and not just have a superficial understanding
>>Favorite language
Isn't php infamously bad? I mean I never used it but it's probably the most hated language together with javascript


>Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on?
I've been a bit bored recently so I've been working on a Generator-Program in Lua. You just insert what you want(So if you want a Name, you insert "Names") and if you want a Place then you insert: "Place".

>Favorite language?

C is #1 for my Favourite-Languages. Java is second.

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Show your desktop rice, rate, and share cool programs
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I should clean my pc


A true gamer has entered the arena


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>inb4 why such low quality image?
its the best one that still looks decent and isn't just Richter in a black void
I could never imagine letting my desktop get so dirty. I keep everything in separate files so I can look at my pretty boy all the time
what app are you using to display your specs? I've looked around and haven't found anything downloaded at the start. thats the kind of thing you would think would just come with a laptop like mine but I guess not.


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man just stopped using void

nice wallpaper

raise the kek army, comrade

triple monitor seems cool, ought to try it


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lets find out
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Depends on the gravity.


then lets put that into play, were gonna have to do very hard math


were gonna have to be very precise about out calculations


Also depends how close you are to a black hole.
Also, the mass of the planet.
Large planet, longer day. sometimes
Earth time = 24hr.
Also how fast does the planet spin.
How close is it to the sun.
Moar questions
Minor answers
I'll try to explain.( i got some of the math from my ham radio textbook.) If I shine a flashlight in front of me, I will measure the beam to travel at about 300,000 km/s, which is also known as the speed of light. (Fun fact electromagnet waves "radio waves travel at the speed of light.)
And if you are moving at 200,000 km/s faster than me, and shine a flashlight ahead of you, I will see the light from your flashlight moving at the 300,000km/s. It will appear to me, as though the light from your flashlight is moving away from you at 100,000 km/s.
But when you will measure the speed of that light, relative to you, you’d think it’d be moving at 100,000 km/s as well, but instead from your perspective it will ALSO clock in at 300,000 km/s. What time it is depends upon your vantage point, and so there is no single absolute time.
Finally, because of relativity, each point in the Universe experiences time at a slightly different rate. For example, when we observe the cosmic microwave background, we find that we are moving at a speed of about 630 km/s relative to the background. That means we experience time a bit more slowly that something at rest relative to the cosmic background. it’s just a tiny bit slower, but added over the entire age of the Universe, our cosmic clock is 30,000 years behind the times.
Thats all i got. I used to have a couple good quantum mechanics books about this but sadly they were destroyed.
I guess some other of the stats are online too


Unification theory says there is only one thing.
We used to think there were 4 fundamental forces, but we found out they were all the same thing. Strong em force, weak em force, electromagnetism, and gravity are all the same thing. We know that gravity is the same as time. High mass objects warp space time, which both generates gravitational forces (space) and changes the rate at which time flows relative to the rest of the universe (time). But the fact of the matter is that gravity is a myth. Objects warp time around them. Matter is sucked from areas with a high rate of time to areas with a low rate of time. It's all one thing. There is only time, and ripples in time.
But Einstein was Jewish, so I take all this with a grain of salt.

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I found this project recently. It's and alternate client for Discord (and slack) and although not open source you could probably trust it more than ((((discord)))). It still seems to be in beta though, there are some unimplemented features and logging in is finnecky. But once you get it working it's great for power users.
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i talked to the guy on his discord
he said that his client is mainly made for slack, he will be charging users for it and he will drop support for discord


>Closed source
>Ugly UI
>Will cost money when dev finishes it
>Doesn't work as well as official client
No thank you.


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I'd rather just not.


based penny pincher. Keep a tight hold on your shekels, boys. Money isn't everything, but that's no reason to throw it away.


just use irc

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Fuck all you vim faggots, nano is best editor


>implying Emacs isn't the one and only editor (and operating system) worth existing


only 1 year old and this board is already trash
that being said i do like nano but there's nothing wrong with vim


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>necrobumping a shit thread

There are actually valid reasons why vim is not as good as some say (I am not going to comment on its philosophy or default keyboard bindings) :
- It has a lot of legacy cruft (can be fixed by switching to neovim or ed)
- Vimscript (the language that's used for developing its extensions) is crappy (can be fixed by switching to neovim)
- Vim is not POSIX compliant (this doesn't really matter in practice, however)
- Gnu Emacs has better documentation and tutorial
- It's a lot easier to customize and extend Gnu Emacs. elisp is also way better language than vimscript
Also emacs isn't nearly as bloated as some say, since Gnu Emacs is, in fact, a lisp interpreter that's just specialized for manipulating text and building a text editor, and the Emacs' core, the lisp kernel, is actually rather small and most of Emacs' functionality is build using elisp.
If you want, you can actually use evil-mode to emulate vi(m) in Gnu Emacs.

Install Gnu/Emacs, open it and type ctrl+h t
Install evil-mode, if you want to.


this whole board is dead.
anyway, i don't use vim often at all - only when there's no nano on the server i use at that time. when i'm programming i use whatever. it's not like you spend a lot of time using a text editor when i develop shit anyway.


When are they gonna release the Emacs kernel written in lisp?

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Will earth ever recover from this disaster? I heard it's pretty much irreversible at this point.
pic not related
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I say D, but what do you mean it would destroy the economy? Is there really no way we can slowly take the road to recovery?

>Captcha: faDke



In the words of George Carlin, the planet will recover just fine. It's seen far worse than us. However, we are going to get FUCKED one way or another. I doubt we're gonna go extinct over this (just turn up the ac lol), but it will definitely start a bunch of wars as resources dwindle. It could set us back centuries, or maybe spur us to space exploration. I hope not, though. We need to take care of ourselves before we go infecting other planets.


Honestly, I could care less if I ever stepped a foot outside being part of this damn natural planet ever again. I'd much rather live out my days part of a space colony with controlled climates and living in an artificial space about the size of an average home for the rest of my life. Fuck the world, fuck people, and fuck the weather. I just want to be comfy in my living space watching anime, playing vidya, and pleasuring myself.


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Me too bro. To become a cosmic hikkikomori would be to attain the highest form of existence.


Ironically the current Amazon rain forest fires are adding up to the brown markings on this graph for South America. Mass refugees into North America when?

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>Void is a general purpose operating system, based on the monolithic Linux® kernel. Its package system allows you to quickly install, update and remove software; software is provided in binary packages or can be built directly from sources with the help of the XBPS source packages collection.

I am using Void Linux myself, very fast on my old desktop and everything is easy to set up


O shit, I use void!~
Any way to delete the man page? I'm in an extremely storage limited environment


Never heard of it. Could you point out the advantages it has over other distros? What makes it unique? There are hundreds of distros already after all


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>it's not a fork
>it's lightweight
>it uses the fastest init scheme, runit
>it has good and fast package manager called xbps ("X Binary Package System")
>it's easy to create packages for Void Linux. also, xbps-src makes it easy to build packages from source.
>it's rolling-release but it doesn't break. and it still supports downgrades and partial upgrades (unlike Arch, for example)
>Void Linux also ships musl-based version in addition to glibc-based distro. musl is more lightweight and less bloated libc (but you probably still want to use glibc for desktop/laptop systems, though)
>it uses LibreSSL (it was the first Linux distro to switch to it, in fact)
Also, ProTip: if you want to have a GUI environment after installation, you must select the CD disc/USB stick as the installation source when the installer asks for it. You can get Void Linux here -> https://voidlinux.org/


If you choose to use the installer .iso to install a GUI, you must run sudo xbps-install -Su to install updates after installation. If you set Network as the installation source, you can easily install a GUI after installation by running:
sudo xbps-install -S xorg xfce4 linux-firmware wifi-firmware bash-completion
The -S option causes xbps to first sync the list of available packages and the -u option performs an upgrade.
If you want to also have a graphical login screen, follow these instruction: https://wiki.voidlinux.org/Post_Installation#Display_Manager
If you need proprietary software or microcode for your Intel CPU, you must first enable the non-free repository, like so:
sudo xbps-install void-repo-nonfree
and then install the microcode and everything else you need:
sudo xbps-install -S intel-ucode dwarffortress
and finally, regenerate the initramfs and update grub:
sudo xbps-reconfigure -f linux4.19 #replace the version number with the version that you have installed

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Is C++ as bad as Linus says it is?


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> C++ leads to really really bad design choices.
> It's more worst with STL.


Linus is always overreacting. Just try out both languages and decide whether you want eye-fucking but easy C++ or maybe beautiful but ass-fucking C

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Im Planning to make my own futaba style imageboard so send links to futaba style imageboard scripts



thanks >>153 but I think im gonna use kusabax because ive already used them and they did not work but thanks for you suggestions

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Does the 2nd law of thermodynamics imply the extinction of humanity?
You see, entropy always increases in a closed system, such as the universe. That means that the entropy will get higher and higher. But human bodies I'm pretty sure aren't peak entropy. At one point to grow further entropy will have to destroy all human bodies. Any sorts of computer human replica too, and I'm pretty sure anything that can move on its own/think. Entropy is disorder, and those two things require some order.
Am I wrong? Is there something I'm not considering?


As we understand it, yes, the laws of thermodyamics does imply that humans, and everything else in this universe will all end up a giant cloud of weakly interacting particles. However, scientists don't estimate that happening for another googol years or so (a 1 with 100 zeroes after it). That's plenty of time for humanity to thrive, flourish, and potentially maybe figure out a workaround for the whole entropy thing. After all, something had to put our universe into its initial high-energy low-entropy state, so who's to say it can't happen again?


In my opinion, humanity will go extinct long before entropy becomes an actual problem.


Makes sense. Thanks for restoring my hope!
Makes sense. Thanks for destroying my hope!

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MDS: The Newest Speculative Execution Side-Channel Vulnerability.

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Share your custom JS/CSS


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