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The case for ancient Egyptian impulse electricity.

Okay first whats 'impulse electricity'.

Many will know E=Mc^2. Given this mass-energy equivalence you can plug in Energy inside the gravity equation F=Gm1m2/r^2.

Electric Charge has energy. Charge density maps to energy density. Gravity can be modelled as the collapsed of the geometry of the underlying medium, giving the appearance of a force.

Impulse electricity is the art of generating very short bursts of electricity to create moments of incredibly high energy density.

Despite being the popularizer of Alternative current, with his polyphase system practically taking the world out of the dark age. He dropped AC rather quickly to spend the rest of his life investigating Impulse Electricity.

An experiment he brought forth with him where ever he lectured is a sort of inception on the topic. the experiment is known today as 'stout copper bars' or the 'tesla hairpin circuit'. It has numerous interesting effects. Despite it being of very high voltage, you can touch it without harm. You can pass it through water without it shorting, to name a few. And it is a window to impulse electricity. I suggest everyone to check it out.

Among Tesla's many patents on the matter of Impulse electricty, and radiant energy is patent 787412. Which describes basically using earth like a bell to transmit energy to the globe. The features in the patent also indicate its use in navigation, and thus cartography. This is where things get quite interesting.

You see the Piri Reis map. Compiled 100's of years before we had supposedly had any ability to create proper longitude, maps south america, and ice free Antarctica near perfectly. Cartographic analysis by Tom a megalithology on youtube points to its centreing around Giza. And that it does not conform to any known map projections. Many speculate that Piri Reis is a copy paste of source maps of Antiquity.

Tesla, Giza, Navigation, Impulse electricity. I'm sure you've heard it before. Could it be that the pyramids are a ancient 787412. And that it made nodal regions of the earth vibrate sistrums?


I don't buy the whole idea that the pyramids were built by slaves who transported these massive blocks by hand. It doesn't seem feasible to me. I think it's obvious that ancient civilizations were more advanced than we think. Just look at the Antikythera mechanism or the Baghdad battery. The Moai statues of Easter Island, as well. How were those massive statues moved? Although this video provides considerable evidence as to what can be accomplished with primitive methods.


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I was more than happy myself to believe it ayys. Until I learned the geopolymer hypothesis from

It makes more sense they were poured on site


That's what the moai did with easter island


What would they need impulse energy though? What would they exactly use it for? An example maybe is the Baghdad Battery which might have been used for electroplating. I'm not saying your wrong infact tesla was OBSESSED with pyramids
I'm just thinking of the history and the tools they had and what we know they did make and i'm not sure what they could do with that technology.


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>What would they need impulse energy though?
Global wireless energy transfer like in your video related.

Impulse electricity delivers a different type of electromagnetic wave than radio and cell phones. That stuff vibrates at right angles to the direction its travelling. It is transverse. Electrical impulses of sufficient energy, not oscillating from +V to -V but +V to 0 deliver waves that vibrate in the direction of motion, they are longitudinal, density waves.

These longitudinal waves do not 'get caught' on the medium, losing energy by creating magnetic fields by induction. Thus they can travel without losing energy. Even through faraday cages. Devices such as 787412 and 685950 - 59 utilize impulse electricity to create longitudinal emf. These are handy for wireless deliver of power.

I hypothesize the egyptians used them make their tuning forks buzz, and piezoelectric quartz buzz. Tools such as sonic drills, and perhaps even acoustic levitation was employed by having these devices simply sit in the field. 787412 lays out the case for accurate mapping of the globe without sea worthy time keeping pieces

>what they could do with that technology.

It starts with trying to drill quartz, a popular building material for that time, and seeing the light come out of it. And devoting a priesthood to studying the phenomena, creating even music to make the crystals light up.

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