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Anyone doing something in Machine Learning here? Need ML buddies to talk to...


I dont know if Markov chains count as ML, but i want to get into ML.


Markov chains are very handy in the Reinforcement Learning, anon



This is what i've built using markov chains, but i would like to improove the text he generates... The Problem im facing is that there is no good implementation of recurrent neural networks in php.

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I built an machine learning ai with php-ml to classify new threads as 'good' or 'bad' using their text.

Thoughts on how to improove it?
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Actually nevermind, i forgot that i stopped using it because it was inacurate as shit.

But i've made steves code public, if you're interested: https://gitlab.com/milan44/steve


Why not Github?


I prefer gitlab. I just like their UI more than the one by github.

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Friendly reminder to any anons in the area concerned: a lunar eclipse is beginning now!!! GO LOOK AT THE MOON RIGHT NOW!!!


It wasn't that good :(
The moon gradually got covered by the earth, then it was just very dim with slight red
t. western Canada

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give me a reason you would not jailbreak your iphone

spoiler: you cant
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Because I have an android.


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I do not normally operate a Steve Jobs brand "my first cell phone" because I am not a faggot.


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>give me a reason you would not jailbreak your iphone
>spoiler: you cant
>you cant
I'm not paying the price of my kidney for an overpriced, limited piece of shit.
YOU give me a reason why i would buy it

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