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Mah nigga


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holy shit, based, redpilled, and a patrician taste to have my good sir




it's all ?
internete is prety sad ...



aren't their games infested with viruses and maleware?


http://the-eye.eu (Really cool shit, google OD searcher and some cool stuff they host, currently down since they're switching servers)
http://en.metal-tracker.com (Metal semi-public torrent tracker)
Neocities is great.





I realized that I like https://instaud.io now that it's shutting down. It was cool: anonymous upload of audio (the 15 mb limit was annoying sometimes tbh) with no account required but you could save a "delete link" to delete it later, short links, not too many ads, worked from the phone and didn't fuck with the audio quality. It was handy. It had a "random clip" button so you could spend some time listening to random stuff, some of which was interestimg
Now I've found another site to upload audio to but it feels less focused. But it does it's job: https://heyuri.cf/index.php?page=upload
+ tempmail rutracker



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