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Absolute Garbage threads get moved in here

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This is where absolute garbage threads get moved to. You can't create new threads but you can reply to ones that were moved here.


in before the lock

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we already have one of these
use the catalog newfag

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you have 14 days until i activate my omegle bot and shill this board into normitude

get fucked
- some cunt
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That's just autism. not normalfaggotry though. you would have to have some type of proof of normalfaggotry, like saying normie shit or memes.


I resent that greatly.
It's not autism, it's Asperger's, which is a condition held common among many normal/newfags who think they're some kind of revolutionary. An autist sits in the corner playing with legos and drawing silly little doodles. An aspie jumps up on a table and screams and turns red in the face because his mummy didn't put any cookies in his lunch or they feel that the rest of the class isn't paying enough attention to their gay little play-doh sculpture of scizor from pokemon. That behavior isn't welcome anywhere and yet I've seen it take root on the more normalized plateaus of the net with great regularity. tl;dr autists don't make a scene
Heh, do your homework next time kid.


Is that site even popular anymore?
Isn’t it mostly bots now?


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it's been 14 days
OP is, as always, a faggot

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nice dubs shit thread


To /trash/ it goes


but seriously, if you have shit like this, where it doesnt belong in a thread, livechan should work for you

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Yes i'm Brazilian and Incel, made me questions.
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Must be some language border stuff.


uma delicia


how did you come here, and leave from wence you came nigger


do you think the wright brothers invented the earoplane?


what does that have to do with anything?

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Slap brap your face fece with you hand and read, indeed, who the braap-writer is.

You rolled the number 654742120 (no dubs or higher)
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That goes for a lot of people.


This may shock you, but it's kind of hard to not know the name of something that has been plastered on every face of the internet for the past 2 months


He's just pretending to be retarded, don't mind him


>oh yeah daddy show me more im cumming so hard to my favorite anime
you really love it dont you buddy
next thing your gonna say that you love jojo bizare adventure, which is a normie anime
just name the anime you like and lets make a list of how normie you are>>6554


Azumanga Daioh.

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9001 internet points to the anon who cracks Roberta's trip
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Nah i aint going to release my trip




rolling 4 tripcode

You rolled the number 614350976 (no dubs or higher)




i kinda think this thread is dead passwords sometimes use personal info. nicknames, whatever.
tripfags have a habit of using social media, and we would have to see if robo has a social media to find words to crack the code, but raiding isn't allowed so i dont know if i found anything, (social media accounts) i wouldnt be allowed to post.

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Feeling pretty bad, should I shoot up more black tar or get shit faced?
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yes very smart we will revolt
it is the will of allah


*pokes mod*


who summoned me


pwease mista mod cwan u bawwele this twead ;3


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pic very loosely related
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just got laid, thanks


And thus ends an epic saga


Congrats anon
Did she like any of the pickup lines in particular?


So OP are you rolling in the pussy?


He can't answer, he's to busy swimming in the sea of pussy that he got

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Nice star shit publicity newfag, kys


Where did he go?


The most divine of trips compels you to do so


ah yes a new user of 22chan, i see that you have realised that 4chan was shit and went to us, have fun looking, making, and replying to posts, newfag

You rolled the number 807423063 (no dubs or higher)

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Uh, unless im going nuts, it says on the rules
>No normies, no roasties, no redditors, no normalfags / normalfag posts, no orbiters.
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.


>no normalfags
Alright, how is OP a normalfag?
that doesn't mean obligatory.


seems to me like saying the exact same fucking thing in just about every thread would qualify as "normalfag posting."


Not really,
And not me.
I did this in two threads, this one, and some other thread.
Since there is nothing for me to contribute to this thread, theres no reason to respond anymore.


Moved from /a/ to /b/

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thought this might pick u up
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Moved from /yu/ to /b/


rip op


it left me down and confused me


you know? i just wanted to tell OP how i'm FEEELING. I just wanted him to UNDERSTAND!


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File: lol.png (1.31 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1574784604259.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


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probably a newfag
since he doesn't even have adblock


I feel very confuse


I (anon) declaire this thread to be about nightcore.
Is it good?
Is it bad?
Let's discuss all things nightcore.
Are you new here?


Mods are gods
If they are a w a y
They become gay.
That has been 22chan's poetry corner
thank you very much for listening in


Nightcore is if alvan and the chipmunks became goth weeaboos.

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Hi guys! My name is Apocalyptic Neko! I found this website because somebody mentioned it on reddit, and it seems really cool! You guys are able to just say whatever and not even care, haha! I know it's all just a joke though, so no big deal.

My interests include:

- anime (I like cute, slice of life stuff)
- visual novels
- Marvel
- Stranger Things
- The Office

Nice to meet you all!

~ Apocalyptic Neko
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I find it hard to believe this isn't bait

You rolled the number 536476571 (no dubs or higher)


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God fucking damn it I really wanted people to think this was real. Well, guess I'll quit while I'm ahead. this (and right now) is literally the only time I've ever used a username on an imageboard, so don't worry about that. Namefagging isn't for me


Thanks for your effort bro, I really appreciate you trying to bring some life into this board. It seems pretty active today. Names are alright when it's in a single thread imo. See: the tetris god


[spoiler]I'm lightly salted that you thought we'd fall for that[/spoiler]

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Hey /b/!
What do you think about nofap?
>Have you tried it?
>For how long?
>Why did you stop?
>Do you think that too much porn consumption makes us to brainless zombies?
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OP here!
Can confirm that happened to me today.


I tried it once and lasted less than a week.
Same reason for which I started-can't fucking fall asleep with a boner. I was addicted to this before even starting
Personally I've found that after doing something interesting/socially active I often don't have the urge to masturbate that I usually get in the evening. So I wonder if this works the other way too, like fapping making me less sociable/interested in stuff.
But if you don't notice any change when not fapping then sure who gives a shit about nonut november


File: nofap.png (346.77 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, 1583727099031.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

its not about when you do it fucking retard. its about showing self-discipline in a time period where its almost non-existent.


hell yeah man


everyone who posts on openchan doesn't fap

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