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This board is only for the disscusion of Science, Technology and Math. Any other topic will be deleted and/or banned.

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Mah nigga


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holy shit, based, redpilled, and a patrician taste to have my good sir

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What's wrong with SystemD

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Install GNU into my BRAIN!!

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Which one do you use and why ?
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With those numerals, I think I have to reply something. What do you need help with? Choosing a distribution? If you can't decide which distribution you want to install, I recommend Debian.

Your fortune: Excellent Luck


first experience was with Trisquel as a complete noob, you can see how that has pushed me into using more normietier'd distro's. Though its been some years was considering trying a more cutting edge distro, if anybody has any good recommendations I can take on board I'd appreciate it


I meant more, tips or things that are good to know heading into installing gentoo


Just use whatever you want. Windows 10 or LGBT edition. Most of the botnet is google on the internet and you can modify your OS.

>gentoo meme

You had one job.



You rolled the number 241894307 (no dubs or higher)

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Seems like the right board for this.
Theories, cool shit, creepy shit, whatever you got regarding the ocean (especially the deeper parts), put it here.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mantis_shrimp can punch hard enough to cause flashes of light, or so I've heard.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloop (Probably just an iceberg breaking up, but still pretty neat)

>tfw you'll never be a crew member on board the Nautilus

It hurts.

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Friendly reminder to any anons in the area concerned: a lunar eclipse is beginning now!!! GO LOOK AT THE MOON RIGHT NOW!!!


It wasn't that good :(
The moon gradually got covered by the earth, then it was just very dim with slight red
t. western Canada

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I wanna do something with graphene and use it to cool my phone but I don't know how to do that. Any ideas?

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give me a reason you would not jailbreak your iphone

spoiler: you cant


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Because I have an android.

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Will earth ever recover from this disaster? I heard it's pretty much irreversible at this point.
pic not related


>A) Global warming is a meme and the UN is using it to gain power through programs like carbon credits.

>B)Climate change is real but Humans aren't really a big factor.

Prepare for the worst; Hope for the best. There is nothing you can do, stop worrying. It certainly isn't worth destroying the world's economy over.

>C) Climate change is real, and humans are a major cause, but we can't do anything about it.

Whoops, try again tomorrow. Who cares, it's time to embrace famine-chan.

>D) Climate change is real; humans are the major cause; we can do something.

Why bother. You're asking us to destroy the entire world's economy over this. We just need to adapt and take control. This planet is ours to master, it is our destiny.

>E) Climate change is real; we are the major cause; we can do something about it; we must do something or else billions will die.

They were going to die anyway. A couple of billion dying off in Africa, Asia, India will not cause the world much harm. In fact it is probably a benefit. Let it come, we will persevere.


OP here . I pretty much choose the C. I think when it hits the fan it will be the largest refugee crisis to ever occur. But both polar ice will be gone with the north good for shipping and antartica suitable for living

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