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What is your favorite programming language and why?


Anything but Go. Go was created for stupid people. From one of the creators of Go:
Just kidding!
Forth. Relevant pasta:
>Sometimes as Forther you feel like a Jedi night. People think about
>Forth as an ancient religion, with it's followers doing things like
>standing on one hand and lifting stones with the force of their minds.
>And well, The Emperor doesn't like Forth.
Just kidding again!
A language is a tool. You should pick the best tool for the job you want to accomplish
...that being said I'm most efficient in python for most tasks I do, but the languages that really fascinate me are the ones that allow you to extend their syntax (like forths and lisps).


For pleasure it's C.
>super cross platform
>everything is built on top, so you can build anything with it if you have time for that.
>fun allowed, you can mess with raw pointers, enjoy bare metal even write inline asm.
>Fast af.
>Build system is kinda crap though.
For everyday purposes it's JS or PHP.
>You can get started in seconds.
>Works great for hacking stuff together
>Everyone knows JS
>Runs on every server.
>Tons of packages
>You can use any programming paradigm you want with js.

This might be biased though as I work with wordpress.


I enjoy C because it is simple, is capable of doing anything to a reasonable degree of competence. Its also extra fun since it allows lower level bit twiddling without having to be completely stuck with unabstracted computer bullshit.

Lua is nice because its simple and easy, it reads like english and is easy to comprehend both what a program is doing and what I should write next. Its very satisfying to write lua since it is the closest thing to instant gratification you can get with programing.

My opinions vary depending on what I am doing, currently I am using lua and C for a project so I will be bias towards these 2 languages; when I was doing webdev I thought PHP was the best thing since they invented cats
COBOL is fun too sometimes; I think it gets more shit than it deserves

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