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Find 22chan and see theres no porn or gay shit here

Thank you 22chan


The recent adds on origi9k are what finally turned me to check this place out.


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Actually the recent ads were damn good...


>no gay shit
You're saying it like it's a bad thing. The gay shit what DEFINES 4chan and especially /r9k/!


I really hope that's sarcasm. Because /r9k/ was NOT like that up to a year or two ago. Sure you'd have a tranny or two posting every once in a while, but it's not like how it is now where you've got militant tumblr traps posting all the time trying to recruit people, countless gay generals (for what purpose when there's fucking /lgbt/?), all the cuck and sissy porn threads, etc. Prime /r9k/ was really fun to post in, up until that one fucker shot up the school and posted about it the night before. As soon as that happened the normies started invading, and then the tumblr traps, and then /lgbt/, and then /pol/ once they noticed the surge in trap and gay posting. And most recently, an influx of /b/tards who I'm guessing came to /r9k/ and set up home because of all the traps and gays that fucked up their board to the point it's literally /lgbtb/. Also for a while a bunch of people from /soc/ for some reason. I never bothered going to check their board to figure out why they'd try to fuck with /r9k/.



Tf u talkin bout nigga


Yeah, that exactly what i mean


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/r9k/ was fun up until gay/sissy/degeneracy threads, which ticked off some of it's older users and drew faggots in


r9k or 4chan was never about gays or trannies. but then over time they invaded the board and everything went to shit.


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it was about posting with betas and shit, but then there was some faggot wave and all over /b/,/r9k/, and porn boards (etc.) is tranny porn, sissies, scat...
fucking retards

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