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Why do malware warnings scare me so much?


what's with the screenshots


cuz ur a pussi


becuase you don't know much about malwares


>Why do malware warnings scare me so much?
They are designed to be scary. They make them scary to keep normalfags from clicking the "go to the website anyway button." The do this because they have a vested interest in keeping malware off of normalfags computers. If a normalfag can easily click past the warning, they will, and they will inevitably get infected. When they get infected, the normalfag blames the antivirus for not protecting them instead of themselves for deliberately not following the warning. This blaming of the antivirus would reflect poorly on the company and also allow malware to spread further. Thus, they have to resort to scaring normalfags as part of the systems protection.

This is the same way that religion works. Make up a scary God and punishment in order to keep normalfags from harming themselves.

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